The 3 Zodiac Signs With Beautiful Daily Horoscopes On August 22, 2023

Hearty laughs and love.

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The heartiest meals often are made of the simplest of ingredients. The secret: nostalgia and comfort. Today is much like that. You may find yourself gravitating towards things and experiences that bring you comfort and pleasure in an understated way. Be it curling up under the comforter at the end of the day, having your favorite bubble tea, or talking about Pokemon cards with your friends, the possibilities are endless. Lean into this and lighten your heart.


The transiting Moon in Scorpio is opposite Jupiter in Taurus today. Trust your inner guide when it comes to money matters and what you want to do in the world. Another person's life can look extraordinary from the outside (and may be so on the inside too), but they are not you. You may not like living such a lifestyle even if you had it.

If you feel called to, today is a good day for journaling about the future. What do you want to accomplish over the next one to three years? What qualities do you love in yourself, and which ones do you want to cultivate? Who are your current role models and why? You can add on more questions if you like, but these are some excellent ones to get the ball rolling.


Three zodiac signs with beautiful horoscopes on August 22, 2023

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, one chapter closed in your life recently. A new one will begin today or very soon, and you will feel the stirrings of it. If you are single, you are drawing your soulmate to yourself at this time. The red string of destiny has joined your hearts from afar. If you have random dreams that are increasingly romantic, now you know why. You will benefit from writing down your dreams at this time so you don't forget the metaphorical messages in them.

Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces is your main astrological energy today. Since Mercury is prepared to go retrograde any minute now, don't be surprised if the content you consume on the internet or the TV shows you watch suddenly bring back memories that trigger you greatly. It can feel awful in the moment, but draining the toxins is the best thing that can happen to you.

Also, a solar ritual is a great idea for aligning yourself with the energy of the day. You may be ruled by the Moon, but the moon depends on the sun for sustenance. So head to the roof of your home during sunrise and soak up the early rays of the sun. You can even drink some tea or juice during sunset while you keep your mind open and restive.


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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, fate presents a choice to you today. You can either go with the flow of things and continue as is or you can seize control of your life and choices and be mindful of what you do. The former will waste the good energy of the day, although you will still have a restful and nice experience (albeit a little boring). The latter will align you with the energy of the day and help you inch closer to your goals and dreams.

Uranus trine Pluto in Capricorn and Mars and Mercury in Virgo will have an impact on you today. Now's the time to step out of your comfort zone, even if it's just a baby step. You are more capable than you believe you are. The universe is trying to help you up-level yourself if you allow it.


Also, today is a good day for manifestation rituals. You can use the moon for the same as it's still in its waxing phase, but you can also use other methods. Plants and trees will help you tremendously in this respect. So if you have been thinking of growing your own kitchen garden, here's the sign you were waiting for. Go for it!

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, your mind will be full of ideas and inspirations today. Don't let them fade away. Carry a notebook with you or download a reliable notes app on your phone (better still if you have a stylus to make sketches). Some of you are very close to achieving a big goal, so don't get hasty. Patience will help you cross the finish line without any hiccups.


Moon in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces is in your corner today. Your intuition will be enhanced by this and will enable you to make more strategic decisions for your future. This is especially true if you are thinking of investing your money somewhere. Don't let the shine of authority convince you to pitch your money into a project that feels dubious in your gut.

Flowers of all kinds will be extremely lucky for you today too. Especially those that are seasonal and grown locally. Potatoes will also be lucky for you. You can use the latter in your manifestations by growing them in a pot. If you want to try this, make sure to visit a farmer's market so you can pick out some good ones. Those with bulbs growing out of the eyes are even better as their potential for growth is directly visible.

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