10 Sneaky Ways Your Spirit Guides & Angels Always Guide You

Once you know what to look for, your spirit team's guidance becomes clear.

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Do you know we receive signs and communication from something I like to call our "spiritual team"? They help steer us to a path to expand into our highest version of self.

If you find yourself running up against invisible barriers or painful and complicated situations in your life, you might find it valuable to tune into the universe and ask for a clear sign and even a solution. To do this, you'll need to watch for these signs and trust your gut instinct a little more.


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Ten ways you know you have a powerful spirit team in your corner

1. The Universe will slow us down physically when we get ahead of ourselves.

This has happened to me with a health situation, and I am sure countless other times. This is one of our more common messages. Slow down, readjust, and connect to the experience of the moment.

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2. The Universe, our guides, and angels can work to bring someone into our lives.

This could be the partner we have been waiting for or someone who delivers a message we need to hear. Years ago, when I was finishing my nursing degree, I drove to a rural area in Utah for my preceptorship. My beat-up little truck blew a tire. Before the dust settled, a lady in a big black Mercedes drove by and offered to pay for the tire repair. I never saw her again, but I think of her often. I sent her a card with cash saying thank you.

3. Our guides and angels share messages through songs we hear on the radio or commercials on TV.

Staying present in the moment and paying attention to the words and messages in music or other ways of communication can often bring inspiration or validation. This is one reason to watch high-vibrational shows. Give your guides a better chance to send loving messages to you.

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4. Messages can be more easily received when we are in nature.

It is easy to let go of daily stress and stay open to receiving loving guidance. Notice what thoughts pop into your head. What animals show up and let you share time with them? Also, notice what grabs your attention. This should be fun!

5. Loved ones, angels, and guides share messages with us in our dreams.

What is the theme of your dream? Do you have images or conversations you remember when you awake from your slumbers?

6. Our spiritual team can bring opportunities seemingly from out of the blue.

An example might be receiving an invitation to a life-changing trip or the opportunity to apply for a new job. Often, these events occur out of the blue. Think about a time your life changed because of a life opportunity offered to you.



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7. Our angels and guides can remove obstacles in our path.

Being fired from a job, unexpectedly changing a relationship, or having a life goal derailed are all ways obstacles could be removed. Some of those life disappointments open up the door to our greatest success. It might also be randomly choosing a different route to work and avoiding a traffic jam.

8. Our angels and guides can use us as instruments of Grace.

Have you ever been inspired to help someone or at the right place at the right time? Think about a time when you helped a stranger, not knowing their story. Today, when I was shopping, the person in front of me had a declined payment. I offered to buy her food. After I checked out, I saw her at a table feeding five hungry grandchildren. I was an instrument of our angels working together.

9. We are given opportunities for karmic lessons in our lives.

Think of our spiritual team as helping us navigate and complete these lessons with the most ease and grace possible. With this in mind, share daily gratitude with your team and ask them to help you live with the highest vibrations possible.



10. The Universe can be a trickster, sending messages through awkward and silly moments.

One morning, I had a three-hour drive ahead of me, so I wanted to go for a run. I decided to use the hotel treadmill. I gathered my phone, water, and room key. When I was ready to go, it was like someone pressed my go button. I took off in a trot to the gym area.


In my exuberance to get on the treadmill, I moved quickly and ran smack into a thick clear plate wall. My forehead took most of the impact. It was loud, painful, and humiliating. I have no doubt it was caught on camera. The incident reminded me to slow down and take deep breaths to remember I have enough time to get everything done.

The wall was a perfect reminder of our invisible barriers to keep us safe and on track. On that day, my spiritual team was having fun with me.

The caveat of having guides and angels is we need to listen and communicate with them. This begins with learning how we best receive the messages from our spiritual teams.


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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.