Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For November 13 - 19, 2023

The week of November 13 - 19, 2023 promises to be weird, wild and wonderful.

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Welcome to the weekly horoscope reading for November 13 - 19, 2023. All zodiac signs are covered here, and all of the week's weird, wild and wonderful astrological transits will be revealed in terms of their worth, how they affect our lives and what we should watch out for during certain transits.

Starting the week on the right foot begins with how we perceive the New Moon in Scorpio. This is a time when we really need to step up and make that decision. New Moon energy always has us on the fence, not quite knowing if we should commit or even take the next step. Once this transit hits, we will be taking action in our lives. This extends to our love lives as well as our families and our jobs.


This week brings us a Sagittarius Moon, which will have everyone feeling optimistic about November in general. With the many Venus transits that occur, we will see some very happy days when it comes to love, romance and yes ... passion. We've got three important Mars transits coming up: Moon sextile Mars, Sun conjunct Mars and Mars trine Neptune, and all of these stand to help our romantic lives out in ways we may not expect. We're looking at a very positive week for all.


Weekly horoscope for November 13 - 19, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19) 

Important dates: November 13 & 19

You are looking at a week that is filled with challenges, and all of them you mean to overcome. You are just 'not in the mood' to be undermined or disputed all week. Honestly, nobody's going to want to challenge you after you show yourself as an opponent who is NOT to be messed with. You are going to be working that Mars power to your advantage, and that's because you've learned the hard way that ... it's all on you.

You feel as though you've truly had enough of the disparaging comments of other people and that you'd much rather concentrate on the love that is in your life. While your romantic life might be feeling a little lackluster, you know that love is not limited to romance. There's family, and during this week, you'll be turning to them for the majority of your laughs. This week, you aren't really interested in the pain.


You're going to want to be aware on November 13, during that New Moon in Scorpio, because you are going to be a part of a change that needs to be made. If you don't participate, then nothing gets done, and in your mind, that only means more for you to do later. You want to walk out of November feeling complete. November 19 definitely brings you relief during Moon trine Venus and Moon sextile Mercury.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Important dates: November 13 & 16

You've been seeing some tough times, haven't you, Taurus? You feel like you've definitely had enough of those times for the year. In fact, you're ripe and ready for new experiences ... the kind that doesn't make you want to tear your hair out. You and your partner have been down the long, hard road and at this point, during this week, you really aren't sure if you're going to make it out together.


You really are a trooper, though, as you continuously try to make life better for both of you. What's starting to gel in your mind, though, is that it might be time for you to concentrate mainly on yourself, and that's how the New Moon in Scorpio is going to get you on your feet. While this week might not be a 'great' week, it's one where you will definitely be in touch with your self-esteem.

November 16 is when it all starts making sense to you, as the Capricorn Moon comes in at the same time as Moon square Venus, which basically implies that 'you get the hint.' If your relationship isn't working by now, there's a good chance that even if you change, your partner won't. This is what you will be taking into consideration this week.

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(May 21 - June 20)


Important dates: November 13 & 16

Right about now, you're ready to kick back and just enjoy everything that you've accused during the year. You feel good about your love life and your job. Your ambition took you places you never thought you'd see, and you feel as though you'd like to take this week for yourself in a very selfish but necessary way. In other words, while you are feeling quite content with the people presently in your life, you'd like to spend this week alone. If possible.

During Sun opposite Uranus, you'll feel like this is the only logical next move, and when it comes to following what your heart tells you to, you do it. You will feel an extreme need to be alone during this time. While you know that people always react oddly to your need to be away from them, you'll hold the fort, and you won't back down. You need what you need, and that's basically the law of the land where you're concerned.

Definitely, November 13 is when it all starts snowballing for you, with the Scorpio New Moon and Sun opposite Uranus coming in at the same time. You'll want to honor the good in your life and establish yourself in the eyes of those who love you as someone who needs their space, without question. The Capricorn Moon, on November 16, lets you feel safe in your choices. All is definitely well in your world, Gemini.


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(June 21 - July 22)

Important dates: November 14 & 16 

While this week is going to be one that you'll remember as somewhat of a test of your patience, for the most part, this week will bring you strength and presence of mind. What this means is that while it's taken you a long time to figure out certain things in your life, this week seems to pull it all together for you, and once you figure it all out ... you won't be able to be disputed. This makes you seem a little obstinate and stubborn, but you know who you are, what you need and what works for you.


November 14 brings you Moon conjunct Mercury, which will have you trying to convince others that you are right, that what you've discovered about yourself is what others should adapt to their own lives, as well. With a Capricorn Moon moving in shortly, you'll be seen as someone who proselytizes their opinion and cannot be made to listen to the words of others. Do you care? Well, actually, you do ... but that's not going to change your mind.

As mentioned, November 14 and 16 are going to be your big 'realization' moments this week. Even though you may get a little flak for being the know-it-all-all who doesn't relent, you'll feel that this week brings you so much insight that even if you're all alone in this new knowledge, you can enjoy all that you've learned. It's all OK. You'll mellow with it in time.

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(July 23 - August 22)


Important dates: November 13, 14, & 16

Strength and honor are the way for you this week, Leo, and you'll see that you really are on top of it all. Whatever decisions you make during the New Moon in Scorpio are ones that will not only stick but will end up benefitting both you and everyone who shares your household with you. It will be up to you this week to take the reins and be the authority you know you are.

There's a lot of Mars energy backing you up, and you'll find that even the hard decisions will be easier for you to tackle than for anyone else. You will smoothly make the right choices, and you will do so based on the facts in front of you and on your intelligent ability to reason things out. You are in a good mood, though you are not interested in being challenged by others at this time.

November 13, 14, and 16 play an important role in this week's 'strength building', and you will find that during the transits of the Capricorn Moon, Moon sextile Venus and, of course, the New Moon in Scorpio, you'll feel a renewed sense of purpose. You are needed this week, and that makes you feel good ... but it also serves a purpose as your wisdom helps others.


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(August 23 - September 22)

Important dates: November 13 & 17

You feel as though you're not leaving this year without a party, and while this could mean planning for the holidays or simply getting something casual together with friends, you feel as though you've worked hard enough, and now it's time to play. During the week of November 13 - 19, 2023, you're going to go out of your way to find a playground and a few good friends to rustle up a good time with. Karaoke, here you come.

Yes, the fun is for the taking, and you feel as though you've done enough work for the year. Of course, feeling that way doesn't necessarily mean you can stop working, but you are absolutely going to put your foot down on negativity; it's time to have fun. While the Sagittarius Moon is in the sky, you'll be doing what you love to do most in the world. Stand out of the way. Virgo is here to take the spotlight, folks.


Let the good times roll on November 13, as the Sagittarius Moon puts you in a friendly but competitive spirit and encourages you to let your hair down. Look to November 17th for a surprise meet-up with an old friend, and don't be surprised if you suddenly decide to change your appearance during Moon trine Uranus on that same day.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Important dates: November 15

During the week of November 13 - 19, 2023, you're going to feel a bit overwhelmed by certain realities that just won't let go. Still, you will also know that whatever troubles are seemingly waiting for your attention are also troubles that can wait their turn. Yes, you will tend to your duties, and you will do that well, but as for this week, you will make the executive decision to ... procrastinate. So it shall be!


The thing is, you really are diligent. In being so diligent, you tend to miss out on so many of the wild and wicked fun things that you love being involved in. This week, you will take up the mantle of being the wild and wicked lover of life and of good times. You will go forth and make merriment ... or at least, you will try your best. One thing is for sure: you have the gift of gab this week, and you'll be using your way with words to impress the heck out of everyone.

If having a way with words is part of your karma, then know this starts on November 15, during Mercury sextile Venus. If there's someone you want to impress or seduce, then consider this to be your luckiest day of the week. You're in good spirits, and you'd be better off not worrying too much about what awaits you 'after the fact.'

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(October 23 - November 21)


Important dates: November 13 & 19

This week, November 13 - 19, 2023, is all about love and romance for you, Scorpio, and what a fine birthday present that will be. Yes, it's your season, and it hasn't been all sunshine and roses. However, after the 13th, so much is going to be looking up for you, and there will definitely be great moments to celebrate and remember. Love is back in your life, and whether that's a refreshed take on an old love or someone new in town, it's all good in the hood for you, Scorpio.

You're going to see that once you discover that it's not all heartache and pain, you'll be back on track again when it comes to love. Like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to love a person. If that love is real, as you will see for yourself this week, it's quite easy to fall into a pattern of loving a person and being loved by them in return. There's a lot of Venus energy backing you up this week, Scorpio, so take a chance on it ... why not?

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th jumpstarts your week in a positive way, and what you do on this day will resonate throughout the entire week of November 13 - 19, 2023. On the 14th, you'll get an added jolt of romantic love thanks to Moon sextile Venus, and all will be well in your world on November 19 during Moon trine Venus. Nice!


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(November 22 - December 21)

Important dates: November 13 & 18

Nobody knows you like you do, Sagittarius, so when you find yourself alone during the week of November 13 - 19, 2023, what others don't know is that this is bliss for you. You are of the mindset that when alone, you are at your finest. While the whole world is milling about, telling you that this is the season for getting together with people, you are quite content to take this 'holiday' season and spend it with your favorite person: yourself.

This is part of the gift given to you by the New Moon in Scorpio on this day, November 13. You will be the one who decides what you'll be doing with your time off or holiday evenings. You've never liked the idea of being corralled into some kind of social event that requires we ALL participate. You, being the independent one, will decide, quite firmly, I might add, that you'd like to take this time to be alone.


While self-love is definitely on the menu, you will be channeling that love into creative projects during this time. On November 18, you'll experience a rush of creativity during the Aquarius Moon, and with Moon square Jupiter arriving on that same day, you may even end up making handmade gifts for others.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Important dates: November 13 & 18


Ever the stable one, you will once again be sitting pretty and relaxing into the idea that you are the one in charge of your own life and that all is perfectly well ... as it is. While this may sound vague or general, what's really going on is that you aren't up for drama, and when things get to that point, you merely pull back and play the stoic card. With Mars trine Neptune in the sky, you know what to do: you retreat, and you play it cool.

This is your default way of being, and it works for you. It's not that you're denying the reality of your life; you are simply not making a big deal out of your losses. You know yourself so well that you've come to the realization that no matter what happens in your life, it always works itself out ... and it always will. You are strong enough in your mind to know this week, you will find your balance, even in the storm.

As it's been for everyone here, the New Moon in Scorpio is quite the wake-up call for you, and that happens right at the top of the week, on November 13th. You can also look to November 18th, as Sun conjunct Mars may have you taking your 'strength act' too far. Everything in moderation, Capricorn. The middle path, all the way, for you. Keep it balanced and in order, as that's what works best for you.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Important dates: November 13, 16 & 17

You'll want to cut through the bull this week, as you've started to feel as though there's too much talk and not enough action going on in your own life. There's a lot of Uranus energy going on this week, and it will trigger you to the point of action. You see that during the week, the only person who's ever really been in your way is you, and while that's a hard realization to come to terms with, it's one you are willing to look square in the eye.

This new self-reflection may be painful, but so is birth, and in a way, you feel as though you're about to give birth to yourself. You've done it all the way for so long, and while you're not about to give that lifestyle up, you've also noticed that not much has happened. Oh yes, you're a big dreamer, but you know, see, that fear has kept you from doing any kind of serious growing. It's time to grow up. It's time to change yourself and prepare for the future.


The days that will bring you the most insight are November 13, 16 and 17, as these dates come with important influences, such as the New Moon, Moon sextile Saturn and Moon trine Uranus. These transits will have you questioning your reasoning ... and that is a good thing, Aquarius. It's time to become 'unstuck.' You've been due for this. Make it so.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Important dates: November 16 & November 17

This week, you are going to know for sure that if there's anyone to trust in this life, it's you. That's not to say that nobody can be trusted. they can, but the lesson here is that you've always been right and that you needn't defer to the opinions of others 'just in case.' This week shows you that you have within you the power to decide what's best for you, and you will know this in a particular example that's coming your way on November 16.


Midweek, you will learn that, because of the Capricorn Moon, you were right all along when it comes to a certain dubious topic in your life. You and a friend have long disputed this 'thing,' and it turns out that you never needed their opinion on it and that when you did listen to them, instead of listening to your own heart, you did yourself a disservice. You lost out on something big because you didn't trust your gut feeling, and from November 13 - 19, 2023, you will start to regain confidence in your intuition once again.

You're going to want to pay attention to November 17th as Mars trine Neptune is going to take over, and it will have you feeling amazing in terms of what you now see as your true potential. This is where the week goes from 'pretty good' all the way to massively excellent. You're walking out of this week feeling self-sufficient and capable of climbing mountains, Pisces.

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