3 Zodiac Signs Have 'Lucky In Love' Horoscopes On May 11, 2023

Communication is key to having a loving relationship this Thursday.

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Today three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on May 11, 2023, thanks to the Moon square Mercury. Moon square Mercury basically means if we play our cards right, we can win big in love, but if we slip up, we lose our shoes. 

Most of us will find the aspects of Thursday will work to our romantic advantage. We want good lives and are willing to make things work out, but with Aquarius Moon square Mercury, we have to face the music: the way things get done in love, as in life, is through proper communication skills. You don't get Mercury in the mix without dealing with 'the verbals.'


The upshot is three zodiac signs will be verbally extraordinary on May 11, and they are Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

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Today's gamble includes getting out of our comfort zones to do the one thing we haven't done for our romantic partners: we will listen. We will stay out of the speech until they are done speaking, and during Aquarius Moon square Mercury, we will see how very important that is. While this transit promotes communication, part of what we'll learn today is that communication is a give-and-take affair.


If we stand aside and listen to the person we are involved with, we might be able to improve upon an already good thing.

May 11 brings us luck in love because we know we aren't the only ones in this relationship. While that seems obvious, it isn't always. We take advantage of our partners by assuming everything is OK with them. Today, we will give them the floor; they can tell us what's happening inside their minds and hearts. We will stand to grow because of it. Which zodiac signs are the luckiest today?

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The three zodiac signs with lucky in love horoscopes on May 11, 2023:

1. Aries

If you can hang back and just let your partner do the talking today, you will discover something new and wonderful about them. While you ordinarily sort of 'take over' at any given moment, you are quite generous when you want to be.


During the Aquarius Moon square Mercury on May 11, you'll find the person you fell in love with it is even more lovable today than they were when you first met them.

This transit provides you with the ability to pull back and simply witness them in action. This is a very special person to you, and you don't let them shine as much as they should. It's not as if you rule over them, but you are such a larger-than-life character at times that this person happily backs off. Well, today is their turn to twinkle, and twinkle they shall.

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2. Taurus

You've always been a big believer in the power of communication, and you've only brought people into your life if they have this trait, as you are almost anti-passive-aggressive. You can't stand when people don't get to the point or hint at something but never really come out with it.


You and your partner will feel the gentle ease of the Aquarius Moon square Mercury as it frees you both and releases any inhibitions you've held on to.

Today is the day you speak up, but more importantly, you let them speak as they definitely have something on their minds. Once you get to chat it up, you'll recognize the air is now clear and you can breathe much easier. May 11, brings you great luck in love, as you will see.

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3. Gemini

You are naturally a firm believer in telling it like it is, and you've encouraged your romantic partner to be themselves and have no fear when relating to you through communication. During today's Aquarius Moon square Mercury transit on May 11, you will notice that it might be your turn to speak up.


That might feel scary at first because it could put you in a position of vulnerability, but you can't always be 'the moderator.'

You are naturally helpful, but your partner has noticed they are always revealing and exposing while you merely nod and approve. Today, during the Aquarius Moon square Mercury, you will say what's on your mind, and Gemini, this is huge because you are in loving hands. Let it all out. It's OK.

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