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Fans Think It's 'Weird AF' That North West Dressed Up As Kanye To Perform Suggestive Song About Kim Kardashian

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Kim and North TikTok

A TikTok video posted to North West’s shared account with her mother, Kim Kardashian, has received a lot of flak online from people weirded out by the concept.

Like any other standard TikTok video with a song attached to it, West and Kardashian set up together in the frame while the music played — but it wasn’t just any song, and North wasn’t exactly herself.

North West dressed as Kanye while she and Kim Kardashian sang ‘Bound 2.’

Kanye West’s 2013 hit song “Bound 2” from his Yeezus album was the song that 9-year-old North decided to play as her 42-year-old mother stood behind her, moving rhythmically.

Along with makeup that made North look like the spitting image of her father, Ye himself, fans thought that the TikTok video’s concept was strangely suggestive considering the “Bound 2” music video.

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A “timeless classic” to many, the “Bound 2” music video featured a topless Kardashian and a fully clothed Ye on a motorcycle together with obviously suggestive sexual themes and lyrics.

Despite being a sonically impressive track that was beloved by many, that doesn’t mean others won’t find it strange when North wears Kanye makeup and sings along to the track while her mother puts her arm around her during the “Bound to fall in love” line.

Sitting at 28.4 million views — far more than the average view count for their page — many people weren’t able to voice their concerns with the video because of the closed comment section.

However, this didn’t stop people from “stitching” the video and reposting it everywhere else with their opinions.

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People thought Kim and North’s video was ‘weird [as f--k].’

When the video was reposted to Reddit in the “r/kardashians” subreddit, it came along with the title “Kim and North’s most recent TikTok is weird af…”

Aside from commenting on how North looks just like her father, people thought it was very strange of the two of them to post something like this.

“It’s sooo weird… imagine your daughter dressed as your ex-partner/her dad…” someone wrote. “And with the music and the movements, it freaks me out.”

On TikTok, users were far more critical of Kardashian and the video.



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“They’re singing the song that KANYE WROTE ABT KIM,” the top comment reads as one of the replies points out the strangeness of the video in context to the music video.

“Am I the only one that sees this as wrong,” someone else asked.

“THIS IS INSANE,” a third user wrote.

Many people also commented that Ye wasn’t going to be happy about the video, along with some people implying that Kardashian may have posted this on purpose to get a rise out of him.

However, Kardashian has repeatedly revealed in the past that she tries to keep their children’s image of their father shining — protecting them from the news sphere and the things he says.

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Although there were criticisms, a lot of people also jumped to Kim and North’s defense.

“Kim and North are so iconic,” one user wrote, clearly enjoying the video.

“Kim is such a good mom she's literally down with whatever North wants to do. She just supports her,” someone else wrote.

A third user pointed out that Kim might have actually known what the reaction would be, but filmed the video with her daughter regardless.

“I think this just goes to show what a good mom Kim is,” they said. “She protects North so well. She knew she was gonna be [made fun of] for this but still supports North.”

The video was likely North’s idea considering the account was solely made for North to be able to post things on TikTok under her mom’s supervision, but many people don’t think that’s enough to warrant allowing something like this to go online.

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