5 Zodiac Signs Who Can Be Ugliest — Especially On The Inside

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ugliest zodiac sign

Just because someone is beautiful on the outside, it doesn’t mean they’re not rotten to the core on the inside. The ugliest zodiac signs, despite their outer appearances, are a mess on the inside.

So don’t be fooled by their looks. Instead, run away as fast you can if you start to see warning signs of evil behavior. Unless you like ugliness, of course.

What is the ugliest zodiac sign? Here are the top 5 ranked, and why.

1. Aquarius 

Physically, Aquarius is stunning. Like, take your breath away kind of stunning. Aquarians are by far the prettiest zodiac sign — on the outside. 

They live their life on their own terms and when you meet an Aquarius, you immediately want to get wrapped up in their world and live that idealistic life with them. But do not rush into it. 

While their outside packaging may be one of beauty and hope, inside Aquarius can be a total fraud. A bad Aquarius will love you when it’s convenient for them, use you to get what they want, and then, after you’ve put all your cards on the table, they’ll pull away, selfishly not giving a crap.

I’m actually convinced that the heart of some people born under Aquarius is nothing but a lump of coal.

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2. Leo

Leo may not be as rotten inside as Aquarius and certainly not as lovely outside either, but the potential combination of being arrogant, jealous, and talking before thinking makes them ugly AF inside.

And just like Aquarius, a bad Leo is aware of their behavior, but they choose to do nothing to fix it. While for Aquarius it’s sheer laziness, for Leo it comes back to just being arrogant. So, honestly, it’s hard to tell which one is ugliest inside between these two — it actually might be a tie.

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3. Capricorn

When you take someone who refuses to forgive, sees the world as a constant dark cloud of misery, and is so dead inside that they’re actually cold to the touch, it’s hard not to think this person is ugly inside.

This is what happens when a Capricorn goes bad.

I’m sorry, Capricorn, that this is a risk for you. But be grateful you’re not an Aquarius. I mean, they can be the total pits.

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4. Virgo 

Why are Virgos so ugly? They're critical to the core. 

When it comes to ugly zodiac signs, there’s quite a jump between Capricorn and Virgo. But jump or not, Virgo still belongs on this list because of their tendency toward evil, judgmental, and critical ways.

A bad Virgo is a living and breathing mean girl, and we all know that mean girls are ugly inside — just look at Regina George. So until the bad Virgo you know gets hit by bus, a la Regina George, steer clear.

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5. Gemini

A bad Gemini is only 50 percent ugly inside, because they’re only 50 percent bad to the bone. So while they do make the list for being ugly on the inside, since it’s only 50 percent, they shouldn’t give anyone much to worry about — emphasis on “much.”

There’s still stuff to worry about there and it starts with a whole boatload of deception.

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