How To Use Forgiveness To Have Better Sex


Forgiving your partner and losing resentment is a key step towards better sex.

Passion is at least 50 percent of a relationship, but as time passes, unfortunately, passion is the first thing that diminishes. Quite often, couples become friends, which is great, but where is the passion? It's gone! And the reason it's gone is because you don't continue to do the things you did when you were first dating. You take each other for granted.

Passion is essential in our lives. Not only in sex, but in everything we do. When it diminishes we feel uninspired, bored, unmotivated and flat. Nothing hurts our sex lives more than the lack of passion.

To help, I'm going to share with you a few exercises designed to ignite passion and get you connected with your inspiration for love. Both you and your partner are going to have the most fun you've ever had doing homework, which is why I call it Love-Work.

Step One: Forgiveness
Before you can rekindle passion or ignite passion, you must make sure that there are no harbored resentments towards each other. One of the most important things to do in the process of drawing together and becoming intimate is learning to forgive. Visualize your love healing your partner's wounds and your partner's loving energy healing you. To help initiate the forgiveness process, we are going to do a letter writing exercise.

Step Two: Write A Letter
Each individual should write down his/her resentment(s) in a letter to h/h partner describing how h/h feelings have been affected. Resentments seemingly protect the hurting heart until we are ready to experience the power of letting them go in favor of emotional freedom. Once we re-experience our old wounds to the point of boredom, forgiveness becomes a welcome relief. Writing these letters is the process of taking out the emotional trash in our lives and allows us to release pent-up pain and negativism on the way to forgiveness. You are forgiving yourselves for allowing these things to happen and forgiving each other for the behavior inflicted upon you. Long Live Love Letters!

Step Three: Forgive Yourself And Your Partner
Now that you have released these feelings on paper, share them with your partner, then tear up the letter! Never talk about these things again. Don't revisit them or dredge them up. Let them go! You won't lose control by forgiving. Your relationship will become more manageable by working things out. Love is strength; fear is weakness. Forgiving is a very bold act of love and a show of confidence in yourself. Love is real power that can be everlasting.

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