How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive & Kicking


Communicating with your partner on how, where and when you want it is key!

The Art of Seduction: Learn to Tease

In an intimate relationship it's always important to know the art of seduction; but before the act of seduction, you must first determine if your partner is in a sexual mood or not. Seduction on an unresponsive partner would prove to be a useless effort, not to mention it will leave you quite depressed rather than excited.

One way to determine if your partner is in the right mood is to try to steer the conversation to sex. You could go outright and say it but that would be unromantic, a little tease prior to a sexual encounter will not only improve the mood, but the desire as well.

If you partner is quite responsive with your conversation regarding sex then you could move onto teasing them. Touching your partner will definitely set the right mood. Move your finger to different parts of their body, which will definitely wake up some of their body to a more serious encounter.

Here is one bit of relationship advice that will surely do the trick: stare into your partner's eyes while slowly wetting your lips; then ever so slowly maneuver yourself and whisper in their ear "I love you" making sure that you give them a slight tickle with your breath this will certainly put them in the mood.

Experiment: where to do it and how

Normally in a couple, your home is a playground for many exotic things in your sexual relationship. The intimacy and privacy that your own home can provide is one of the factors that bring out the best sex that both of you could possibly hope for.

For a sense of adventure, try to have sex in a totally different place outside your home. Doing it among nature will definitely spice things up, or on the beach or a family resort. There are even rumors that having sex in a Jacuzzi is exhilarating, give it a try.

To give your sex life a kick is to try out new positions to spice things up. Browse around the internet or some magazines to find out the most popular positions that you can do with your partner. If you are really determined, try to grab a book about Kama Sutra and integrate it in your love making. Not only will your partner be having fun with this new method of love making, you will also feel wild in trying something new for a change.

Every time you engage in sex with your partner, always be willing to discover and try new things with them. Convey to your partner that you want something new in your relationship; you can both intimately discuss positions that will make things more interesting. Try to get in touch with your animal side by being rough or gentle when the occasion, or your partner, demands it.

Learn to communicate with your partner

While in the process of having sex with your partner, try to carefully observe what part of it they enjoy the most. While you are caressing or doing a little foreplay, try to observe their reactions; how they tense up or moan to your technique will determine if they are in the throws of ecstasy or not.

Aside from observing their reactions, you can also directly ask them in a kinky way if they like what you're doing to them. You can tease them a bit by holding back and making them crave more of it will definitely keep the sensation on fire. The secret for an intimate sexual interaction with your partner is not only knowing what to do, but also when to do it.

A relationship issue on how you handle a sexual encounter with your partner; the seduction, the positions, the caress and even the spontaneous tease will eventually add up to provide you and your lover the most intense sexual encounter that will improve the romantic relationship that you share with each other.

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