8/8 Is A Big Day For Numerology & Astrology! What The Lion’s Gate Portal Means For You

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Lions gate portal

Each year between July 28 and August 12, the Lion's Gate portal opens as the Earth, the star Sirius and the Sun move into complete alignment with the pyramids of Giza (Egypt).

So not only was the New Moon in Cancer on July 17, 2023 powerful in and of itself, but it brought with it the beginnings of a special time during which opportunities for manifestation are believed to be heightened.

What is the Lion's Gate portal?

The Lion's Gate portal is said to be the opening of a rare window between the spiritual and physical worlds that takes place as the Sun in Leo, the star Sirius, the Orion's Belt constellation, and the planet Earth all come into alignment each year.

While this celestial event lasts from July 28-August 12, the Lion's Gate portal is officially activated every year on August 8.

This year's portal opened on with the New Moon in Leo's majestic vibration on July 28. On the special activation date of 8/8, the moon phase will be Waxing Gibbous in the sign of Sagittarius.

As the Sun enters its home in Leo and Sirius aligns with the Earth and Orion's Belt, they create an intense energy which alters our perspective on ourselves and the world, offering people born under all zodiac signs an opportunity to manifest powerful positive changes.

Why is 8/8 called the Lion's Gate portal?

The Lion’s Gate portal is named for the zodiac sign of Leo, which the Sun is currently transiting through.

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Leo is all about our hearts and the passions that beat there.

Leo likes to have it all, to go big or go home, to go about getting what he wants because he knows he’s the king (or queen) of his own jungle. During Lion's Gate Portal, we feel a rise in awareness. This may at first manifest as anxiety, overthinking and restlessness, but once the portal closes, it will bring us to a powerful place of newfound purpose.

8/8 Angel Number Meaning and Numerology

In numerology, 8 is a significant number representing harmony and infinity.

Life path number 8 is all about confidence, passion, power and resilience — all of which you can harness when manifesting while the Lion's Gate portal is open, and most specifically during the New Moon on 8/8.

As a double number, 88 means you are moving toward change. This is a time to accept necessary endings so you can be fully open to receiving the new opportunities coming your way.

To say that we have the universe on our sides during this time is an understatement. Each day we are asked to take bigger risks. These are unique chances that are given to us by the divine in order to follow our purpose more closely and step into our best possible selves.

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Not only is the Lion’s Gate a window into our souls, it is also a bridge to help us accelerate our soul's growth so we can grow and move forward.

It’s a time to trust our hearts, our souls and whatever impulses that it seems they are throwing our way.

8/8 Lion's Gate Portal Manifestation Ritual

You can perform any of a number of simple rituals to actively manifest during this powerful time.

There are many ways you can do this, including clearing both the physical air and your mind by using sage or aromatherapy candles, setting up a manifestation area outdoors or in another peaceful space, and tuning inward in order to connect with the cosmic forces that surround you.

Once you have done so, follow these steps:

1. Focus on aligning with positive energy within yourself, then extend that awareness further to channel the presence of the Moon, stars and planets.

2. Next, you can speak your manifestations out loud, silently to yourself, or write them down on paper. As you do, focus on the words and exactly what is you are creating until you feel as though your manifestations have already come to pass.

3. Write or say your chosen manifestations over and over again until you feel the've established their place in the physical world.

4. Finally, let all expectations go and move on with your day or night, believing what you are manifesting is already reality.

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Remember that not all actions have to be loud or in your face. Sometimes the biggest moves happen quietly within the shadows; not because they are fast fleeting, but because they have been brewing for some time.

As the Lion's Gate portal fully opens, give some thought to areas in which you have you been giving away your power.

We all give away our power to others at times, whether consciously or unconsciously. This can affect our happiness, our purpose, our mission, or even just what we want our lives to look like.

Often, the most difficult decision we can make is to take our power back so we can choose a new path and create the life we feel the most passionate about.



Of course, you can choose to ignore all of this and continue on the same path as if nothing is happening, or you can make a conscious choice to take an honest look at the needs of our own soul and push past lingering fears that have been holding you back.

It’s often said that only fools follow their hearts, but the truth is that those who are often seen as fools are also the happiest. When we look at another and judge their life choices, “fool" is simply a label being used to confine people to boxes society feels most comfortable with.

Use this time to embrace your inner fool.

Be a status quo bender, rule breaker, voice of peace within the chaos and light within the darkness.

Only then will you be so consumed with happiness and fulfillment that you won't care any longer what others think about your choices.

No one is coming to save any of us in this lifetime. No one is going to create the life we are meant to live except us. And no one will be able to make us happy until we have given ourselves permission to be just that.

Once you understand this and how you can harness the Lions Gate portal on 8/8, search your soul for what truly matters to you.

It may just be exactly what you've been needing so you could start creating the life you've always wanted to live.

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