March 22, 2023 Horoscopes Are 'Inspiring' For 3 Zodiac Signs

Inspiration comes from harnessing your inner wisdom.

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Today’s energy is focused and directed thanks to yesterday's New Moon in Aries. However, if you're on of these three zodiac signs, your horoscope will inspire you as you see greater possibilities in life. The Aries New Moon yesterday did so at the critical zero degrees, initiating an incredible time for new beginnings and setting intentions for your dreams, desires, and projects.  

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and so during this time, you are more likely to be called to start new projects, take that first step of action, and even revisit any resolutions you began back in January. Anything can be accomplished with the power of this fire sign behind you. But this year, you are craving more than just getting things done. You must discover and live from the greater meaning within yourself and in life.  


As the Moon continues to travel through Aries, it joins the separating conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron. While the closer they are, the more inspiring the energy – in this case, the Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron are all within three degrees of one another, making today not just about action but about the wisdom of knowing how and when to proceed. 

Jupiter and Chiron’s major debut occurred from March 9th to the 15th when they were within the same degree, making a powerful portal for learning, healing, and growing through the experiences in life. But it does not mean that their influence of benefit has ended just yet. 


Chiron is now considered a dwarf planet or comet nicknamed the wounded healer after a Greek philosopher who, while being able to help others, could not do the same for himself.  Chiron teaches you to focus on yourself, to call your power back to yourself, letting you learn, heal, and embrace the wisdom that comes from rising through what you go through in life. 

In many respects, it fits the adage of letting life make you better, never bitter. Chiron in Aries specifically focuses on the self and how to utilize the lessons from your past to improve your present. As it has united with Jupiter, it has opened many possibilities through a lens of greater understanding and wisdom. When you can now understand and accept the past, it becomes your greatest strength rather than your weakness.  



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As these three planetary bodies unite in the cosmos, Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron, it creates a deeper level of emotional healing and inspiration that all may not be lost. To seize the powerful opportunities of Aries Season and the New Moon, you must feel inspired about your life, to feel hopeful and as if you are truly living a life full of possibilities and purpose. Today’s energy allows you to embrace just that. To be inspired means that you are no longer focusing on what is behind you but on all that is to come.  

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Wednesday, March 22, 2023:

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

To live inspired means that you believe in yourself and your dreams. It means you trust your feelings and inner self so completely that you will never again let yourself choose an unauthentic path. While stepping back into your power is important for the next journey ahead, so is letting yourself be inspired by what you are drawn to the most. As Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron unite today, it is a powerful reminder that your feelings matter, Aries. You can often get labeled as being callous when it comes to the emotions of others, yet more detrimental; you often do not fully accept or honor your own.

Your emotional self is connected to how powerful you feel and the decisions you make for your life. When you understand that it is not just about logic but the inner wisdom of what divinely calls you, you can synchronize action with direction. Growing and moving ahead does not mean simply pushing through at all costs but knowing which barriers to break and which to go around. When you understand your life lessons more profoundly, you also can connect the dots more readily to what you are experiencing within your current life. This is where the magic happens and when you step not just back into your power, but into your purpose as well.  


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2. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

As a fellow cardinal sign, like Aries, you have been feeling the profound effects of the Aries energy that has been streaming in. But for you, it has been in an area that is awfully close to your heart – your home and family. Aries rules your fourth house, which involves these themes as well as healing childhood or even familial wounds. You may be focusing on matters of a domestic relationship, children, or even home and finances – but underneath it all, there is an opportunity for deep ancestral and self-healing. To focus on these matters means you need to get to the root of what is really occurring. Instead of being afraid of the emotional implications of it all, leaning into self-exploration is possible when you honor your feelings as consistently as you do logic.

The Aries New Moon mentioned feelings of safety and security for you and how you feel within your home and even within yourself. With Chiron still in this sector of your life, you are guided to see that the path toward the new beginning you seek is done through healing. The very thing you may be avoiding is what will give you the clarity and inspiration to understand how to improve this area of your life. Today, you have an opportunity to bring it all together and to finally feel hopeful that things, indeed, can become better.  


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3. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

As a mutable sign, specifically, if you have your Sun or planets within the later degrees, you have been hugely affected by the onset of Aries Season and this New Moon. As greater energy has focused within this fire sign, you have been drawn to focus more on your eleventh house. This realm of your natal chart points to friendships, hopes and dreams for the future as well as your sense of belonging and social security. For you, as a Gemini, this is the social part of your life which, of course, is an area that matters to you. Whereas some zodiac signs prefer and are their best at living a life of greater solitude and quiet — you are not one of those zodiac signs.


For you, your social life is a part of your family and overall sense of well-being. With Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron here, though, it also points to healing. There may have been a falling out or even a deeper feeling that some people in your life have not genuinely cared for authentically, but instead embraced their idea of you. While Chiron points to a more transformative experience here, this is also your opportunity to make sure that all of those in your circle are those who you feel genuinely aligned with and supported.

Whatever you allow will continue, and while you love to have an enjoyable time, you also need to make sure that those you are doing that with inspire you to become the person you dream of being. Your friendships should inspire you so that you can keep growing and becoming the best version of yourself instead of only living up to the expectations of others. Under today's energy, you will feel that push to remember what it feels like to be inspired.  

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