How To Admit You Are Wrong

Fix It

When you are wrong in a relationship grow a pair and admit it! At the end of the day it will save your relationship if you want it saved. The worst thing you can do is argue over something you do not want to admit that you did. In the end that person will appreciate you a lot more when you admit it and apologize for it.

A lot of relationships have ended because people can not let go of their ego and admit their faults. Relationships take work, hard work and at the end of the day if you want that person in your life you will need to make sure you work hard at keeping them, just like they need to work hard to keep you.

People are stubborn when they know they are wrong and at fault. But, learning to put that aside will save your relationships with people whether that’s friendships or relationships. Life is so short and when you look back at it I hope all would like most of what they see.

I feel it has been too easy for people to say screw it and walk away because their egos are bruised and they don’t want a hit on their self esteem. The divorce rate shows that 1 in 3 marriages will end in a divorce. Why get married if you aren’t prepared to work at it. We all have to work for a living and for maintaining relationships in your life. It isn’t always easy, but life never was supposed to be.

But, you will make it easier on yourself and your partner if you admit when you are wrong and get a handle on the fact that everyone makes mistakes and it’s normal to have fights in a relationship. But the true test is learning to forgive and move on and if you can’t do that then start learning that you may be the old lonely cat lady or the angry lonely old man.

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