How 3 Planets Powerfully Impact Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscopes This Week

We are the vehicles and the power is ON.

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Let's take a look at what's to come for each zodiac sign according to their horoscope this week. It's mid-January, we feel charged up as if we've just spent time at the electric fill station. We are the vehicles and the power is ON. Let's move!

We have a few notable transits showing up throughout the week. 

We are still in Capricorn season, though we can sense Aquarius season coming up right around the corner.



This week shows us that it's important for us to stay in control and not give in to frustration. False starts may throw us off but it's imperative that we keep on track and don't lose sight of our goals.

With all of this very strict and practical Capricorn energy moving with us, we all stand a chance to benefit. So, let's keep our heads on our shoulders and move forth with lightning speed.


Weekly horoscope for January 8 - 14, 2024:


(March 21 - April 19) 

Victory is what you have in mind the week of January 8 - 14, 2024, and you feel that the only way you can accomplish such a lofty goal is by selling yourself the idea of it again and again. That's not to say your dream is but a dream. It's not, but in your case, you feel as though there's so much to get past that you need to remind yourself that you're a winner continuously. If something drags you down, you will dismiss it.

You are also about to feel very grateful and supportive of the people in your life. You are completely one with letting go of the past and you now want to concentrate more on those in your life who have shown you their true colors. These are the people you trust, and these are the folks that you want to invest more time and energy in. You've seen the good and the bad, and you now know that you have no more patience for people who don't help you out.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 8 has you wanting to do some serious expressing of your thoughts, and fortunately, you've got an appreciative audience for the job. You'll also see that during Mars trine Jupiter on January 12, you perceive your personal life as something worth fighting for ... something you can defend with honor and pride.


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(April 20 - May 20)

Last year taught you a huge lesson and it's one that you're not about to dismiss all that easily. You have learned that you are the one who is coming to your rescue, and while this may have triggered self-pity at one point, you now see it as an opportunity to become the excellent being that you know yourself to be. You are not relying on others to make your life better.


So, you will press on, doing what is needed, and even if you are tired out by the process, you feel as though you have purpose and will. Knowing that you are your hero, you feel as though control is now back in your hands. You aren't giving up your autonomy to anyone anymore and this actually makes you feel as though you're even more attractive to others, ironically. Strength looks good on you, Taurus.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 9 brings you Sun trine Uranus, and for you, that means it's time to show off your most outrageous ideas and bring them to light. During Moon trine Uranus on January 11, you'll see that you have been on the right track all along and that, while you are an outrageous thinker, you're also dead smart.

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(May 21 - June 20)


You've built something up and you are not about to let just anyone come in to tear it down. You are sick and tired of people and their egos and opinions, but it's during this week that you realize that you don't necessarily have to crumble just because someone else doesn't approve of you. You might even become a little stoic or brash, but you are doing what you need to do.

Defensiveness is in your nature, and you'll see that what you defend is not mere flight of fancy. That is what so much of this week is about for you: recognizing that even though you take an unpopular stance, your opinion and stance are just as valid as anyone else's. You are true to yourself and that is all that matters during this time. It pays off. Honestly, authenticity always does.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 8 brings you Moon conjunct Venus and possibly jumpstarts an old love affair, which you will find out on January 9, during Moon conjunct Mercury was not such a bad idea to get back into after all. You may feel as though you lead one crazy life, but you sure are having fun living it, aren't you, Gemini?

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(June 21 - July 22)

You are cut out for helping others. You may even find that you're doing some volunteer work at this time because the whole idea of being there for someone else really makes you feel needed and necessary. You are charitable and kind during this time, and it's mostly because you feel as though you wish to give back, as you've been so fortunate in the past.

This week also shows you that you aren't just charitable. You are also discerning. Your charity goes out to not just anyone. You make sure that only those in true need receive what you are about to offer, and while someone else might see this as too selective to be called charitable, you will follow your heart and do what you feel is right for you. You're not here to show off; you're here to help.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 10 shows you that conflicts are something you can easily deal with as Moon in harmony with Saturn works for you at the same time as does Moon conjunct Mars. These transits show you that you are made of tough stuff and that conflicts are just 'another walk in the park' for you.


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(July 23 - August 22)

Here comes a week where you really don't want to have to be the one who makes the big decisions, and yet, bingo, Leo, you're the one. You're going to find that there is no escaping certain choices and that you'll want to approach the whole idea with your eyes closed. You really don't want to play this game, and while you don't resent being the one who has to choose, you're also not particularly into it, either.

Still, you're relatively comfortable and you will end up choosing the right path, which will, fortunately, lead to more comfort. Your decision has something to do with work and getting rid of something at the job that needs to be ended. Perhaps it's all about ending a bad habit that has held you back in terms of productivity. That's all good, Leo. You might as well embrace it. It sounds like something good is about to take place.


Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 9 has you feeling all the vibes of the Capricorn Moon, and while Mars speaks Saturn on the same day, you'll be feeling as though you want to get down to business right away. With Mercury in Capricorn coming your way on January 13, you'll choose the right words and make the right moves.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Back to the grind it is for you, Virgo; you will be doing what you love to do and doing it well. While there's nothing here that suggests any kind of major change is about to occur, you are just as satisfied and happy with the idea that it's just 'business as usual.' You feel like this kind of mundane, predictable action is actually what you've been in need of.


The high drama and roiling insanity of the past few weeks have become so tiring to you that you crave exactly what you'll be getting, which is easy-going apathy and a whole lot of repetitive work. It's OK; it's what you need, and you feel that mindless repetition is just what you need to get your mind off of all that focused negativity. Enough is enough. Bring on the mindless and mundane already!

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 8 starts the week off on the right foot for you as Moon conjunct Venus lets you know that if you want it ... it's yours for the taking. You'll feel particularly strong-willed and capable on January 13, during Moon and Venus and with the Pisces Moon wrapping it all up for you, you'll be certain to feel confident and happy with your actions this week.

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(September 23 - October 22)


Getting things done is your handle this week, Libra, as you aren't waiting around for orders or approval. You move at your own pace and that's pretty fast. In fact, it's what separates you from others in this regard. That's just fine by you as you are someone who has the need for speed, as it all leads to monumental accomplishment. That's you in a nutshell.

What's also nice is that your pace is refreshing and makes you feel like a child again. Not so much childish, but new, young, able. You like whatever it is that you're so engaged in, and you enjoy the feeling of being able to be someone who really does come through when others don't. You'll find that action is your destiny and that you have no room for slothfulness.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 11 has you absorbing the power that comes along with Moon conjunct Pluto as you are totally into making big changes and following through with all the plans you set in motion only a short while back. With Mars trine Jupiter on January 12, you'll feel large and in charge, ready to rule the world with a smile.

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(October 23 - November 21)

There's something that you feel that you've got to get over. and it's this nagging feeling of not being able to get out of your current situation. This could have something to do with love, but it might also imply something at work, as in a condition that no longer suits you yet has you feeling too locked into it for comfort.

You don't feel as if you have a say in the matter and while you know that perception is up to you, you still can't help but feel stifled and perhaps even repressed by whatever it is that's going on. Part of you wants to rebel, but you hear the consequences of that rebellion and you foresee the results not working out in your favor. This holds you back, Scorpio; your mind holds you back.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 10, 11 and 12 will help you to rock your world and because of all the Mars and Pluto energy that will accompany you through this week's journey, you'll find that you are more willing to take chances than at any other time. You will not settle for defeat this week. Even if you take your time getting there ... you will reach victory.


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(November 22 - December 21)

This week brings you an entirely new perspective on an old way of looking at things and what you'll see happening during this time is that you are quite simply tired of hearing yourself complain. Same old complaints, same old story, and all of it done to death and nothing you find to be constructive in the slightest. What this week has you feeling is 'clean.' You no longer want to sully yourself with negative thoughts.

You have spent an eternity judging others, feeling superior, removing yourself from everyone just to feel as though you are more 'remarkable' than they are, when in fact, you feel quite ... equal during this week. You feel as though you've learned a huge lesson and it's taught you to forgive, to understand that while we're all different in our ways, we're basically all the same as well. This levels the field for you and brings you equanimity.


Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 10 delivers Moon trine Jupiter, and that's basically all you need in your positive energy tools. However, you'll be able to stock up on more of that essential optimism on January 12, as Mars trine Jupiter backs you up and lets you know that you really are the boss of your own life.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Because there is so much great Capricorn energy following you around, you will find that you are truly in your element, and that implies that whatever you do will see its version of success. So, if you apply yourself to love and romance, then you will see a blissful romantic life, and if you decide to put your energy into work ... or rebuilding your professional life, the same will follow suit.


You feel as though you are in touch with the cosmic forces during this time and that you flow with the universal energy as opposed to against it. You might use this week for meditational purposes, or if you are on a retreat, this could be a great week to get in touch with your spiritual side. You feel as though everything has a reason and a purpose, and you are one with all things.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 9 tops you off with a Capricorn Moon, and from here on, in its easy street. This is the height of your sun season, and so, even if you blow it, you don't. You are so in tune with nature at this point, and during transits like Moon and Neptune on January 11, you'll feel as though you are privy to the secrets of the universe in all of its power.

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(January 20 - February 18)


If you have been feeling stressed, then know this: you're going to find relief and release in the form of romantic love. You are not alone, Aquarius, and even though you feel as though you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, all by yourself, you must know that you have someone who does love you and that they will most definitely come through for you this week.

You can smile a little smile to yourself, knowing that this person always comes through when they are needed, even if the rest of the world frowns upon your relationship with them. You're tired of 'the rest of the world,' or at least you are. You are weary and at your wit's end, but you've got your special person to help you, and in a way, that's all that matters now.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 8 pressures you into making a big decision, but you'll find that even with Mercury square Neptune transiting through that day, your decision will be made for you, whether you jump in or not. You're looking at a release around January, during Moon trine Jupiter, and it will be on this day that so many of your troubles finally take a back seat.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Not only are you looking at the new year with a brand new set of eyes, but you're seeing the whole thing with rose-tinted lenses as well. You will take this week and turn it into a wonderland of optimism for yourself.

Your happy-go-lucky attitude will affect those around you, and they will find that not only are you unstoppable but also you are the person who brings THEM joy, and they'll definitely want you around.

What used to feel like toil and an inconvenience to you is now something you look at with open arms. You aren't someone who gets to be separated from the rest of the crowd simply because you don't want to do the work it takes to get through this life. In fact, by changing your outlook on work, love and health, you'll find that you're much more in control than you thought you were. You're an intricate part of the human race, and come to think of it, Pisces, you love it.


Dates and moments to keep in mind: January 10 sets you up for a day of conflict, but it's the kind you just laugh at, as nothing really is about to upset you during this week. With a New Moon coming your way, you figure that you'll have to make a quick decision anyway, and so you disregard those who wish to speed your week up and you let them do as they will. You have other plans, and they all take place on your time.

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