Dear Men: 5 Damn Good Reasons To Quit Your Day Job And Write Erotica

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5 Damn Good Reasons Men Should Write Erotica

Looking to catch her eye? Choose your words wisely.

Recently I received this question from one of my readers:

"Dear Angel,

I haven't had a 'date' in over 25 years. All my "dates" have been, you know, ladies I've met in a bar or club or party and there is about an hour of talking. By that time, you figure if you're gonna "score" or not and stick with or move on. Sorry for the straight talk. How can I get women to want to cyber with me?"

With that said, there is some real magic in cyber. Words are hot and erotic when spun properly, but if you come on too strong or too fast, women will delete you like an ex from their phone.

Learn what turns a lady on and write about it, and you will have much better success. When women play a character in a story instead of themselves, they actually enjoy it more because it's less personal — less like lovers and more like entertainment; inhibitions come down.

If you enjoy cyber, you should think about writing erotica. Not just raw and naked though, learn to spin a tale. Use the words like a velvet glove and coax that lady out of her shell. Many women are curious and potentially great sex buddies, they just need the proper encouragement. 

"But what about me?" wail the men. Suck it up dude. There's nothing hotter and more eager to please than a sexed to the max woman. Most women don't know how to get themselves off, much less you. Once you start flipping the switch and women ride to super orgasms because of your story, you will get plenty in return — promise.

There's only one final key to success in winning a cyber woman's affections. Both parties — women and men — are totally responsible for their own orgasm. Solo sex is the ultimate goal in cybersex. When you're writing to your partner, reading last night's episode or like me, actually writing erotica while orgasming (wait, is that a verb?), you must be in charge of yourself. She is not supposed to make you cum, and you are not supposed to make her cum. The stories, when done well, turn you on full steam. Whether it's with hands or toys, take matters into your own hands and orgasm your little heart out. When you do this, I promise you women will say "yes to you again and again. Yes. Yes. Yes. Lovely, isn't it?

Here are the best five reasons to start writing litrotica ...  like yesterday.

1. You may become a better cyber lover (which = more lovin').

If you are serious about turning women on and learn how to use words to do so, women might just be a bit more open with you online.

2. Women think it's very sexy.

Men get a bad rap, and most women think they're clueless when it comes to what turns them on. You can prove them wrong.

3. Writing erotica will make you hard.

It's good exercise for your sex muscles and if you're smart, you won't waste a hard on. More sex for you.

4. You will be more confident in the bedroom.

Once women start to write to you and you start collecting an audience, they will tell you what they like and don't like in your writing. Sometimes it is hard to read and accept, but if you listen to the ladies, it will pay off big time.

5. Your erotic stories may make you some money.

There are thousands of websites that feature erotica and some of them make it possible for your articles to earn you money. You can check out AngelSaysYes.com to see an example of what is available out there.