Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Tarot Card Reading For June 3-9, 2024

Deep insights and poignant times.

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The energy for the week of June 3-9, 2024, urges us not to fall into mental traps and instead live more decisively. After all, regretting something can sometimes be similar to thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Perhaps deeper instincts guided your hand and heart that you forgot with time. The one-card tarot readings for each zodiac sign this week hint at this message and more superficial specifics. 


The Chariot and The Hierophant on the table remind us that push-and-pull, moving and stopping, thinking and acting, and more are two sides of the same coin. Maybe you are afraid of setting off on a new adventure because deep inside, at that place of intuition, you know you aren't ready for it or need to learn more before you can be sure of the path forward. Other times, it's easy to look at the success of others and think we made wrong choices because our lives may not look that way. Yet, we all know that appearances can be deceptive. And while a picture can speak a thousand words, it hides ten thousand more.


The Empress and 5 of Cups urges us to prioritize self-care this week as this heady energy takes control. It's the only way we can be sure of what's true for us versus what's true for another and why those two paths don't intersect but diverge. 

Now, let's take a look at the weekly tarot card reading for every zodiac sign for June 3 - 9.

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Aries: Seven of Wands

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Other Aries

Fight for your right to shine bright and live. That's the message for you this week, Aries. The 7 of Wands is a competitive tarot card that refuses to throw down the towel or allow someone to usurp their throne. If you live from the same perspective, no competitor can dethrone you. They just won't have the strength. 

If you feel called to, work with red crystals this week, especially those that resonate with fire energy. Fire agate and fire quartz are some good examples of this.

Taurus: The Star

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo

Taurus, it's not every week that you get the wish-fulfillment tarot card describing what lies ahead for you. Well, expect the unexpected and be prepared to pinch yourself well when your manifestations come in for you. That's the promise of The Star. Just remember: most of you won't receive your full wish all at once, but you will reach the first few milestones on the path to it. 


If you feel called to, work with aquamarine or agate to align yourself with this energy.

Gemini: The Star

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Other Gemini

Gemini, this is your week! With The Star (a major arcana tarot card) on the table for you, nothing you do this week can go wrong. 


So set your sights on what's important and make the most of this lucky streak. Most of you will do just fine whether you are solo or not. Your ideas and imagination will be your winning grace. If you feel called to, journal your thoughts this week, especially the lightning-fast ideas that strike you. Who knows? You may strike gold.

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Cancer: Three of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Other Cancer

Cancer, something beautiful happens every time you lean on your loved ones this week. Whether they are your best friends, siblings or elders, your community will come through for you this week, especially those who are closer to you in age. With 3 of Cups on the table for you, you will succeed when you collaborate instead of staying solo. Let your creative side take over! 


The color green will be lucky for you this week as well as working with slate rock.

Leo: Queen of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Pisces

Leo, any time you feel down on yourself this week or afraid that things won't go your way, remind yourself who you are on the inside. The Queen of Swords represents your genius form that's unafraid of the competition and never backs down from a challenge — all the while in pure style. If you believe this is your week to shine, you will. Don't self-sabotage. 

Working with rose quartz can be beneficial for your self-esteem, too, at this time.

Virgo: Five of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Aries


Virgo, sometimes, to move forward, one has to take a few steps back. That's the energy of this week for you with the 5 of Cups. Listen to your heart and heal the wounds in your soul. You may think it's slowing you down and allowing others to rush past you, but that perspective will only hinder you in the future. Instead, choose yourself and choose to unburden your soul. It will help you hit your goals faster than ever before. That's the beauty of catharsis.

 If you feel called to, meditate with clear quartz to help you understand yourself better.

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Libra: King of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo


Libra, your message for this week is a quaint one — if you believe you are the boss of the ball, you will be. That's your secret superpower with the King of Cups. So, socialize more and trust your instincts while you are at it. Confidence may be the key, but absolute self-belief will help you win them all. Just make sure you dress for the part, too, in outfits that make you feel strong and sure of yourself. And if a naysayer pipes up to rain on your parade... well, what would a king/queen do in a similar situation? Do that.

Scorpio: Judgment

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Libra

Scorpio, your tarot card of the week is Judgment — a major arcana that whispers about Judgment Day and your place in it. Don't be surprised if, under its influence, your life is queerer than usual with heavy themes of the occult and the supernatural. If you pay attention to the signs and try to decipher them, you will understand the mystery cloaking you. Now's the time to trust your instincts so you can act when you must. 

If you feel called to, wear an Obsidian pendant to protect yourself from negative energies and toxic influences.


Sagittarius: Five of Wands

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Libra

Sagittarius, it's not enough to just dream. You have to make practical strides toward achieving them, too. That's the message for you this week. Who are you on the inside, and why shouldn't you have it all? The latter question is rhetorical because you should seize your destiny and never allow others to diminish you or your potential. If you agree with this, no one will be able to get in your way. That's the promise of the 5 of Wands. Make sure to dress well this week so you feel naturally confident and sure-footed.

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Capricorn: The Moon

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Libra


Capricorn, The Moon is an odd tarot card for you. Mainly because it speaks of the subconscious mind and hidden gifts in your unconscious. You cannot plumb those depths if you are scared and shy away from this internal exploration. If you shake off the fears and tune in, you will discover something potent this week. Your eyes will be opened to a truth that will enable you to charge forward like never before. That's why they say — the truth will set you free. 

If you feel called to, work with clear quartz this week to help you with clarity and consciousness.

Aquarius: Ten of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Cancer


Aquarius, the song lyric that fits your situation perfectly this week is, “The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return,” from the movie Moulin Rouge. While the movie's plot isn't relevant to you, the lyrics are. So lean into love and choose those who love you right back. Don't chase those who think affection is a carrot to be dangled before a mule to get them to do something for them. Such individuals can't love truly. So choose those who can love truly, and you'll experience soul growth like never before.

Pisces: Ten of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Aries

Pisces, your tarot card this week is the 10 of Cups. It urges you to find happiness within yourself and make sure your cup is being filled equally by those whose cups you are willing to fill. Prioritize your self-care and personal needs and you will be able to prioritize your loved ones as well. These two situations are like the wheels of a chariot — they always affect one another even as they run together.


 If you feel called to, work with amethyst this week to unlock your spiritual gifts and psychic powers.

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