4 Zodiac Signs See Their Relationships Improve May 2023

What was done with an intention of hope is now ready to be seen through the lens of manifestation. You are closer than you think, in all areas and all ways. You have not lost time or anything that was not meant for you. 

While the universe may be signaling you to pause in the process, it does not mean to stop altogether. Patience will always create the best results because you are working with universal energies and not against them. 



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You will not miss the lessons or moments of joy that are meant for you, and you will build your trust and faith in the process of love. You are closer than you think; you just need to remain open to things working out differently than you had imagined they would. Lean into your heart and breathe. Speak with truth and clarity, and allow everything to grow precisely as it is meant to.  

Relationships improve for 4 zodiac signs May 2023:

1. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

When you grow in life, how you love changes. You understand more about what your needs and dreams are. No longer are you subscribing to an outdated expectation for your life or even living according to how others want you to? You become free to decide what love means to you, regardless of what it means or how it looks. As you have been going through such expansion in the past month in terms of opening yourself up to life, to your career, to widen your social circle — how you love has changed. It has been rocky recently in your relationship, even if you have kept it inside or do not know how to talk about it, but it does not mean that your relationship is doomed.

Instead, it comes down to communicating what it is you need now. Often, in relationships, the original contract must be modified to allow both people to continue to grow and feel fulfilled. That means whatever was first agreed to when you first entered your relationship must now change to accommodate the person you have grown into. You need to be willing to talk about what is going on. Nothing ever gets better by hoping it will.

Instead, it is work to discuss your needs, discuss what your partner needs and then renegotiate your contract of love to make space for a new chapter in your relationship. If single, this does not mean you escape this though. You will have to do inner reflection to see if you have transformed how you date and even get to know someone based on the new phase you have been going through. Everything you encounter in life can help you improve yourself and your relationship; however, you must be willing to work through it.  

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2. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

The past month was a bit rough when it came to relationships as you were having to face many of the same fears or even wounds you thought were already in your past. There is a reason that things come back up for review. Often, life is like a spiral that brings you back to familiar places until you can understand what is at its root.

Hopefully, you are beginning to understand why these came up and it was not to ruin your relationship but instead, the limiting beliefs that have kept you from really embracing your current connection. You can often feel like you operate differently within relationships because you tend to have more acts of love than emotional outbursts of it. This tendency provides security and safety, which are two important themes this month. You do not have to be anything other than who you are, but you do need to be honest about the path that brought you to this moment.

In your current relationship, it is more about releasing the fear of thinking that the same pattern will repeat itself. This is all yours though and not something that is your partner's to carry, however, talking about it will open up a deeper level of intimacy which is what both of you are craving right now. If single and looking for love, make sure that your fear of heartbreak or of showing up in new relationships as you have in the past is not sabotaging any new movement forward. You do not need to be perfect; you only ever need try, and honesty is an important part of that.  

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3. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

Everything is aligning for you to make a big jump in your romantic life this month. Several planets are shifting zodiac signs along with important lunar events which makes it incredibly important to pay attention to everything. There will be an offer or something proposed to you this month, which expands how you thought love was supposed to be. Of course, there might be a challenge associated with it as all wonderful things do, but it does appeal to a deeper part of you. This aspect of wanting to fly but needing to remain grounded is a theme that will arise this month, but the message within the feelings is that you need to tune into your heart to hear the true answer you are seeking.

You seek to understand life and love, to find a greater meaning within it all and to never stop growing. The thing is you need to make sure your partner is on the same page as you. You need to discuss things openly and transparently. You need to say the hard things and not hold back out of fear. There is a story that two people met but had been wearing masks because they were afraid, they would not be loved for who they are.

Yet underneath these masks, they were perfectly aligned. They were not able to see that until they finally chose to take them off. It is time to remove your mask because otherwise, you are not going to truly understand what or who is meant for you.

As Venus enters Cancer this month, there is a softer, more loving energy coming in. One that is supportive of the life you want to build, and which will help you focus on the home within yourself, as well as where that feels like it resides for you. Be willing to embrace the change within, and you will be better able to improve things outside of yourself.  

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4. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Love does not always have to be crushed hopes and unmet needs. However, to see that, you first have to learn that for yourself. This month, the universe opens, and you are blessed with expansive love energy in every facet of your life. Become clear about what love is for you, how you need it to show up, how you need it to look, and even what you are willing to give to it.

The plentiful Taurus energy that will be around most of the month is all about giving you balance to those great big feelings. It is creating a necessity of patience with the promise of a reward at the end. This is coming sooner than you think, especially as you have done so much work to already clear your space from what was stagnant or unhealthy.

To be patient though can be challenging, especially when you know already what it is you deserve. Patience does not mean waiting, in fact, it means living. It represents that there is no force. There is no plotting or trying to have things reach fruition before they are ready. When you bake something and put it in the oven, do you sit there and watch it to make sure it cooks?

Do you try to make it cook faster than it can or turn the temperature up to achieve it more quickly? No. The same is true for your romantic life this month. Allow everything to be in the process that it is, whether you are single or attached.

If you are in a relationship and working through a growth phase, patience allows both you and your partner to be ready for the next level together and if single, then you can live your life lovingly and unapologetically until you attract what is meant for you. Take your time but see that this month, time is working for you.  

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