How This Week's New Moon In Scorpio Brings Unexpected Change To All Zodiac Signs

Things may come out of the blue that you never could have expected, and you can look to your rising sign to understand why.

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Your new moon horoscopes are here for all rising zodiac signs, but you can check it out if you know your sun sign, too. This Scorpio new moon packs a powerful punch. Heightened emotions. A drive to achieve. Feeling unsettled. And this new moon is happening right on top of Mars in Scorpio, making an opposition of Uranus in Taurus. Any new moon in Scorpio requires space and compassion for our feelings and not making too much of why we feel the way we do.


It’s better to allow the feeling before jumping to any conclusions, even though Mars may make us feel like we want to confront the issue, whether that’s internally or externally. The good news is Uranus in Taurus is asking us to slow our roll and consider that intensity doesn’t always result in getting what we want.


This new moon asks us to uncover the past stories we tell ourselves and believe in an innovative solution where a prosperous future is possible. This is our first new or full moon in Scorpio since having Eclipses in these signs since 2021, bringing fated events, and now that the lessons have been learned, we can rebuild and move forward without as much chaotic energy.  



The effects of this new moon are most accurately explained using a rising sign horoscope, but if you don’t know your rising sign, choose the horoscope that matches your sun sign below.

Here’s how this week's new moon in Scorpio brings unexpected changes to all zodiac signs.


So, you're an Aries rising? How has your definition of intimacy shifted since 2021? This new moon is happening in the area of your chart where you want to dive deep into how you feel connected to another person. Understanding how and why you like certain people is a great way to utilize this new moon in Scorpio.


Your career may have been going through uncertain or chaotic changes since 2018, and this new moon may bring a surprise in the area of a sudden shift in gaining or losing finances. It’s nothing to be too concerned about. Take the changes in stride. 

It could mean a new opportunity for collaboration in your workplace to amplify your skills, or perhaps new investment opportunities are presented to you. This would also be a great time to seek out financial help to establish a structure to build wealth.

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You like things to be slow and steady, but since 2018, you’ve been dealing with changes that may have felt like growing pains. Between 2021 and now, you have had to confront relationship changes, good and bad, and it’s helped to shape you into the person you are today.


This new moon is happening in the area of relationships, which could bring a yearning for new connections or renew and evolve what it means to be in a relationship with the people you love and care about. You could also want to partner up with someone or change your appearance — whether that’s a new haircut, a new tattoo, or going shopping for clothes that aren’t typically your thing.

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This new moon is all about the boundaries you have around your health, wellness, and routines. Since 2021, you have noticed the ways you’re willing to put in the hard work to get things done, but also the effects it may have on your body or a general feeling of fatigue.

There’s no doubt you know how to sustain yourself in work, and this new moon is asking you to consider the habits, routines, and rituals that foster your well-being. This is also a good opportunity to establish a new workout schedule, get your checkups, or get your yearly doctor's checkup. Your mind might be racing during this time, and it’s good to balance that with things in nature. A nice daily walk or spending time with pets could help!


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What if I told you you are finally out of the dating life hell? The past two years have brought interesting and perhaps frustrating dynamics around dating. This is a great time to ask someone out and or go on a date with someone. Alternatively, someone may be really interested in you. If you aren’t looking to date or are partnered, there is a great time to explore your creative efforts, whatever they may be.

Creativity and play aren’t about stage performances. It’s about finding the thing you love to do when no one is looking. Create some time to explore doing what you want with no other obligations than to express yourself. Social obligations may feel bountiful right now, but balance that with prioritizing what is fun for you first.

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This new moon is all about considering that the environment feels restorative and not depleting to you. There’s a chance you are moving into a new home or considering what feels like home after a lot of uncertainty the past couple of years. Your upbringing may have brought strong conflicting feelings of both love and connection — something difficult to move past.

The new moon is a new beginning of creating space that feels restorative to you and will, in some ways, honor your past at the same time. Interestingly, your career life is going through a major boost right now, and you are trying to balance new exciting adventures but at the same time trying to navigate where your home is.

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Reading, Writing, and Tarot may be in the cards for you under this new moon. You’ve potentially had to deal with drama over the past couple of years involving relatives or people in your immediate neighborhood, and now that you’ve been through this experience, you are ready to explore new places where you can become a local.


Now might be a great time to check out the occult bookstore, take an experimental writing class, volunteer somewhere, or write down thoughts that are exciting. You don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to. This is a great time to seek out community connections of people you see regularly so that when it comes time that you need to borrow flour, you know someone you can call.

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This time of year brings about a huge focus on finances, how you make money, and the skills and talents you know you have but potentially haven’t fully expressed to the world. Libra, don’t be afraid of the power of your talents. You may be trying to fit a square peg into a round role, figuring out how to get your needs met, and know that you are cleansing the way you understand your self-worth.

Since 2021, you may have been questioning a change in career or acknowledging what used to work in making money no longer works for you. This new moon brings a fresh sense of energy and encouragement to believe in your capabilities, even if it hasn’t always been the easiest road to career success. Be open to new possibilities of making money that you haven’t before, and decide if that’s the pivot you want to explore.


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Scorpio, I want to start by saying you’ve really been through it the last couple of years, and you could be feeling a sense of knowing who you are now. This new moon is especially potent for you. You are discovering your own power even though relationship dynamics keep changing around you.

Don’t get too caught up in how your relationships are shifting, and know that you have a groundedness in who you are and how you want to show up in the world. You don’t have to be anyone else; you just gotta be you and let others see it, and there will be plenty of attraction coming your way. This new moon is a great encouragement to believe in yourself and know that the future can be bright, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

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Rest as much as you can. Sagittarius, this time of year can feel a little bit heavy even though you are still generally an upbeat person. It’s okay to let down your guard and communicate what you’re feeling. This new moon is an invitation to grieve and process so that when your season comes, you feel lighter to do things out in the world. 

Work may want you to go at all speeds, and you may want to chill on the couch and eat comfy food. This new moon is a good time to close the curtains and be comfortable in the dark. Alternatively, seek out ideas and projects that you’ve always been interested in exploring and see if you can create something that you’re not quite ready to tell others about. Set boundaries in what work you’re willing to put into your job, and create time on your calendar to do nothing.

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Over the last two years, you may have been exploring the question: Who is my community? There may be big changes happening in your social network groups or you could be focusing on letting go of a future had had for yourself that’s not what you want anymore.


What you wanted before might not be what you want now, and it’s OK to shift focus even though you’ve put so much effort into the plans you had before. This new moon is a great time to sit down and write out your wildest dreams or at least a tangible 5-10 ideas for what you want for yourself or what you want your community to look like.

Your creativity is going through a massive upheaval, and the more you trust that you have talents to explore, the more you may be able to find like-minded folks who will love and support you. This is a great opportunity to join a new moon meet-up, explore tarot with like-minded individuals, or find a cause or social justice issue to get involved with.

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Your public life or career may feel very private to you, and you may have had to face the ways your home life or need for rest is influencing what you want to do next. This new moon is here to offer insights and inspiration on how you can go about finding a career that you’re passionate about and don’t feel like you’re giving more than you get. You may feel invigorated to explore career possibilities that others shy away from.


There’s a balance here between choosing something that feels familiar but unrewarding or choosing something risky and deciding what is worth it for you. Look to your home life for insights and inspiration on what you may be able to offer to the world.'


Even if you prefer to stay home, now is a great time to get out of the house and go on an adventure. Let the feeling guide in where that may be. A weekend getaway with friends or a spontaneous international trip may be just what’s in store to feel rejuvenated. Studying the occult or exploring ancient ways of understanding can bring new wisdom to your own life.

Alternatively, if you’ve always been interested in publishing something, now is the perfect time to think about what you want to put out into the world and create a structure or take a class to make it happen. You may also come across someone with a deep knowledge of something you’re interested in, and you may want to seek them out to build a new skill set.  

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