3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love From August 21- 27, 2023

All's well that ends well.

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Welcome to good news this week, zodiac signs! We are looking at August 21- 27, 2023 and how it will affect three zodiac signs love lives in particular... the right way. We all know that a week can bring many ups and downs, so right now, we will be happy with what we have and concentrate on that alone.

For many of us, happiness comes with love and being in love. This week affords us hope and the certainty that we're heading in the right direction regarding love and romance. It's also a week where we jump over certain emotional hurdles, leaving us stronger than before regarding our love lives.


The Moon is in Scorpio at the top of this week, which puts us "in the mood.'"We'll see that mood evolve into future thoughts, followed quickly by Venus square Jupiter. With Leo season closing out and stepping aside for the Virgo Sun, we should know that we are now ready to make some critical decisions regarding the state of our relationship. For three zodiac signs, this could mean taking it to the next level, whatever that means to each individual. It's a week of fearless propositions and strong statements of love. We can't go wrong with Moon trine Venus here to give us backup.

Considering that we do have a Mercury retrograde coming our way during the week of August 21- 27, 2023, we might find that communication with our lovers is slightly off, but this should not be a deterrent. If we've built solid relationships, it's just another day in life. We'll get through ol' Mercury retrograde and live to tell!


These three zodiac signs will have a lucky week in love and romance.

1. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Your zodiac sign stands out this week due to the many helpful Jupiter transits, not to mention a Sagittarius Moon, which adds to the positive efforts you'll be making in love now. Mercury retrograde is no big deal because you don't feel threatened by anything regarding your love life or the person you are with.

During the week of August 21- 27, 2023, you and your partner will see something in each other that allows you to know that you are more than just romantic partners, but that you are also really and truly good friends if not best friends. You aren't someone who needs many people around you. One good person will do it, and during this week, you know that the one good person in your life will stick with you for the rest of it.


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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Saturn energy is something that you alone can make something great out of, and especially during a Mercury retrograde week, you will be able to work all the magic out of the many Saturn transits to your benefit in love and romance. With Sun opposite Saturn showing you your limitations, you'll see exactly what is there to overcome, and you will overcome it.

That's part of your Capricorn nature. You can access realms of inner power simply because you are focused and directed toward the good. This week have you looking very profoundly at your love life and coming to some stern decisions. You are no longer willing to settle for less than you believe you deserve, and during the week of August 21- 27, 2023, you and your partner will begin to see each in a new and more positive light.


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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Uranus may be playing tricks on the other zodiac signs, but when the Uranus transits kick in this week for you, all you receive is an ambitious drive and the power to see past all obstacles in your relationship. Mercury retrograde plays a part in setting up the conversation so that you and your partner must find a way out of it, like an escape room.

You'll be in a situation with your partner where you will be forced to explain yourselves so that you are both completely understood for the truths you wish to convey. During the week of August 21- 27, 2023, you will see how the expression, 'the truth will set you free,' applies to your life, and in utilizing this truth, you can rise above any problems you might be having. This week has you working hard to mend what's broken and moving on in confidence afterward.


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