What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Their Powerful Weekly Horoscope From Now To May 26

A very intense week awaits.

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We will experience many changes and new opportunities this week now that Jupiter is leaving Taurus and entering Gemini. Gemini Season officially begins on the 20th. For the next several weeks, we will feel the transformative energy of Pluto, making an aspect to the Sun in a Mercurial sign. Expect to see changes in communication as they can feel more intense for the first several days of this transit.


The Moon will be in Scorpio on the 20th and remain in this sign until the 23rd, when the Full Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius. With this Full Moon, we are asked how we have grown and challenged ourselves in the last six months. Venus will also enter Gemini on the same day, bringing lighthearted and fun energy just before Jupiter makes its grand entrance on the 25th. A favorable transit for Air and Mutable signs will transform their lives for the following year.


We close the week with the Moon in Capricorn, helping us to reset and be more practical about our goals for the upcoming week. See how this week's intense transit will impact your rising Sun and moon sign.

Weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign starting May 20 - 26


The week begins with the Moon in Libra transiting your relationship house. A reminder to play nice and to be more of a diplomat since you may be tested with Mars in your sign, causing some conflict with others. However, when the Moon enters Sagittarius on the 23rd, it will feel exhilarating, and getting your thoughts in order can feel meaningful. Venus will also be in the same sign that day, adding romantic vibes and inspiration to your creative process. Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th, initiating a cycle where you may reconnect with your laptop or pen to create or complete your masterpiece. Finally, the Moon in Capricorn sets the stage for new plans and initiatives for the upcoming week.

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Venusian energy this week sparks inspiration and focus for you. On the 20th, the Sun in Gemini helps you prioritize your goals and be more open to learning more about your finances. Jupiter leaves your sign on the 25th and enters Gemini, which can help you start a course or learn a few things to help you thrive over the next year. The Moon will be in Scorpio starting Monday, making your romantic relationships flow much more easily. When the Moon connects with Saturn, you can address severe topics and reach solutions. It's time to speak words of devotion to your partner or to express kindness to close friends.


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 The Sun enters your sign on Monday the 20th, initiating a month of excitement and wonder as you feel more goal-oriented and confident in your abilities. The Full Moon transit on the 23rd, will help you to open your heart and understand what you want in a partnership. You are seeing yourself transforming this year with Jupiter finally entering your sign on the 25th, and with Saturn adding more lessons, you will feel much more prepared for the following chapters that await next year. Venus also enters your sign on the 23rd, helping you to feel more confident and ready to take on the world.

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Writing new chapters to your story will come easy this week as the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. You will enjoy Gemini season since it allows you to catch up and take things at a slower pace. The Moon will be in friendly sign Scorpio at the beginning of the week. Giving you curative energy before the Full Moon enters Sagittarius on the 23rd. A deep analysis of your career path could happen once Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th, and since you will be prepared to plan, it will be easy for you to start on those blueprints to get closer to your goals over the next year.


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Gemini season starts this week and will have you feeling in command and in the spotlight. The Sun enters Gemini on Monday the 20th, marking a new chapter for the collective. Your social life may get much more exciting, especially with Venus entering Gemini on the 23rd and Jupiter entering Gemini on the 25th. But the week begins with the Moon in Scorpio, bringing topics relating to home to the forefront. As the week progresses, you can experience the jovial energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd, helping you feel in your element and ready to take on new adventures for the next several weeks.

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Many changes are happening this week; as a Mutable sign, you may be receptive to them. The Sun entering Gemini on the 20th will activate your career house for several weeks, making others notice your work and award you the recognition you deserve. Saturn has been making you work overtime, and now you may see some praise for Venus entering Gemini on the 23rd. But the Full Moon also happens on the same day, making you focus on home, rest, and self-care. While you work to be number one, remember to prioritize yourself.

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Gemini season is making its dramatic entrance and will help you get more inspired to learn and expand once Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th. With the Moon in Scorpio early in the week, you may consider the impact that the past may have on you and the hold it has as well. Once the Full Moon in Sagittarius begins on the 23rd, you will feel that your questions will be answered—a time when you will start to see the progress when you do the work within. The week closes with the Moon in Capricorn, helping you relax and enjoy the vibes right before we start the following week.

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The Moon will be in your sign for most of the week, which can feel like a good moment to connect with friends and family to recharge. The Sun enters Gemini on Monday the 20th, where the next several weeks will be focused on transformation and self-empowerment. On the 23rd, we will experience the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in the sign of Gemini. Jupiter moves away from your relationship house on the 25th, shifting your focus now on matters relating to the material and fortifying those plans to achieve your dreams. More of the transformative energy will be present, as it allows you to destroy any chains you have in the past and create a new period of positivity and love.

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Having the Sun in Gemini means that your relationship house will be the focus for the next several weeks. Thankfully, Mercury retrograde is over, so no need to worry about dealing with an ex. However, you can utilize this energy to learn from those experiences and see what you want in your current or future relationship. Venus also enters Gemini on the 23rd, making things much more enjoyable since you can meet new friends or romantic partners. The Full Moon in your sign on the same day will help you find your confidence, trust your process, and incorporate more self-love. More relationship energy is activated with Jupiter entering Gemini on the 25th. Prepare for one exciting year ahead and get ready to meet interesting and inspiring people who will help you rediscover who you are.


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The theme for the week will be centered on time and structure. Your routines will be tested once the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th—a good time to work on your planner and analyze your pending tasks. The Moon in Scorpio also relieves you on Monday since friends can help you cool off and decompress if things are challenging. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd could be a significantly relaxing and fun period. Spending time at home may sound appealing and an excellent opportunity to catch up with people in a relaxing space. Venus enters Gemini the same day, easing tension and adding optimism to your plans. The week ends with the Moon in your sign, energizing and helping you prepare for the upcoming week.

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There are a lot of changes this week, and as an Air sign, you may be very excited about them. Things get interesting with the Sun entering Gemini on the 20th. If you need excitement or a new muse, this transit will put things in perspective. You will see how your social life gets more thrilling because the people you meet now will be aligned with your goals for career or romantic endeavors. The Moon will be in Scorpio most of the week, helping you complete tasks. You are determined to be number one. Venus enters Gemini on the 23rd, the day the Full Moon will occur. Friendships will be the focal point as you reflect on the wonderful people in your life.

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Scorpio energy at the beginning of the week enhances your intuition and makes you much more optimistic. The Sun in Gemini on Monday the 20th will help you focus on your responsibilities and be more mindful of what family and friends may need from you if you had prioritized your work. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd brings the focus back to your house of achievements. You can see your successes over the last six months and may consider focusing on fulfilling your following dream objectives. Jupiter's ingress in Gemini on the 25th helps you make significant plans that will help you become more knowledgeable in your field if you do the work for the next year.

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