Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Horoscope For September 27, 2023

A few zodiac signs have good luck with money.

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Your tarot horoscope for September 27, 2023, is here for all zodiac signs in astrology. Today, the collective may be reeling in some hard times, as seen in the Three of Swords. You may feel like you’re lingering in some heartache and facing disappointment. You may want to expedite your healing; however, the universe begs you to sit in these big feelings and explore who you can become from them. 


There is so much potential for your life to grow from here. There are journeys you have yet to explore and dreams you have not yet pursued. This isn’t a day to be stuck in a nightmare. You are meant to come out on top as a refreshed being with new ideas. 

How can each sign navigate this? Use this tarotscope to explore your destiny, utilizing your sun, moon, and rising sign to take what messages you need and leave the rest behind. 

Every zodiac sign's tarot horoscope for September 27, 2023:

Aries: The Hanged Man 

Aries, your fiery disposition may leave you feeling like you always need to take control over situations and charge forward with gusto. However, today, the cards ask you to pause in situations that bring you hesitation. Allow yourself to linger in everything you’re feeling, validate those emotions, and make decisions from a new perspective that serves you better. There’s no need to be rash in areas where you feel stuck. This is a day to let go of old habits that leave you complacent in your old ways. Allow yourself a pause before taking assertive action.


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Taurus: The Hierophant 

Taurus, tradition, and routine may feel safe for you. You’re stubborn to change the status quo. You have fundamental beliefs that are quintessential to your very being. However, this day begs you to see in what ways these traditions you’ve grown accustomed to are leaving you feeling restricted in your growth. Step out of your comfort zone and start to add to your routine. Don’t hold off on what is calling you by name just because it isn’t what is typically expected from you. 

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Gemini: The Hermit 

Gemini, you may find yourself to often be the life and laughter of your inner circle, but how can you fill others with an empty cup? Today, you are asked to rest and retreat. This isn’t avoidance, and by no means is this a call to find yourself in loneliness. However, this can be seen as a call to self. Allow yourself to sit in the silence so you can hear yourself think. In this, you can return with a newfound wisdom and a better sense of trust in yourself when you stand alone.


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Cancer: Six of Wands

Cancer, this is a day of celebration and joy for you. People are recognizing the work you've poured into yourself and wish to rejoice in the success that you are accumulating in your life. Don’t be coy about this; join the celebration. You’ve made a lot of progress and you need to celebrate the growth you’ve made in your life. It’s time to shine and allow yourself to be seen and appreciated. 

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Leo: Page of Cups

Leo, allow your curiosity to guide your day. Something is tugging at you that feels right. Not everything needs to be based on logic and reason. Sometimes, it’s good to explore new ideas just because they feel right to you. You don’t need to validate the pursuit of passion with intelligent reasoning. Be creative and be wild. Your inner child will thank you for the journey you take them on today. 


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Virgo: Knight of Cups

Virgo, today is a great day for a new date. If you are presented with an offer from a suitor, take them up on it. Allow yourself to be swept off your feet. This may feel uncomfortable as you release the idea of what you can have and explore what you truly want. You may be afraid to say aloud what you desire. However, when the opportunity presents itself, don’t doubt the silver linings. Live in the moment and enjoy them for what they are. Have trust in the universe that good things are coming. 

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Libra: Five of Wands 

Libra, there will be some pushback on what you’re pursuing. It is important today to keep in mind that uncomfortable things aren’t inherently bad. It doesn’t need to be a battle. Working through communication and making sure everyone involved is heard and understood is healthy. Growing up can be uncomfortable; there’s no reason that it needs to be conflict. This is a chance to show a willingness to learn. Be humble when you need to, and stand firm on boundaries you are uncomfortable changing. 


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Scorpio: Seven of Swords 

Scorpio, today, asks you to keep an eye on what you’ve become suspicious of. Sometimes, you may feel like you cannot trust your intuition, especially when someone’s word is so convincing. You’re smarter than this. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by easy words. Take into account the actions behind what you’re being told, and do not easily overlook patterns that have presented themselves. Be wise and keep guard. 

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Sagittarius: Queen of Swords 

Sagittarius, stop looking for others’ approval over the decisions you are making for yourself! You are wise, and you possess clarity and wit. Allow yourself to trust your own heart. In turn, there’s little reason behind doing things that aren’t self-serving in order to please others. This is your life. You may walk a lonely road, but you gain independence in your stride.



Capricorn: The Chariot 

Capricorn, keep moving forward. Your drive today is unmatched. Use this energy to boost yourself forward towards your goals. You have so many successes waiting for you on the horizon that you haven’t even faced yet. Use these dreams as your muse today. You can accomplish so much in just 24 hours. Embody the energy of a shark and keep moving along. There are money moves to be made today. 

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Aquarius: The World 

Aquarius, today you’re facing the closing of a chapter. This isn’t meant to be viewed as a loss. You have completed the journey you’re on. These actions are only accomplishments in your story. Today can provide you with an entirely new sense of purpose. This is a great opportunity to explore who you’re becoming while reflecting on who you were and who you’ve always been. Take joy in your actions; no one has your back like you do. 

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Pisces: The Fool 

Pisces, what an amazing day to embark on a new adventure! You may find yourself today taking the first steps on a new journey you’ve longed to explore. This is an exciting day for you to take risks and trust in yourself. This isn’t to say this will go without error. You’re going to mess up; you will make mistakes. However, you cannot grow or become a better person without error. Be curious, explore happiness, and learn from any slip-ups that arise. You’re just becoming a better person that you can admire. 

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