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Fans Appalled By Where Kim Kardashian Keeps Her Dogs After North West Posts & Deletes Video

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It’s been a while since Kim Kardashian has shared shots of her furry companions, and now we may finally know why, thanks to a now-deleted TikTok video posted by Kardashian’s daughter, North. 

Fans suspect the reality star might be trying to stop her followers from learning the truth about where her dogs are kept.

Kim Kardashian’s dogs appear to live in her garage according to TikTok footage shared by North West. 

In a TikTok video fans are calling “disturbing,” 9-year-old North gives viewers a glimpse of her mother’s garage in her $60 million home on their joint TikTok account. 

The footage depicts various clips of Kardashian’s three Pomeranians, Sushi, Sake, and Soba, in the garage caged in by what appears to be a large metal playpen. 

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The three dogs wear Christmas sweaters, run around, eat dog food from metal bowls and sit atop dog beds in the playpen. 

Absorbent dog waste pads are scattered throughout the floor. 

The original footage was quickly deleted, but not before it was reposted by several fans’ TikTok accounts and other social media platforms. 

Many people were horrified by the dogs’ living conditions. 

Most people were dog owners themselves and criticized Kardashian’s treatment of her pets.  

TikTok user @chakras.cusswords displayed her own setup she has for her dogs which is superior to Kardashian’s garage arrangement. 



Her two dogs live inside her home complete with blankets, beds, and dog toys for them to chew on. 

“Tank, you are so lucky your mom is not a billionaire. You’d be in the garage,” she tells her dogs, poking fun at Kardashian. 

“As a pet parent, I’m extremely f–king disturbed by how she’s keeping these dogs with the amount of wealth this woman has,” TikTok user @sixtwentyseven revealed. 

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“If you can’t handle these pets, please give them to other homes.” 

Other users pointed out that the dogs were not properly cared for or received much attention, despite Kardashian’s resources as a billionaire to adequately train them. 

“They’re obviously not potty trained and these Pomeranians are years old,” TikTok user @thoughtswgracie shares. 

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She adds that she runs a dog business and is concerned by the amount of food Kardashian’s dogs are given. 

“I’ve never seen this much food in a pomeranian’s bowl,” she says.

“That’s how much food I would give my husky, which makes me believe that they’re getting fed once a day and someone’s coming to check on them and clean up after them, but you’re a f–king billionaire,” she slams Kardashian. 

“Why can’t you have someone f–kig train your dogs so that they could live a happy life and live in your house?...If you’re a billionaire you can provide a better life than this for your dogs.” 

“I’m broke as h–l and I treat my cat like a king, it’s the person, not the money,” one user commented on Gracie’s video. 

“If I had her resources my dog would have his own wing in my home and his own nanny,” another user shared. 

Other users noted that other celebrities provide proper care and training for their dogs and treat them like family. 

“Meanwhile Paris Hilton’s dog has its own house,” one user pointed out. 

“Jeffree Star had like 10 Pomeranians at one time and kept them in his beautiful house it’s definitely possible,” another user wrote. 

Hopefully the backlash Kardashian has been receiving will initiate her to take action and provide an improved life for her dogs who clearly deserve it. 

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