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There are nearly seven billion people alive on the planet today and approximately half of them are single. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the odds of finding love are working in your favor. In fact, one statistician believes that there are 1.3 million possible soul mates available for each of us.

So why does it sometimes feel like finding love is difficult, if not impossible? It comes down to mistaken beliefs. Three of the biggest things that keep us from find the love we yearn for include:
• An incorrect belief that there is something wrong with us
• A mistaken belief that all of the good ones are taken
• A passive belief that it’s just suppose to “magically happen”

To set the record straight and overturn the myths, misconceptions and lack of good data on how to manifest the love of your life, The Ultimate Soulmate Summit was recently convened.

This 11-day online series featured 21 of the world’s top love and attraction experts who shared the latest information on how to find and sustain love. The experts included John Gray, Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr.’s Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Pat Allen, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston Debbie Ford, Evan Marc Katz, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and others.

All of the Summit experts agreed that there is NO real reason that ANYONE, including you, can't attract and sustain BIG love - regardless of your age, history, body type, your financial status, past experience or present circumstances (or any other excuse you can come up with).

Relationship expert Alison Armstrong shared during the Summit that the problem is not “that there’s a scarcity of men or women out there who have the potential to be a perfect match, but rather, that we have a ‘sorting problem,’ we don’t know how to navigate the overwhelming number of possibilities efficiently and effectively.”

Additionally, the Summit revealed that for some the most common obstacles to love do exist in one of four key areas:

1. Not letting go of the past.

Solutions offered: Nearly all of the experts offered unique ways to overcome heartbreak and let go of the past.

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, women need to understand that overcoming the pain of heartbreak can be as hard as overcoming cocaine addiction because they have been bonded to their partner via the hormone secreted in their brain known as oxytocin.

Dr. Pat Allen suggests that for overcoming a relationship we must be willing to do a 60 day detox which means no contact with your Ex: no phone calls, letters, emails, texting, etc. You must not see, hear or smell them for 60 days!

Nick Ortner provided a series of meridian tapping techniques that release your obsession, while Hale Dwoskin demonstrated the Sedona Method of being willing to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings and welcome them in as a way to begin to release them.

2. The traits you've adopted in one area of your life to get ahead could be ruining your chances for love.

Solutions offered: Dr. Pat explained that both men and women possess both masculine and feminine energies and that it is totally appropriate for a woman to tap into her masculine side while working. However, if she wants to be with a masculine man, she needs to learn how to access her feminine energy because it's the polarity between the two that generates harmony and desire.

Carol Allen added that one reason women often don’t get asked out on a second date is because men are offended by their “bossiness!”

3) Not having the skills you need to play the dating game and win.

Solutions Offered: The first and perhaps most important skill that most of the experts mentioned related to giving your dates a fair chance. Many singles believe they can size up a date within thirty seconds and know whether or not they have found “the One.” Guess what? Research has proven that ninety percent of the time our first impressions, when it comes to dating, are wrong!

During the Summit, Alison Armstrong shared a profound insight about how chemistry can actually develop in the process of getting to know someone who's the right person on all other levels - she calls it "The Adam Sandler Effect."

"When I first saw Adam Sandler in a movie I thought, ‘Who was the idiot who cast this as a leading man?’ And then, about a half hour later I'm thinking, ‘He's kind of cute.’ And then, about a half hour after that I'm like, ‘Oh, kiss him, kiss him, not the other guy, just kiss him!’"

The way that a man grows on us and becomes attractive is what she calls the Adam Sandler effect. Remember, this is the guy many of you would have shot down in the first thirty seconds.

4) Holding false limiting beliefs about yourself or about relationships.

Solutions offered: Claire Zammit expert, sponsor and co-host of the Summit says, “if you look at your experience, you will see that you are already a powerful manifestor in your life in other areas than relationships. It might be your career, or your health or your creative expression.

There are some areas of our life, that come to us easily and naturally and other areas that are more challenging. And what we've found is that those things that we're able to manifest effortlessly in our lives are consistent with our sense of self, our underlying identity, the sense of who we are and what's possible for us that most of us developed as we were growing up.

To become magnetic to love it’s important that you work on this level of identity. If you have always seen yourself as someone who is alone and single, take on the identity of being a married man or woman and begin to walk through the world in this new way—notice how you begin to relate to others differently when you’re anchored in this new self sense.”

Claire offers the “power statement” that she used to transform her own “love identity”: I’m an ecstatically, happily married woman!

Another major area covered throughout the Summit included the key ingredients to a great and lasting relationship. John Gray, bestselling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus succinctly narrowed it down to the most essential three areas: Chemistry, Compatibility, and Communication.

Did you know that there are four different types of chemistry? According to Dr. Gray “when you got physical, emotional and mental chemistry together you feel so aligned with someone, it helps to open our hearts fully and experience a kind of unconditional love, which is the soul connecting with that person's soul. The feeling you have at that time, is ‘I want to share my life with this person forever.’ It has that unlimited feeling that goes with it and that's soul chemistry. What you want is to find somebody where you've got all four types of chemistry.”

This is just a small taste of the great information shared throughout the Ultimate Soulmate Summit.

Here’s the great news: All of the experts agree that Big Love is possible for everyone who is willing to invest a little time, energy, intention and attention onto their love life.

If your hearts desire is to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life, you can begin right now by doing two simple steps: Create a clear intention that you are now ready and willing to have your soulmate in your life and be willing to spend the time to learn the simple steps to making it happen.

For more information about The Ultimate Soulmate Summit please visit this link.

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