How To Harness July's Full Thunder Moon, Lunar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Energy To Improve Your Love Life

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How The July 2019 Full Thunder Moon, Lunar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Effects Love Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology
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In astrology, there are events that carry different types of energy, and so learning when and how to harness those celestial and lunar powers — especially during a full moon — is important.
The next full moon falls on July 16th and will be July's "Thunder Moon". It’s also a lunar eclipse (and the last of the year!) making it a great astrology date to make big changes while the moon is in Capricorn.

This is good news and a good time for switching things up in your life, despite Mercury Retrograde happening right now, too!

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Lunar eclipses have fascinated sky-gazers since ancient times and we modern moon-gazers are no exception. Fortunately for us, we now know that they don’t mean the end of the world, but they can still have a pretty dramatic effect on our psyches and relationships.

What exactly happens on a lunar eclipse and what can you expect out of the next lunar eclipse?

An eclipse of the moon always happens on a full moon (solar eclipses occur on the new moons) when the sun and the moon are in a long-armed tango with the Earth wiggling in between them. When they’re all perfectly aligned, the Earth’s shadow falls directly on the moon, creating the eclipse.

Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. This month, the sun is in Cancer while the moon is in Capricorn.

And in certain Native American traditions, this full moon is also known as the Thunder Moon because booming thunderstorms are so common at this time, which is another powerful symbol to add to this eclipse energy!

To add to that, Mercury is in retrograde right now, too, which adds a whole other layer of possible astrological zingers — though they don’t necessarily have to be negative ones.

The planet that rules communication, technology, and travel is retrograde from July 7th – July 31st.

In a nutshell, you’ll want to be sure to back up your computer, double and triple-check your travel plans, and be prepared for a few misunderstandings with folks.

On the other hand, when Mercury is retrograde, it’s a great time to review, refresh, and re-consider all those areas of your life you’ve been meaning to pay attention to but haven’t.

Look up old friends you’ve lost touch with and take extra time for self-care and meditation. All great things to do with a lunar eclipse, too, by the way!

So, what does this full moon lunar eclipse, paired with Mercury Retrograde mean for you?

Even without the eclipse, the Capricorn/Cancer duo would be a powerful one. The moon represents your innate feminine energy (regardless of your gender), your emotions, and your intuition.

With the moon in responsible, practical Capricorn, you may be drawn to review your key relationships — particularly with parents and authority figures — more carefully and realistically.

Capricorn is an Earth sign and is all about creating foundations and workable structures for your life. When that lunar energy is metaphorically “eclipsed,” those tendencies can be overshadowed.

Then, when paired with reflective “retro” vibe of Mercury Retrograde, you have a perfect recipe for deep contemplation to re-evaluate the ways you take personal responsibility (or not) for your life.

And don’t forget that the sun is in water-y Cancer on this full moon lunar eclipse! Cancer is ruled by the moon, yet another deepening agent in this bubbling mix of cosmic energy.

This Capricorn/Cancer full moon axis is also being nudged by the planet Pluto (the planet of death and rebirth and transformation) and Saturn, which also happens to rule Capricorn.

Are you starting to see all the ways this powerful combination of astrological events can impact your inner and outer worlds?

The thing about eclipses is that they intensify whatever energy is already being stirred up by the full moon, and you can feel the effect for a few weeks before and after.

Given all the energy packed into this Pluto/Saturn-enhanced, Capricorn/Cancer full moon to begin with, you’ll want to take a breath and be ready to harness its power as best you can to support yourself and your relationships.

Here are 5 ways you can use the lunar eclipse and Thunder Moon this month to transform your love life and relationships (despite Mercury Retrograde!):

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1. Create a quiet, loving time for yourself.

With all the drama that sometimes happens in the media around eclipses, just remember you don’t have to feed the frenzy in your own life. It’s true, sometimes you can feel eclipses pretty acutely, especially if you or your partner’s sun or moon are in Capricorn or Cancer.

But sometimes they can slide by without a big blip on your love radar. To increase the chances of that happening, make an extra effort to surround yourself with soothing music and colors, keep internet-surfing and news-obsessing to a minimum.

Maybe plan a romantic dinner and talk about some of that old emotional baggage you’re letting go of … then indulge in some deep, transformative passion!

2. "Deconstruct" to prepare for a renovation.

With Mercury in retrograde right now, it’s not the best time to start new projects, but there’s nothing that says you can’t prepare for them. Capricorn’s structure-building, crystalizing nature is in shadow right now with the lunar eclipse, so take that to heart and go ahead and tear down those old shelves you’ve been meaning to replace.

Or, for another physical use of that energy, grab a shovel or pickaxe and break ground for the outdoor whirlpool you’ve always wanted. Get your partner, parents, or kids involved and make it a family affair in typical Cancer fashion.

Just be sure not to start on the actual reconstruction of your project until Mercury retrograde is over on July 31st. This coincidentally happens on the same day as the Leo new moon, which is a great time to let your creative juices start flowing again!

3. Let go of stuck emotions.

As you’ve seen, lunar eclipses are times when your emotions (the moon) are being overshadowed by outside forces.

Grab a journal and get serious about examining what your self-limiting beliefs might be that are keeping you from attracting a partner or from having the most satisfying relationship possible.

“I’m unlovable," or ”I’m broken,” or “I don’t have anything to offer,” are just a few.

Go deep into the shadow of the eclipse and see what’s there. Write down your insights, then bury them in typical earthy-Capricorn style, and see if you don’t feel just a little bit lighter.

4. Do something totally unpredictable; even irresponsible.

Tap into the shadow side of Capricorn! This Saturn-ruled zodiac sign represents the quintessential responsible father figure who values personal integrity and authenticity and expects the same in others.

With this stable force naturally grounding you right now, chances are you won’t be inclined to do anything too outrageous. But pick something that’s outside your normal routine.

Maybe go out for dinner and dancing when your usual choice would be to hunker down in front of the TV.

Or defy everyone’s expectations — which is a big deal to begin with, given how reputation-conscious Capricorn energy is.

Try something totally out of character. A trapeze class? A meditation retreat? Let the shadow-y eclipse guide you.

5. Plan a family gathering … for sometime in August.

The sun in nurturing Cancer can take the lead on this one, but remember that Capricorn’s pragmatism can also be a source of stability and strength in a family unit as well.

Capricorn’s natural tendency is to be self-sufficient and to become the “boss” at times like this, so be sure to make the preparation and planning of the event as important and inclusive as the occasion itself. Ask everyone what they’d like most to do together and enlist their help in organizing the food and activities.

However, given the inherent intensity of the eclipse period and with Mercury still in retrograde, it’s probably a good idea to set the actual date a few weeks from now. You want your family time to be as relaxed and emotionally connected as possible!

Lunar eclipses can be powerful, but if you’re prepared, you can use them to enrich your life and enhance your relationships. Add in the Capricorn/Cancer energy, Mercury Retrograde influences, and the full moon lunar eclipse this month, and you’ve got the ingredients for a deep, transformative ride!

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Life and relationship coach Deborah Roth, M.A., is also a counseling astrologer and interfaith minister. She leads women’s new moon circles and full moon tele-meditations every month and loves supporting individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body, and spirit, and enhance their relationships. You can visit her website or email her to schedule an introductory coaching session.

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