February 2024 Horoscopes Bring Changes For All Zodiac Signs This Month

We are aligned with our dreams and passions during February of 2024.

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Welcome to the February of 2024 horoscope for all zodiac signs. What happens in February stays in February...or so it seems, although we will see that this month is pretty much jam-packed with intense lessons to be learned for each one of us here. The month seems to be veering towards love and romance as a main theme, with a nod here and there to financial gain — not too shabby.

We'll be stepping up when it comes to personal shows of strength as there's a whole lot of Mars going on. In terms of taking responsibility and making great changes, we have some very positive Pluto placements as well as the promise of 'right thinking' at the end of the month, when Saturn drops by to make a few statements.


This is the month when we spend the majority of our time in Aquarius and end up in Pisces season, so we can pretty much assume that we are highly intuitive and very sensitive to our surroundings.

During February 2024, we are aligned with our dreams and passions, and each zodiac sign will be able to confront and heal much of their past. Let us look at what February 2024 brings us now.


February 2024 monthly horoscope for all zodiac signs:


(March 21 - April 19) 

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 3, 5, 8, 13, 14, 27. Notice what happens in your body and mind during the transits of Venus trine Lilith, Mars sextile Neptune, Mars conjunct Pluto, and Mars square Jupiter. These are important dates of change in your universe, Aries, and you must know them before they start.

February 2024 has you all over the place, but this is intentional. You know that if you are to figure out your next 'big' move, you have to see it all right before you, and that means this month comes with organizational skills and basic talent. You will spend much of this month, February 2024, working the kinks out of your personal life to concentrate even harder on your professional life.

There may be days for you, Aries when confusion overrules your sense of stability, and you may end up feeling anger, but you know that you need to simply burn it out so that when you return to your natural 'at ease' state, it will be real and not repressed. February of 2024 has you working very hard on righting the wrongs of your life and paying close attention to your physical presence.


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(April 20 - May 20)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 3, 7, 13, 16, 17, 22. Here, you have a few of the actual dates that will usher in the important transits of your month. You need to pay attention to the influences of Venus, Lilith, Venus, the Nodes, and Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Mars.

February of 2024 has you coming to terms with the cost of healing yourself, and you are completely down for it. You have realized that life is short and that sweating every little detail of it is just not for you...not any longer, that's for sure. What you used to do to 'treat' yourself now seems like an extravagance, as you are more frugal during February of 2024 than you were before.


You are very happy to stay on the path of kindness and compassion, and you may find that you are quite empathetic during this time, which could go either way for you, as you tend to take in too much of other people's pains and woes. If you can balance compassion and detachment, you might find that this month, February 2024, becomes much easier to handle.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 2, 5, 10, 16, 17, 23, 28. Transformation and heavy decision-making come to you during the transits of Mercury sextile Neptune, Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Pluto, Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Node and Mercury conjunct Saturn, so be aware and on top of the game, Gemini.


Your decision-making game will be the most troubling aspect of your month, as expected, but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't make the right choices during February 2024. You are very much in touch with the new person you've become, and you are just now starting to align with the personal transformation that you promised yourself.

You'll see that your love life takes a hit, but it's a hit that turns around on you and makes you understand that you need to look at certain things in order to make them better. What happens is that your love life improves due to an argument that goes wildly astray. All in all, your February of 2024 looks to be filled with positive changes and new attitude adjustments.

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(June 21 - July 22)


Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 9, 16, 19, 22, 24. Know that you need to be on your toes during the transits of the New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury sextile Node, Sun in Pisces, Venus conjunct Mars and the Full Moon in Pisces. You will be required to be aware and functioning well during these transits. Make yourself available mentally and emotionally.

Hypersensitivity may be part and parcel of your experience of February 2024. While this could take a toll on you, it's almost guaranteed to make a better person out of you in so much as you won't be taking unnecessary abuse anymore. You are so much stronger now and you'll find it much easier to apply your newly found strength to any number of emotional scenarios.

Knowing that you can get through just about everything gives you what feels like a superpower. At the same time, you are always a vulnerable and open person. You'll see that you can pick and choose when to be completely 'laid out' and when to retreat into your world during February of 2024. This month shows you that healing your heart is real and that you do, indeed, have the power to move on and be super strong.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 8, 19, 24, 28. If you really want to get ahead of the game, then open yourself up to the influences that come along with these transits, Leo: Sun sextile Node square Uranus, Sun in Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces, and Sun conjunct Mercury conjunct Saturn. Big stuff is coming your way during this time. Stay open, stay smart.

For the first time since the beginning of the year, you now feel as though you are back on top of things. February of 2024 shows you almost immediately that your insecurity is unwarranted. You are completely fine 'as is', and you needn't spend another millisecond doubting yourself or your amazing abilities. What you have is what you can trust.

You may find that during February of 2024, you will be called to help others, which may sound like a great idea to you. While strength may be your calling card, so is generosity of spirit, and you are only too happy to be the one that friends and family call upon to set things straight. You find your power flourishes best through acts of love and romance; you feel healthy, wealthy, and wise throughout the entire month.


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(August 23 - September 22)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 22. You've been very adaptable lately, and you may find that your biggest 'tests' come during these transits: Venus trine Lilith, Venus square Node, Sun square Uranus, Mercury square Jupiter and Venus conjunct Mars. Don't turn your back on responsibility, Virgo.

During February of 2024, you are going to feel like a new person again, and boy, oh boy, it was that long overdue. You really paid the piper on this one, and you are not looking back. Whatever you've just come out of is about to take a radical U-Turn on you, as you'll notice that everything really is coming up roses for you, Virgo. Perhaps you had a hand in creating this new and wonderful attitude?


Trust has always been difficult for you, as you've seen so much of your world crumble at the hands of others you trusted. Betrayal takes a back seat during February 2024. This gives you the full spectrum of love and romance. The stage is set, and you are, without a doubt, the star of this show. This is a great month for you if you remain true to yourself and fully believe in your abilities.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 8, 9, 13, 14, 22. You may feel you are being emotionally tossed and turned, like a salad, during the transit of Mars sextile Neptune, the New Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Mars conjunct Pluto and Venus conjunct Mars. Don't let yourself get too involved emotionally during these transits.


You may even laugh at how many times you could get involved with something that ends up swallowing you whole, and that's what's going to give you insight as to how you play out the month of February 2024. What all this really means is that it is during this time that you need to guard your heart while wearing it on your sleeve. You'll need to stay open and vulnerable, but watch out for those who might take advantage of your good nature.

This is a big lesson-learning month for you, Libra, and while you may feel as though you've already paid that price, you'll find that the lessons aren't as harsh as they were in the past; it's time to have a little fun with life again. You don't need to be a doormat for others, but you most certainly do not need to feel as though you should hide yourself away. Come out and play, Libra. It's all fair game at this point.

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(October 23 - November 21)


Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 5, 14, 17, 25. While sticking to your guns makes up so much of February 2024, you'll find that you are strongest during the transits of Mercury conjunct Pluto, Mars conjunct Pluto, Venus conjunct Pluto, and Venus square Jupiter. Stay strong, but remember to bend when needed.

What you may see happening during February of 2024 is that you are required to do what you may feel are superhuman feats, and if you aren't careful, you may take yourself a little too seriously. Yes, you are talented and brilliant, but you need to be careful not to let your abilities go to your head, as this is possible for you, Scorpio, during February of 2024.

You've got more energy than you've had in months, and you must split the difference between being helpful and aggressive. Power is an addition for you, and while the rush of it sure does feel good, you need to reel in your magnificence because you could spend too much of February 2024 on an ego trip that is hellbent on undoing. Balance is key for you during this time. Please remember this.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 10, 19, 24, 25, 27, 29. Look to these dates to see how these transits work their magic in your magical life. Pay attention to your mental health and your physicality during Mercury square Jupiter, Venus in Aquarius, The Full Moon in Pisces, Venus square Jupiter and Mercury sextile Jupiter.

You'll be investing in your health during February of 2024, and that mostly means you will be taking good care of your mind. You've always been a believer in the mind-body connection, and if so much of this month goes to self-care, then that would be a first, or at least a first in a while. You have neglected yourself for too long for reasons that you no longer find valid.

You have the money and the loving support and must stop underestimating everyone around you. You can and will achieve great things if you can finally set aside that massive boulder of negativity that you've been carrying around with you for years. February of 2024 really ushers in the biggest changes of your life, Sagittarius, and yes, you can believe in that. Now, go with it. Stay with it. Act with it. It's all going to be fine.


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(December 22 - January 19)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 7, 14, 16, 19, 28. While February 2024 has you feeling mighty and in charge, you'll need to mind your personality during the transits of Venus trine Uranus, Mars conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Node, Sun in Pisces, and Sun conjunct Saturn. Stay on top of it, but don't get too bossy.


Aquarius season works well for you, balancing you out when you get too into your practical side. And you can definitely take practicality too far. You've also got the healing vibe of Pisces season coming on later this month, and you may find that all of February of 2024 is meant as a warning for you to take it down a notch and just...relax. Your desire for perfection is notorious, but is it working for you? Maybe not.

You will come to enjoy this month, February of 2024, very much as you realize that it's not impossible just to give it up and give in to the easygoing nature that is available to you, too. You may find that any disagreements that you have with either your romantic partner or total strangers lead to learning something new about yourself. You are open to transformation, and you will see that all it takes to get things done is the decision to do so.

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(January 20 - February 18)


Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 5, 9, 13, 16, 19. It's a big month for you as this is your season, but understand that you'll be sharing soon enough with Pisces. Stay tuned to the transit messages that come along with Mercury in Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius, and the Sun in Pisces. February of 2024 promises a great month for you.

This is a very romantic month for you, Aquarius, and you will see that during February of 2024, you will be enchanted with someone who will, in turn, be delighted with you. You are also very happy to see that you can accept this kind of feeling without doubting yourself into oblivion over it. You are not always ready to accept love as a reality. as fantasy, yes, but in the flesh...not always. This month changes your perception of that.

What really makes February of 2024 so great for you is that you get to be yourself. You aren't feeling the pressure anymore to come through for someone else, and you feel completely liberated from a family obligation that was driving you bonkers. With all of that tidied up and squared away, you finally feel as though this is your month. You can be yourself, move ahead, love who you want to love, and simply enjoy life without feeling excessive amounts of pressure.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Dates and transits to keep in mind: February 2, 8, 13, 19, 23, 24. Big month for you as Pisces season is coming, and on the way there, you'll need to pay close attention to how these transits affect your everyday life: Mercury sextile Neptune, Mars sextile Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune, Sun in Pisces, and the Full Moon in Pisces.

This month, February 2024, brings you love and the ability to see yourself as the object of that love. This means that self-love and self-care are big on your list, but there's so much more to it than just that. This month could introduce you to a new love interest, and since 'love' is what this month is all about for you, you might just go for it. You feel safe and eager to find out what it's all about.

While there's much in store regarding healing your heart, you'll see that things progress very rapidly. It's almost as if your previous pain had an expiration date, and it matures right at the top of February 2024. Once you feel that heartache release, you'll realize that you are truly free to be yourself once again; you can love, you can grow, and you can transform yourself into whomever you wish to be.


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