What Your Zodiac Sign Can Start Manifesting With A Journal Before The Year Is Over

It's the last week of the year, and it begs the question: What will be your story?

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As Maya Angelou once said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." And it would certainly be unbearable not to create our own dream life.

Many use journals to script a daily to-do list of what your day-to-day will be like in your dream life. What is your ideal day or week like? Remember that scripting is creating your magic. Abracadabra is the Hebrew phrase for "I create what I speak." What do you speak and with whom?


When Full Moon enters Cancer, we yearn for holistic connection with loved ones. Venus in Sagittarius, on December 29, gets us in touch with our right brain (also known as our creative brain) and we have a lot of creativity to pair with overall optimism for the future.

Your scripting work will generally be a "right brain" activity. You literally use imagination to create your concrete reality and that is pretty amazing. 

Watch out for Jupiter turning direct on December 30, as it will cause a lot of sudden changes in your relationships. But, as it is for this time of year, it happens and shouldn't be anything you cannot handle.


Let Moon in Virgo on December 31 allow you to reflect on the year, what you've done, what you achieved, and how you not only survived 2023 but also thrived!

Congrats to you and your hard work. Happy New Year! 

Here's what your zodiac sign can manifest before the year ends by writing in a journal:


Manifest: Stardom

Aries, you're in for a lot of attention this week. The Full Moon on December 26 added much-needed excitement to your life but it may not be the attention you want. That's fine. Focus on the good and deal with the bad when you cross that bridge. 

Journal Prompt: how and in which ways am I unique? How can I make space and cultivate all my unique attributes?


After Jupiter goes direct on December 30, improvement is all around you, and you can finally put the plans that you've been dreaming about into action.

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Manifest: natural cycles

The Full Moon this week brought some much-needed excitement to your world, both internally and externally. It's time that some of the seeds that you've planted come to fruition, especially when Jupiter turns direct on December 30. Be ready to catch the opportunities that fall your way.

Journal Prompt: What cycles are ending in your life? Which are at their starting point again?

Look at jobs, thought patterns, behaviors, habits and relationships to start noticing these important and ever-present cycles in your everyday life.


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Manifest: divine knowing

Expect a clearer focus on what you have, what you need to do and how to go about getting it once Jupiter turns direct.

Journal Prompt: When did you not listen to your gut and pay the price for it? What can you learn from that situation?

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Manifest: breaking karmic cycles

This week's Full Moon sits in your sign and will bring clarity into something bothering you or that has been a mystery thus far. Following that, Jupiter going direct on December 30 will make an uptick in your social life and you will be feeling festive for the new year,


Journal Prompt: what do I need to educate myself on to break a toxic generational cycle or a personal toxic cycle?

This is a heavy prompt. Start slow and choose the most current things on your mind that you want immediate relief from.

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Manifest: better habits

The Full Moon shines a light on your great need for rest and fulfillment.  Venus enters your sign on December 29, bringing fun, pleasure and much-needed liveliness to your world and on 30, a happy outlook on your future and New Year marks a change in your general temperament from earlier in the year.

Journal Prompt: what habits support my dream future?


Specifically, look at self-care habits that support a healthy body and mind. How do you care for yourself while taking care of business?

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Manifest: Courage

You may not be ready for it, but several downloads are coming your way about the people in your lie and their ultimate purpose. If you are thinking someone is trying to go North, Jupiter's direct movement will let you know. Oh, no, they said North, but really they meant South.

Journal Prompt: to step outside of your comfort zone. What small, comfortable step can you take toward a year-end goal? Something small and managed.


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Manifest: leverage 

This week will allow you to see the culmination of all your efforts thus far. Things are definitely looking up in both your professional and personal life. These will definitely both be gifts that keep giving.

Journal Prompt: what ongoing positive thing is happening in your life?

Explain it in detail, and take it a step further. How can you leverage this situation to gain even more out of it? Squeeze all the good you can out of these positive events.

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Manifest: clarity

This is a very technical sort of week for you — a week of seminars, presentations and basically getting your "message" out there. You are totally equipped for this. Just make sure you are well-versed in what you are teaching and know the subject inside and out.


Journal Prompt: what is currently working in your life? A system, a concept or a behavior.

Go backward and consider how you came to practice this thing and how you can multiply its effects.

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Manifest: happiness

Trust the nudges coming your way this week. New information will be revealed, but it won't be an anvil on your head. It will be like a little hunch. Trust your hunches, and even if you start to feel uncomfortable, remember that you are capable of handling anything coming your way, positive, negative, or neutral.

Journal Prompt:  Use the 5 senses to uncover the worldly pleasures that make you happier. What can you smell, touch, see, hear and taste to be in a state of pure bliss?


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Manifest: Discernment

A heap of mixed emotions may have you unsure of how to go forth in any way. Your attention is pulled into romance, fun, media, and your friends. And it feels like everything is happening simultaneously. Okay, take a breather. You've got this. Strip down your thoughts to declarative statements and figure out how you really feel about everything.


Journal Prompt: what is your head saying regarding a recent dilemma? What is your heart saying?

What would make both sides happy that you haven't considered yet?

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Manifest: Strong intuition

The last thing we need is big wake-up calls at the end of the year, but the good news is you'll be ahead of everyone else because you started now. Trust your intuition in all matters of health and career and it will provide clarity on lingering issues you have been confused about thus far. Remember, "you have done hard things. You can do hard things."

Journal Prompt: when was a time that your intuition was right? How did you know what you were supposed to do?


And what did you gain or lose as a result of following or not following your gut?

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Manifest: Peace

Happiness will be your peace. They go together... make sense? Increase the state of calm in your life, even in this intense time of stormy waters and your mood follows along.

Journal Prompt: what is stressing you out? What is making you calm? What can you now let go of to foster more peace in your life?

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