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Reports Of Rob Kardashian's Alleged Overdose Baffles Fans Who Believe His Family Are Covering It Up

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Fans of the Kardashian sisters are calling out the reality stars for covering up their brother Rob’s purported overdose.

Unsubstantiated reports have emerged in several French media outlets, seemingly originating from posts shared by French gossip blogger Aquababe.

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A source alleged that Rob Kardashian overdosed on December 27.

The gossip account claims Rob, 35, was brought to the hospital on December 27th at 3 AM writing that he arrived “unconscious, with a pale face and blue lips.”

The unsubstantiated report claims he overdosed on alcohol and Oxy, with traces of fentanyl found in his blood.



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The claim further alleges that, upon regaining consciousness, he started “crying and screaming about how Blac Chyna ruined his life,” and how he “wanted to see his daughter instead of being locked in rehab.”

Aquababe claimed that Rob yelled about missing his daughter, exclaiming “I can't enjoy time with my kid without snakes and crows monitoring my attitude and behavior.”

According to Aquababe’s sources, Rob expressed how “he wants to die and how celebrity life isn’t for him.”

He allegedly ordered the 3 security guards keeping watch over him to call his mother Kris, and 45 minutes later, Kris and Khloe arrived at the hospital.

Reports claim Rob Kardashian refused to go to rehab.

The claim states that Rob told his mother and sister that he didn’t want to go to rehab, instead expressing his wishes to see his daughter, Dream, 6. 

Aquababe reported that Kris “allegedly called the hospital and directed that no information leak to the press,” despite apparent paparazzi presence at the hospital.

Rob was reportedly released from the hospital on Friday, December 30, or Saturday, December 31.

Fans noticed that the Kardashian sisters started posting about Rob and his clothing brand Halfway Dead to their Instagram accounts around the same date, as though to prove that Rob was alive and well.

“Christmas is still happening, Rob brought over all these Halfway Dead/Rick and Morty collab,” Kim’s voice says as the camera pans over a cardboard box full of clothes. 

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Rob’s voice can be heard exclaiming “Rick and Morty” in the background of the video, although his face is never shown.

Some doubtful fans believe Rob’s voice was inserted into the Instagram story, and that the 35-year-old clothing designer wasn't actually present when it was filmed.

“It’s his voice, but it sounds imposed on the video. Like, he wasn’t saying that live,” said a user on Reddit. 

“They’re trying to subtly convince us Rob is fine and wasn’t just in the hospital a few days ago,” commented another Reddit user.

​​"This is why Kim would have posted this strange Instagram story about Rob merchandising to clear the rumors," claimed another user. "Some assumed it was totally staged and Khloé, Kim and Rob's voices were recorded separately."

Other fans noted the suspicious timing of the promotions, especially because Rob is usually not included in the Kardashian family's consistent promotion of their brands.

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Fans claimed the Kardashians are attempting to cover up Rob's alleged overdose.

TikTok user letabknow originally believed that the French news outlets were reporting false rumors about Rob’s overdose, until she noticed that Kris Jenner started posting about Rob’s brand “all day, literally that’s the only thing she’s posted the whole day.”



“Name one other time that Kris Jenner has posted this much Rob Kardashian content. It’s been years,” letabknow stated. “Something’s up.”

Rob’s current Instagram story features a repost of Khloé's story, in which she wears a Halfway Dead sweatshirt while tagging her brother in the post. 

Rob has struggled with addiction and mental health issues in the past. 

Whether or not the rumors of Rob's overdose are true, the Kardashians are clearly trying to control the narrative around their troubled brother.

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