Top 3 Body Language Signs He's Into You

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When it comes to dating, actions really do speak louder.

The old cliché: You meet a guy. You think you hit it off. He gets your digits, yet the phone never rings. You ask yourself, "What went wrong?" Imagine taking action by flipping-the-script. Wouldn't it be great if you could immediately spot the tell-tale signs of male attraction? It may be easier than you think to measure his level of attraction by analyzing his body language if you know these top 3 signs:

  1. It's All About The Package: Guys tend to subconsciously show off their "packages." They think they're offering you a gift, after all. Through open body language, a guy demonstrates both his confidence and attraction. Guys tend to spread out and take up space. They often sit with their legs spread or have their elbows draped over the chair. Just as Superman wouldn't sit with this legs tightly crossed and his hands folded neatly in his lap, a man who's attracted to you won't be showcasing reserved body language.
  2. The Hooker: A guy who is attracted to you also tends to hook his thumbs in his belt loops. Some guys will put their hands in their front pockets with their thumbs sticking out. Once again, the idea is to bring the attention to his "package." This laid-back body language shows that a guy is comfortable around you and subconsciously he's hoping you'll take a look.
  3. How Low Does He Go?: Did you know that a guy's voice deepens when he's attracted to someone? Think Joey Tribbiani of the hit TV show Friends. When Joey made his move on a woman, he'd open with his signature "How you doin'?" in his exaggerated deep voice. Check out Joey in action.

The new cliché: The next time you talk to a guy, watch his body language for clues of attraction so you'll be able to tell who's really digit worthy!

This article was originally published at http://www.truthblazer.com/. Reprinted with permission from the author.