Can You Date In The Modern World?

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How dating & relationships have changed in our technology laden world. Can you date today?

In today’s fast pace, high energy, technology dependent world, how do couples navigate their relationship? Is there any time for a couple to come together, just the two of them without distractions? With all the technological advances, we live in a world of immediate satisfaction. This attitude has transformed the way we have relationships. Before email, smartphones, Facebook, texting and the Internet, how did couples communicate?

Aside from the endless technical distractions, there are countless distractions outside the relationship that can pull a person away from their partner. To be successful, there needs to be trust in the relationship and a real passion for your partner and how they feel.

Way Back When

Back when our parents got married and had children, none of these distractions existed. Nothing happened in a blink of an eye. No one could imagine the way technology has made us completely connected, never falling behind on current events or the latest gossip. Getting in-touch was a process. You would have to make a phone call from a stationary location, write a letter, etc. There was no texting, sending pictures or emailing. People even made plans in advance and kept them. There was no option to bail at the last second with a quick text that read, "Hey, I can't make it." Anything of the sort didn't exist. Men called women a few days in advance and scheduled dates, no same-day text or mass group Facebook invitations. Everything was much slower paced That being said, times have changed and we must get used to it!


The fact is today, there may be too many options.

Things can fall apart in a flash… instantly; in the heat of the moment you can send an impulsive text message, read over your boyfriend's emails or creep on his Facebook.  There are so many platforms to make bad decisions on, and it can be really damaging to a relationship. Once the trust is gone, it's very hard to get it back. It's surprising how technology can hinder and hurt your relationship if you don't speak up about your feelings.

The Solution

You can't be unrealistic about the situation… no one is completely yours.

To be in a successful relationship, you will need to negotiate comfort levels with your partner about texting, emailing, picture messaging and Facebook. I know it seems a little bit like over-kill, but a relationship is all about making your partner feel safe and secure. Keep Reading...

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