The Most Lucky Day In March 2024 For All Zodiac Signs

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The Most Lucky Day In March 2024 For All Zodiac Signs

"Trust life a little bit." - M. Angelou. It's easy to say trust the process, but it's quite another matter to do that. To sit in those moments of uncertainty or in what feels like rejection and genuinely believe that everything is happening for you.

The most magical thing occurs when you can practice that because you end up creating a positive, self-fulfilling prophecy. Positive thinking isn't just a sentiment that looks good on bumper stickers but one that genuinely holds the ability to change your entire life.  

March should feel easier as it begins, whether like a lamb or a lion. In that, it's only because you have been doing the necessary work to prepare for what you want, even if you still feel like you have no idea how it will happen.

Faith is the ultimate test of the human spirit because it asks you to believe in what you may not be able to see and visualize. While it's often used in terms of spirituality, it also applies to the visions and dreams you have for your own life. 

You will make headway and progress in March 2024. Astrology all but guarantees it, but you also must keep moving forward even if you can't see how it will all come together. Not only does this come down to trusting life a little bit, or even a great deal, but it also means continuing to remain consistent and dedicated to pursuing what you feel in your soul is destined for you.

It's not just that the universe falls in love with a stubborn heart, as the saying goes, but more importantly, that you remain committed to what you hope for despite not yet yielding the results you desire.  

March is a month of shake-ups, emotional clarity and decisive action as it brings the Libra Lunar Eclipse and a convergence of planets in Pisces and Aries.

While Pisces and Aries signify endings and beginnings, they also draw the parallel between deeper understanding and the tuned action of follow-through.

Find your deeper purpose amongst the stars and trust in that first tentative step toward building the life you've always wanted because your deepest truth will always lead to the most abundant successes.  

The most lucky day in March 2024 for all zodiac signs:


(March 21 - April 19)  

Luckiest Day: Tuesday, March 19, Aries Season in your house of self 

Your zodiac season brightens the month of March, along with your solar return. Mercury and the Sun will both be lighting up your house of self, while a collection of planets in Pisces will help you connect with your inner self. This is fusing your dreams and intuition with the self-validation and beliefs that can help you make them a reality.  

When you believe in your dreams and honor those inner thoughts, you manifest more of the life you want.

Your solar return coincides with the Astrological New Year, marking a momentous time of year for you to permit yourself to start over —this time, with the intention of truly following the path of your dreams.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, Pisces New Moon in your sector of wishes 

Pisces energy governs over your sector of wishes, which also highlights the need to reflect on the connections that you utilize within your life. With only a few more months of Jupiter in your sign of Taurus, it's time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and really make this energy work for you by not holding yourself back any longer.  

The New Moon in Pisces is an amazing opportunity to set an intention for what you want to bring to fruition within your life.

As you are setting this intention, make sure to also reflect on how the support of connections with others can help you in your process. Everyone needs help sometimes. By embracing your networking skills, being more social and making things work in your favor, you can achieve considerable progress in March.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, Pisces New Moon in your house of career 

Saturn has been in Pisces since 2023, moving through your house of career. This causes you to think about your professional path differently, as you are finding a balance between responsibility and contributing more to the collective. As the New Moon in Pisces rises, it's your chance for a new beginning in your career or college path.  

Focus on what you've learned during this era of Saturn in Pisces so far and what your dreams are for yourself, as Neptune is in Pisces, too.

This New Moon is closer to Neptune than Saturn, which means there should be fewer tests and more opportunities to find the space to find the professional success you dream of. Just remember that Piscean energy will always require that leap of faith. When you've done the work to create a solid foundation, it will be easier to do.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your house of professional aspirations 

Aries' energy governs over your house of professional aspirations, bringing up themes of career, college majors, or internships that can help direct your path toward the life you dream of. After so much time focusing on your romantic life and the transformation process it has brought, you are now being guided to reflect more on what your purpose is and how to implement that into your life. 

Let yourself focus on yourself, your dreams, and what you want to create.

Everyone else will be fine, but you deserve this opportunity to find something that is solely for yourself and that adds to the kind of life you want to live. Not only do you crave to live within your purpose, but you also need a purpose to feel truly fulfilled. Even if you feel established in your career path, consider volunteering or a side business to help give you some of your fire back.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Luckiest Day: Tuesday, March 19, Sun in Aries in your house of abundance 

March should be an incredibly powerful month for you as Aries energy will activate your house of abundance while Pisces will bring about opportunities for deep transformation. The year for you is about really stepping into and embracing the life path that is revealing itself to you, which will bring more of the love, success and joy you have into your life. 

The Sun is one of the luckiest planets in the zodiac, and in Aries, you receive a double dose of it in your life.

There is no second guessing around this time. Take new opportunities, embrace risk, and lean toward what seems new and exciting in your life. Try not to put too much energy into worrying about how it will all turn out. Instead, invest in who you want to become each new day that presents itself to you.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, March 25, Libra Lunar Eclipse in your sector of wealth 

The Libra Lunar Eclipse will occur in your second house of wealth and will present a chance to do some of the deep work the South Node will require of you. The South Node represents a change in your value system and in how you generate financial wealth. Not necessarily a reason for doubt or worry, but instead in a way that draws you toward greater collaboration or interdependence with others in achieving success.  

Lean into working with others more under the energy this month, especially if focusing on a specific project or matters with a business partner. You may also have to reflect on what adds wealth to your life other than financial resources. For instance, the connections you have in your life, how you spend your time and other benefits may provide you with the wealth you're seeking — not just the numbers on a bank balance.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, Piscean New Moon in your house of determination 

This is a moment where there is no holding back in initiating a new beginning or dream that you have. The Nodes of Fate are directly within your zodiac sign, and Aries, along with Piscean energy, lighting up your house of determination.

This area of your life helps you focus on finding that zest and willpower within yourself to take new chances and put down boundaries. Frankly, do whatever it takes for you to achieve what you desire.  

Along with the influence of Piscean energy increasing your sense of determination, the Lunar Eclipse in Libra will help you delve into a deeper truth about yourself. This is an era of immense shifts within yourself that make you step into the starring role of your own life.

Because of this, your focus and determination for your future are increased, helping you do whatever is necessary to feel like you have greater ownership over your life. Your mantra during this time is to truly not let anyone hold you back because right now, it is all about you.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 31, Vesta in Cancer in your sector of expansion 

Cancer energy rules over your sector of expansion, abundance and luck. This can bring about not only new opportunities but also chances for travel, education or special interest courses like yoga or pottery. Ultimately, Cancer helps guide you toward where you are meant to be so that you can make the most of your life.

As much as Cancer energy governs the theme of home, what this teaches you is the ultimate home is the one within yourself that allows you to experience all you desire from life.  

As Vesta moves into Cancer, you will be motivated to embrace the new and step out of any old comfort zones. In fact, what once felt like a comfort zone no longer will. Instead, you will be tempted by fate to surprise yourself with what you're drawn toward and what you're willing to try. Try not to second guess this new energy and simply take it as confirmation that you've grown into the person who genuinely can create the abundance you've always wanted.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Luckiest Day: Tuesday, March 19, Sun in Aries in your house of joy  

As the Sun shifts into Aries, along with Mercury, there is a shift toward creating greater happiness in your life. While there may be more of a focus on romantic commitment or marriage around this time, it all still comes back to you finally believing that you are worthy of the happiness you have always silently dreamed of.

As Pluto has shifted out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, those lessons of self-worth have become part of a new identity for you, which means that you're also now able to confidently claim what is meant for you.  

Happiness isn't a feeling that just happens, nor is it merely frivolous. Instead, it's an essential beam in the framework for your life. Instead of prioritizing obligations or financial success, you've begun to place happiness and inner peace at the center of your life. Continue with this, even if others may challenge it because by allowing yourself to be happy, you're also putting yourself in place to attract all the luck you need to make it a reality.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, March 25, Libra Lunar Eclipse in your sector of success 

You are going to be going through a process of finding a greater balance between your professional and personal life this year as the Nodes of Fate play up these themes for you. You are always someone who prizes career stability and success, but you also must allow yourself to see that you are more than just what you do.

You are the accumulation of the love you extend, the smiles you embrace, and the moments of laughter that surround you.  

While you are walking a path of fully realizing what defines fulfillment, the Libra Lunar Eclipse in March will bring you a moment of karmic success. Because the South Node represents an aspect of past karma, this eclipse will bring about a turning point within you in how you think about success that will allow you to receive all you've been working to achieve fully. Seeing matters differently is also what will enable you to choose differently as well.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, March 25, Lunar Eclipse in Libra in your house of opportunities 

The energy of the year already feels quite different now that Pluto has shifted into your sign, and you are effortlessly drawing in all you desire. Less restriction and less fear are holding you back from embracing the opportunities for newness, love, and success. As much as you are still gaining momentum at this time, it's safe to trust that you can create whatever you wish. You just need to believe you can.  

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra in your house of opportunities brings about chances for deeper experiences in your life through travel, career or spiritual pursuits.

Because it's a lunar eclipse, you may experience an emotional shift within yourself that helps you see the abundance of possibilities that currently surround you. It's never a negative to have so many good things surrounding you that you need to take a minute to decide. Just make sure that eventually, you choose at least one.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 3, Mercury in Aries in your sector of financial abundance  

Ever since Saturn shifted into your sign of Pisces, you've become more serious about creating your success and honoring your inner worth. You are the dreamer of the zodiac, but it takes dedication and work to make those dreams a reality. In this space of being more committed to your future, you've also unknowingly been establishing greater credibility and a positive professional reputation. 

As Mercury shifts into Aries in your sector of financial abundance, the financial rewards for all your hard work will start to roll in. While this may translate as a bonus or unexpected opportunity, you may also be offered a new professional role based on the reputation that you've established for yourself.

The most important thing is to remember what you are worth during this time and that you truly deserve each and every wonderful gift that is headed your way, especially as this is just the beginning of the growth that you'll see in this area of your life this year.  

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