Brad And Angelina Finally Married: Astrology Tip Of The Week

Married: Astrology Tip Of The Week From New Mr. & Mrs. Pitt
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See how astrology predicted Brad and Angelina's inevitable connection.

Unless you've been in a coma in a cave somewhere, odds are you've heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally married as of last weekend, after six kids and nine years together.

Amazingly, they seem to have pulled off this ridiculously over-anticipated event without anyone in the press knowing it until yesterday. "Brad and Angie Marry At Their Home In France."

The couple always insisted they didn't feel the need to marry. They had both already "done that." After all, committing to become parents together and raise a family is "a bigger commitment than marriage." They said they wouldn't marry until everyone else (LGBTs) can legally do so, which happened — in California — when Prop eight was overturned.

When they became engaged in 2012, they claimed the kids have been pestering them to marry for years and years. Pitt in an interview with CBS News said, "We're getting a lot of pressure from the kids. It means something to them. They have questions because their friends' parents are married. We will someday. We will. But the kids say, 'Get mommy a ring!' Okay, I will, I will."

So he did and what a ring it is. Of course, he helped design it, just as he does with his homes, furnishings, light fixtures and more. He also did the same thing with the "other" Mrs. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston. All six kids played a role in the festivities. The two oldest boys walked their mother down the aisle, while the younger children were ring bearers and flower girls.

When Brad and Angie got together all those years ago, everyone else in the world was curious. But it wasn't just because they were all over "People Magazine" and the tabloids. My husband actually was friends with Brad for years (no kidding — I used to see him regularly at parties!). I have close friends (including one of my astrology mentors) who went to his million dollar wedding to Jennifer Aniston.

So I had to know what happened. What was it in the stars that compelled Brad and Angie to get together and to be raising their own mini United Nations of children so quickly? It really was like they were hit by lightning or something. It seemed to me that they must have had such a shazam connection that it would be clear in their charts and they do!

I practice Vedic astrology from India which is known for it's amazing techniques to reveal romantic compatibility — or incompatibility as the case may be. The calculations are different than in the more commonly known Western system. We emphasize a person's Moon sign, not their Sun sign. In relationships, the most important thing between two people, according to Vedic astrology, isn't if their Sun signs are compatible. It's if their Moon signs are.
While we do use the twelve signs of the zodiac, the most important Moon signs are smaller constellations of stars within the signs that make up the original twenty-seven sign zodiac (which is the very first thing written about in all of astrology), also called "Nakshatras."

When assessing two charts for love, the first thing we do is look to their Moon constellations. Brad's Moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius in a constellation called Uttarashadha. Angelina's falls in the sign of Pisces in a constellation called Revati. Let's look at what his means first, then we'll look at hers and then we'll look at them together.

Uttarashadha is one of the most successful of all the twenty-seven nakshatras. It's name even means, "The Universal Star" or "The Victory." These people are usually quite popular, motivated, hard working and willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Brad was known to knock himself out in acting classes and endured many crappy jobs while working his way up the Hollywood food chain.

On the downside, people of this constellation often have many relationships or marriages (hence, his many past girlfriends and divorce). They tend to be type-A — taking on the problems of others (which he certainly has with all of his charity work) and set their goals too high. The goal of this constellation is liberation.

Angelina's constellation translates as "the wealthy." People of this sign are commonly very rich, or at least live like they are. Now, here's where it gets crazy. This constellation is known for "foster care" — caring for the children of others — hence Angelina's tendency to adopt orphans.

I am not making this up! Revati is one of the most selfless, charitable and well-groomed of all the nakshatras. It's known for loving to travel (the woman never stays in one place for more than a month or so) and is afforded extra protection while doing so. This explains her ability to go to far-flung, war torn regions visiting refugees while always being safe and glamorous. The goal of this constellation is also liberation and the power of it is to nourish the world.

Now let's look at them together. A simple compatibility technique is to count the distance between two people's Moon signs. Crazy as it sounds, this reveals much about how their lives unfold together.

Sagittarius and Pisces have a four-ten relationship. Sagittarius is the tenth sign from Pisces, Pisces is the fourth sign from Sagittarius. That's considered not good in Western astrology because these signs square each other, which causes conflicts. But in Vedic astrology when the woman's Moon sign is fourth from the man's and the man's is tenth from the woman's, ancient texts say, "there will be wealth and happiness."

Now, lots of couples have a good Moon relationship to one another. But that's not enough to make a massive connection. When we look even deeper at the Moons of Brad and Angie, there's another fantastic thing going on. Angelina could not have resisted Brad.

You see, Pisces has a connection to Sagittarius called, "Vasya" or "subjected to another." This means that she couldn't help but be magnetically attracted and drawn to him. So Angelina — a woman who'd already been married twice —was known for having many affairs with her handsome costars and even other women couldn't help but be smitten by Brad.

This would cause her to make big sacrifices for him (like giving up all those other lovers and her freedom) to be hopelessly devoted. This would enable her to bond deeply and no longer be tempted by others.

As for their chemistry, we can look at what is called their "animal symbols." Everyone's constellation has an animal symbol. It's best if a man's is male and a woman's is female. This makes the couple have good sexual compatibility and makes the man be the sexual leader between them.

So it makes sense that all those babies happened so fast. Hers is a female elephant and his is a male mongoose. They have this sizzling connection.

Now, I could go on and on. You may have also noticed they have the same goal, 'iberation. This adds to their ease in getting along and their shared sense of purpose. Plus, Pisces and Sagittarius are both ruled by the same planet — Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, counselling, teaching and children. So emotionally they are very alike.
The only not so great thing going on in all of this is that both of their constellations is what is called, "watery" — making them both emotional and sensitive. Which is also why they're such "bleeding hearts" to those in need. Over time this could make Angie insecure, as this is usually worse for the woman.

But they have so many lovely things to help offset that, however, that I'm not concerned about it at all. They have no "deal breaker" combos between them, no overwhelming "obstacles" in their way and no "misfortunes" constantly plaguing their relationship. He feels respected by her and she feels cherished by him. Both Brad and Angie also have the planet Venus very prominent in their charts, making them beautiful, diplomats and artists — all things under the domain of Venus.

These are all steps you can check out in your own chart with anyone, too. Now, I know what you may be thinking. You've been reading all those magazines, too. So you're wondering, "What about Jennifer Aniston and Brad’s compatibility? What happened with them?"

Well, I didn't want to go there, but it may have been helpful for her to know. While her chart with Brad's has many lovely connections to explain why they were married, there was a "deal breaker" going on.

In the charts of Brad and Jen, it actually says that Jen would feel more bonded to Brad than Brad would to her. It says that over timem she'd feel unattended to and he'd feel unattached to her. Prince Charles and Princess Diana had that very same painful problem between their charts as well — but Charles and Camilla do not. This wasn't something that was her fault, or that she could have changed. Their destiny just wasn't as strong. 

It's interesting to note that the chart of their wedding was challenging, which can be a predictive indicator of what will happen in a marriage. As I said above, one of my astrology mentors went to the wedding of Brad and Jen. He came to class the following week and put the chart of the wedding up on the board and said, "What's going to happen here?"

We all said, "Uh oh. It won't go so well for Jen." How did we see that? Easy.....

There had been a total lunar eclipse less than two weeks beforehand. The Moon in the marriage chart was within just a few degrees of Rahu, the eclipse point. It was at its most waning phase, so was very weak. The Moon in a marriage chart indicates the bride. The chart of this past weekend had the Moon with Venus and Jupiter in the mooshy sign of Cancer, an extremely romantic combination.
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