What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On October 10, 2023

Tend to your heart under the loving Waning Crescent Moon in Leo.

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Let go of all that fills your heart with distractions or the numbing of your deepest passions. Lean into the soft surrender of what is not yours to carry and realize that you deserve the same love and care you willingly extend to others. This is your moment to rest, recharge and prepare for all that is to come.  

On Tuesday, October 10, the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo will help you honor your heart more deeply as you are guided to embrace a process of release and rest. The Waning Crescent Moon invites you into a space of surrender as you let go of all that has occurred up until now, bringing your soul acceptance like the cool rains on a hot summer day. In Leo, it focuses more on your heart as this fire sign rules this part of yourself and helps you navigate the boundaries necessary while taking the time you need for yourself.  




Although the Waning Crescent Moon is always an essential time of surrender to what is out of your control or not yours to carry, because this is deeply connected to the New Moon Solar Eclipse, which will rise in Libra on October 14, it brings greater importance and intensity. This Eclipse is part of the new cycle that will go into 2025, so focusing on what you genuinely need to surrender to or release is significant, as it will help you move through the dramatic and incredible changes of the Aries and Libra eclipses.  


Each moment on the journey is an important one. While the destination is always something to dream of, it's not the reason for carrying on and continuing. This life is a process, so as you travel on, more is continually revealed. Yet, to embrace the truth of what it's meant to show, you often need to slow down and spend quality time with your heart.  

Elements For Your Rituals, Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Leo, Fire 

Best Time For Your Ritual: Evening 

Chakra Point: Root 

Herbs: Sunflower, Lemon Balm and Chamomile 

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Geranium and Cypress 

Crystals: Labradorite for strength, Black Tourmaline for protection and Carnelian for vitality 


Incense: Lemongrass 

What your zodiac sign can manifest October 10, 2023:

Aries: Divine Joy 

(March 21 - April 19)  

Daily affirmation: I am the embodiment of divine joy and love.  

The Waning Crescent Moon in Leo inspires you to become serious about your happiness as you deeply honor your needs. Create an offering using marigolds, lavender and chamomile. As you burn it under the waning Moon, breathe deeply and repeat your affirmation. Place citrine under your pillow while you sleep for added power.  

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Taurus: Solitude 

(April 20 - May 20) 

Daily affirmation: I am retreating into my inner world as I take time to be more mindful.  


Be mindful of setting boundaries when you need to rest while the Waning Crescent Moon is in Leo. Help create the space you need for yourself today by writing down the people, events or tasks you want to put off for another day. Place this in a bag or container with a spring of lavender, and place it in your freezer. Remember to remove it once you want to welcome everything back into your life.  

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Gemini: Healing 

(May 21 - June 20) 

Daily affirmation: I am using my words with others to help bring healing to my closest relationships.  

Let yourself focus on how you can bring healing to your inner world as the Waning Crescent Moon moves through Leo. Begin by writing down the conversations you want with others or the words you feel called to say. Take your letter and wrap it around the stem of a sunflower before placing it in a vase near your front door.  


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Cancer: Self-Worth 

(June 21 - July 22) 

Daily affirmation: I am worthy of stepping into my power and creating a life I love.  

Let yourself embrace how much you've grown recently as you realize how your sense of self-worth affects what you attract into your life. Create an aura spray using plain witch hazel and the essential oils of geranium and lemon balm. Sprinkle some cinnamon in, and place a citrine in your spray before using. As you spray your energy, repeat your affirmation.  

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Leo: Honoring Yourself 

(July 23 - August 22) 


Daily affirmation: I am honoring myself through intentional authenticity.  

Let yourself surrender more deeply into this phase of your life as the Waning Crescent Moon moves through your Leo zodiac sign. Begin by lighting a white candle and write down all you are releasing and surrendering to. Fold the letter three times away from you and place it in an offering dish with rosemary, lemon verbena and lavender. As you safely burn it, repeat your affirmation.  

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Virgo: Acceptance 

(August 23 - September 22) 

Daily affirmation: I find acceptance and healing for all I carry deep within my heart.  


Focus on what you can bring more acceptance to under the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo that will help you gain greater peace. Begin by writing your affirmation on a bay leaf and then stitch it with three rose petals. While repeating your affirmation, place this under your pillow while you sleep.  

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Libra: Hope 

(September 23 - October 22) 

Daily affirmation: I embrace hope as a beautiful tool for manifesting my dreams.  

Begin to brace hope for things turning out far better than you imagined while the Waning Crescent Moon is in Leo. Gather a palm frond, symbolizing Leo or a maple leaf used for practical magic. Write your affirmation on the leaf, then anoint it with frankincense essential oil. Place it on your front steps with citrine on top and focus on trusting the divine path of the universe.  


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Scorpio: Career Growth 

(October 23 - November 21) 

Daily affirmation: I am focusing on positive changes in my career to bring greater alignment to my life.  

You can align your career with your soul while the Waning Crescent Moon is in Leo. Begin by writing your affirmation on paper, then bind it with a sprig of basil and a cinnamon stick. Repeat your affirmation while you take this outside to burn under the Moon safely.  

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Sagittarius: Spiritual Connection 

(November 22 - December 21) 


Daily affirmation: I am developing a deeper connection with spirit as I honor the truth of my soul.  

As the Waning Crescent Moon peaks in Leo, use this to reflect on all you've learned about yourself and your connection with spirit. Begin by lighting a white candle and sitting in front of it with a sunflower. As you take each petal off the flower, place it in a circle around you, repeating something you've learned, desired, or are grateful for. Once finished, extinguish the candle and leave the petals there to set your intention to attract more.  

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Capricorn: Transformation 

(December 22 - January 19) 

Daily affirmation: I am positively transforming my life as I enter a new chapter.  

Whatever happened in the past is now behind you, which is what the Waning Crescent Moon in Leo will help you understand. Create an offering using rosemary, cloves and lemon balm. Place a small cone of lemongrass incense in the middle and sprinkle a few drops of frankincense essential oil over it. Repeat your affirmation as you light it, and let yourself release what is no longer serving you.  

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Aquarius: Romantic Connection 

(January 20 - February 18) 


Daily affirmation: I am attracting a more profound healing love.  

Set an intention to deepen your existing love or attract a new one while the Waning Crescent Moon peaks in Leo. Create an intention bundle using white roses, lavender and sunflowers. Repeat your affirmation as you bind the flowers with a red ribbon and then hang it in your bedroom.  

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Pisces: Dedication 

(February 19 - March 20) 

Daily affirmation: I am dedicated to my truth and never give up on what I most want.  

Dedicate yourself to your dreams and passions as the Waning Crescent Moon lights up the zodiac sign of Leo. Begin by going outside and creating a circle of salt on the ground. As you step into it, repeat your affirmation. Visualize what you are dedicated to creating or beginning in your life while in your circle of protection. You can also consider adding a necklace made from garnet to help you become even more dedicated to your dreams.  


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