Sex After Cheating: Getting Past The Barriers

Sex After Cheating: Getting Past The Barriers

Has an affair shaken your marriage to its core?

In her new teachable story about an average couple dealing with sexual hangups, mishaps and challenges, Psychologist and YourTango Expert Anne Stirling Hastings helps readers explore exactly what it takes to be in a successful marriage — with a healthy sex life. 

In chapter five (which you can read by clicking here!), Sharon and Robert struggle to deal with Robert's recent infidelity. He cheated on Sharon, and while they're working toward forgiveness, their sex life hasn't seemed to have caught up yet. Here's an excerpt straight from chapter five:

Robert got home as I was fixing dinner, and I started in. Might as well. It was easier when I could look at the stew I was taking out of the crock pot. I tried to enjoy the savory smell that usually made my mouth water. As I prepared bread, I filled him in on what Dr. Anna had said, and how I had pushed us too fast. When I glanced up he was smiling, the tension gone from his face.

I kept going. "You know how good the kissing was. Maybe we just do that. And if one of us wants to do more we ask. Or just say, 'I would like to do this now, how is that for you?' Something like that."

Robert nodded. "Yeah. I think it would be great to kiss like that, and nothing else. It makes me feel love, you know, that scary feeling of loving, but not as much as if we do more, if we do it all."

"But I get aroused. What then?"

He was silent as I put bowls on the table and poured water into our glasses. We sat down and picked up our forks, but neither of us put food in our mouths. Stomachs don't seem to work well during conversations like this. Robert broke the silence.

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So what can we take away from Robert and Sharon? Here are three tips to make healing from an affair better, as learned in the story.

  1. Bring in professional help. A helping professional, like a psychologist, can be your guide as you navigate the rocky emotions you're processing after an affair.
  2. Explore your feelings, too. Just as Sharon is seeking help through her therapist, so can you. She's taking care of herself as she and Robert work to patch things together.
  3. Go slowly — or at your own pace as a couple. Don't rush back into sex or intimate behavior just because you think you "should". Talk about where your comfort level is and don't pick up the pace until you're ready.

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