The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve Between August 21 - 27, 2023

During the week of August 21–27, 2023, Mars shifts into Libra, helping you make the changes you seek while keeping the peace.

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During the week of August 21 – 27, 2023, Mars shifts into Libra, helping four zodiac signs make the changes they seek while keeping the peace. If you're one of these four zodiac signs, the energy of Mars in Libra encourages you to focus on your wants and desires. Still, it allows you to embrace those of your partner, making it an essential week for interconnectedness and balance.  

Mars is the planet of action, ambition and passion. It drives you toward the relationship and the intimacy you most desire, yet depending upon what zodiac sign this fiery planet is in, it affects you and your relationship differently. In Libra, Mars is focused on the good of the collective, not just itself, which is essential in improving a relationship because the connection between you and your partner must be equal give and take.




Sometimes, the only way a relationship can be improved is to transition to something different, like co-parents or friends. In this case, Mars in Libra helps you soften the blow, become more diplomatic and focus on your partner's much as you are excited to embrace your own.  


Venus retrograde in Leo, returning as a morning star on August 21, will help you feel as if you've through the most challenging part of this reflection phase, which balances the desires for change and newness that Mars in Libra will instill this week. While any significant conversations or decisions will occur after Venus is direct on September 3, this week will bring a resurgence of acceptance and peace — even if you know the fate that awaits is one where you and your partner will begin separate lives.  

One of the hardest things in life is remaining somewhere you've outgrown. The latter has seemed impossible due to Venus retrograde in Leo being highly activated by the Lion's Gate Portal during August 2023. Still, now, determination and peace are arriving. There is no one rule fits all for constructing your relationship or even transitioning to another state of togetherness. Yet, the most crucial factor is to recognize the more you can focus on what is best for everyone, the more you will be able to create what is best for you.  

When you can do this, you also embrace the transformative power of unconditional love for yourself and your partner. Unconditional love is romantic, but it also can be the simple acknowledgment that even if your time together in an intimate relationship is complete, it doesn't take away from the love that will always be there. Because when you do all things with love, you also align with your highest self and the divine workings of the universe.

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The four zodiac signs whose relationships will improve during the week of August 21 - 27, 2023:

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Your ruling planet, Mars, will shift into your opposing sign of Libra, bringing a prominent focus to your romantic sector. This is just the beginning, though, as in September 2023, not only does Libra season begin, but other planets begin their shift into this loving, balanced air sign. For you, in the week of August 21 – 27, 2023, it's essential to recognize that just because it feels like you finally see the truth doesn't mean you need to act on it immediately.  

As the North Node, ruler of your fate, shifted into Aries in July, a great transition has begun in your life. This is part of a more significant phase of your life in which everything will be up for review. Still, with Venus retrograde in Leo highlighting your commitment and happiness sector, this will likely take precedence. As Mars moves into Libra, you will be called to focus on the rumblings of truth awakening you that where you are isn't where you are meant to remain.  

Instead of seeing this as a worst-case scenario, try to see it as a way of growth and improving your relationship with yourself and others. Often, two people who find only challenges in a romantic relationship can become best friends or even amicable co-parents. To improve a relationship doesn't will stay the same, but you allow it to transform into what is best for you and all of those involved.  


As Mars shifts into Libra on August 27, you will feel more driven to start to make changes in your life as you seek to embrace the clarity you've felt rising to the surface. But, this time, instead of becoming so frustrated you don't blow up your entire life to satisfy your inner desires, you'll see the benefit of moving slowly, biding your time and ensuring what you are setting up for the next phase of your life is one that truly reflects your inner work.  

Try to spend time by yourself reflecting and journaling, and even if you feel like suddenly declaring a shocking truth, hold off for a little bit longer. Take this time now to plan, to listen to your partner about what they want and dream for their lives and while you can acknowledge your truth, pay more attention to setting up a foundation for freedom rather than simply jumping ahead into the unknown.

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2. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 


Venus retrograde and Lion's Gate brought much focus to your communication sector as you've how you express yourself and what type of connection you desire with your partner. While this energy has been incredible for any professional project, it's beneficial for your romantic relationship as you learn to open up and express the truth of your heart more vulnerably.  

Leo energy may rule your communications, but it teaches you to follow your heart, be bold and even be courageous in expressing what you desire for yourself and your life. To build a relationship with another, it's essential to share honestly and transparently what you feel because it goes into feeling confident in the romantic alignment within your connection. Without this type of communication, there is no alignment. If that is not present, then it's a matter of time before things eventually reach an ending, as you both are pulled on your paths because a shared one was never created.  

As you've to focus on themes of communication, the week of August 21 – 27, 2023, will highlight your pursuit of joy and commitment in your romantic life as Mars in Libra moves into this area of your life. Mars in Libra helps you balance your desires and your partner's. You are called to create a romantic relationship differently than you have in the past. This energy is one in which you will take what you've under the Leo influence and incorporate it to truly embrace the alignment and interconnectedness possible in your union. 

To be in a relationship isn't up for your freedom or independence, but only to know that two will always be better than one and if you're living together, you're ultimately one by yourself. As you surrender to this energetic wave, you prioritize joy and quality time with your partner over other matters such as work or friends. While this might feel like a foreign shift, let yourself see it as the result of your growth and healing. The more you embrace the value of your romantic connection, the greater its influence can be in your life.  


This is intensified as the Sun shifts into Virgo on August 23, activating your zone of healing, family and home, representing a time of increased commitment and togetherness. While Venus retrograde may still be impeding forward momentum, don't if this week talks about the future, moving in and even life goals begin to surface, as right now, this is precisely where the universe is guiding you to be. Allow yourself to embrace the strength of your relationship and the natural flow of growth, as you have been working to create a long-term committed union that is completely aligned with your soul.  

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3. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

You are entering a period of enormous romantic transformation as the Virgo Sun activates your sector of relationships while Mars in Libra heightens themes of intimacy. As you begin to progress into this new phase of your life, it's important to remind yourself this is what you've all the work to create and while it can feel unfamiliar, it doesn't doesn't’s where you are meant to be.  


Libra is an air sign that rules over your zone of transformation and intimacy. With Mars shifting into this dynamic zodiac sign, you feel compelled to take greater initiative in expressing and creating what you truly desire. While Venus retrograde in Leo is still making you reflect on your well-being, you are learning that the love meant for you also brings greater fulfillment, peace and joy.  

So often on your journey in love, you take the role of the wounded warrior who hasn't their power, as you sometimes believe that if you're, it can't. Yet, this is a lesson you must move through as you learn your self-worth and the value of boundaries — even with the person you love most in this life. As you do, you step into a place of immense power as you realize that a love destined in the stars also helps you become and feel your best.  

As this energy is working behind the scenes helping you step away from toxic partners and perspectives, you also feel called to open yourself up to new opportunities in your romantic life. Whether this is with a current partner, or an entirely new one, you are focusing on the healthy matters of love rather than just the over-romanticized version you subscribed to for so long. This will create that feeling of unfamiliarity, as you are not dreaming of walking down the aisle but expressing yourself honestly and with boundaries about what you truly need and deserve from love as you are prepared to walk your way now if that's what's offered.  

Take this moment to reflect on what lessons of love you have recently learned and genuinely express gratitude for your growth. Be intentional about what you call in as part of this next chapter, pushing yourself to move through the uncomfortable moments but to keep believing and pursuing the love you've been dreaming of.  


It's not your dreams that can't romantic the reality you live in, but only that you must ensure they are built on the healthy stability of growth. As you come to embrace the drive of Mars in Libra, you will understand a great deal about how to slow down as you create the new romantic phase you seek in your life. You are truly ready for this, and no matter what has recently transpired, it seems this time, nothing can stop you from the love that has always been meant for you.

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4. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 


To truly embrace your romantic growth, you must start believing in yourself. The message from the universe is evident during this time that anything which has happened in the past isn't to belittle or even berate yourself for. Instead, its only purpose was to learn so you could become better, which is the beginning of finally creating the relationship you desire in this life.  

One of the most important lessons you move through is understanding that it's keeping the peace in a relationship if it only takes you away from the peace you experience within yourself. As you embrace this knowledge, you allow yourself to focus more on what is in authentic alignment for you and your dreams and goals for life.  

Mars in Libra activates your sector of self, while the Virgo Sun calls your attention inward as you reflect on your dreams, intuition and those aspects of your past you're trying to bring healing to. What you desire isn't impossible, but maybe you're looking for it in all the wrong places. Instead of feeling like it's to fix, or change something about your relationship, lean back and create space to observe the actions and choices of your partner. While a relationship takes work from both sides, it should never set up the precipice that everything would be perfect if only this little thing, which usually isn't, were different.  

The more you focus on yourself, validating your dreams, desires and truth, the more you will stand to be in the place to attract what you most want — and what aligns with your growth. Venus retrograde in Leo has been bringing your attention to your goals for your life as you realize that no matter how much you feel you need love and companionship, it can't be there. While taking priority off your relationship and placing it on yourself can be scary, you can create a more positive and powerful connection.  


In one of his poems, Kahlil Gibran wrote about love, "Stand not in one another's shadow." Use this awareness to realize you no longer must live your life, making your partner the center of your reality. Branch out, develop your truth, let go of past transgressions and let yourself become excited about life again. As you use this time to remember who you are and your unique purpose, you create space for a more profound love and connection to grow without wondering if things could have been different.

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