8 Admirable Parenting Lessons Kris Jenner Taught Us

The infamous mom of our generation.

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At 67 years old, Kris Jenner is the mom of the century. From being a flight attendant to growing a multi-billion dollar brand, Jenner has inevitably changed pop culture and celebrity families in a truly incredible way. 

Building her empire has surely been influential, but something even more impressive is the Kardashian-Jenner family she’s built. 

From the ground up, she’s single-handedly created one of the most well-known, influential, and wealthy families of our time. 


Hate her or love her — everyone is curious about Jenner’s ability to do it all. 

Especially when it comes to raising her celebrity children

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Here are 8 admirable parenting lessons Kris Jenner taught us. 

1. Family first — always. 

While it’s clear Jenner welcomes many into her life — significant others, celebrities, even the occasional pet — nobody surpasses her family. 

After years of dealing with growing fame, success, and wealth, she’s always been the first to remind her children to appreciate those around them. Especially their big family. 


“The most important thing to me,” Jenner said about raising her children, “is their hearts. I want them to have kind hearts. They care about each other and they care about others.” 

“You associate and hang out with people that are like-minded and that you want to be like,” Jenner said in a 2016 interview. Clearly, it’s advice like this from Jenner that fuels the success of the Kardashian clan. 

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2. Stay humble. 

“Be humble in business,” Jenner says, “behave like you can’t afford a loaf of bread, when in fact you have a bakery.” 

Jenner, amidst diamonds and designers, still preaches to her children the importance of being humble. You could lose anything in an instant. 

In 2018, Jenner was praised for expressing gratitude for her many riches after a video of her touring her closet was released.

"What a humble and charming lady. Kris is so down to earth and even though she has a lot money, she seems like such a genuine, sweet person," reads one comment.


While people often praise and idolize her presence – she’s quick to reel herself back into a humble and appreciative mindset. Or sometimes, her kids will humble her first

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3. Treat yourself — you deserve it. 

Whether it’s treating yourself to a rest day, having a few martinis, or delivering fast food — Jenner is just like the rest of us. 



The momager is known to break up her busy schedule with occasional vacations and many alcoholic beverages that help keep her sane!


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4. There’s always a light at the end of hardships. 

With fame comes drama — for the Kardashians, there’s been a lot. From insane rumors, leaked tapes, jail time, and cheating — there’s not much that Jenner hasn’t had to deal with. 

Talk about family drama. 



Even while driving to bring Khloé to jail, Jenner reminds them that this too shall pass — so why not stop at IHOP? 


Khloé isn’t the only one on the other side of Jenner’s advice — in 2007 when her indecent tapes were released, Kim needed her Mom’s reassurance. 

“The thing I learned is that you can get through anything as a family,” Jenner says about dealing with Kim’s devastation.

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5. Your kids never stop needing you.

Jenner's children are now between 25 and 43 years old but her work as a mom hasn't stopped yet.

Fans of the famous family know that the momager is often her kids' first call when things go wrong and she's always ready to drop everything and be there for them.


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6. If you’re going to do something, go all out. 

Not only does this infamous Mom motivate her kids to put their hearts and souls into all of their endeavors, but she also reminds them to never pass up the opportunity to celebrate — and, to celebrate big. 

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Christmas’ outdoes herself every year, and has obviously influenced her children to do the same. 


Each celebration and holiday outdoes the one before. Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter — you name it, the Kardashians have made it the biggest celebration possible. 

Even if she didn’t say it, her grandiose decorations and outrageous celebrations are sure to influence the same in the lives of her family members. 


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7. Confident kids are happy kids. 

You can say a lot about the Kardashians but you certainly can't say they're not confident.

Their star power is likely because their mom always goes above and beyond to shower them with compliments, praise and encouragement.


As her iconic catchphrase goes, "You're doing amazing sweetie."



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8. Don’t take life too seriously. 

Of course, the Kris Jenner that we’ll never forget, the prankster. From set-up pranks on her kids to hopping on TikTok trends — Jenner will be infamous for making her family and the Internet laugh. 


Apart from the drama and chaos of their daily lives, she’ll never pass up the opportunity to see one of her kids ‘Get Krissed.’ 

She’s the infamous and iconic Mom, ‘Momager’, and the ‘Queen of Christmas’ — Kris Jenner. 



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