Love Is Uncomplicated For 3 Zodiac Signs During The Aries New Moon On March 21, 2023

Love finds you where you are.

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A few zodiac signs want love that is uncomplicated, and during the New Moon in Aries on March 21, 2023, their wish will come true. Whenever we have a New Moon, we are looking at a blank slate. There is no visible Moon during a New Moon as its phases are just in the beginning stages, which is symbolic of our own lives.

We are always at the start of something new during the New Moon. This is when we gather our thoughts together where we figure out what our next move will be. The blank slate is the proverbial blank page; it waits for us to begin writing upon it.


On March 21, 2023, our New Moon enters the sign of Aries, which nudges us toward focus, power and perhaps a little stubbornness. What this means is that whatever we have planned, our plan contains something that cannot be compromised; we want what we want, and we know that at this point, we're really not interested in anything less. And because it's only the beginning, we feel strong and confident about how we eventually get what we want.



During the New Moon in Aries, we want one thing, or rather, certain zodiac signs want one thing: an uncomplicated love affair. For these zodiac signs, the way is clear. There must be very little drama and very open communication. Some of us have just reached the point where complex strategies and convoluted romances are not for us.


We may have 'been there, done that,' and we've learned our lessons. Life is too short for complicated, overly dramatic relationships. Who needs the headache? Not us.

The March 21, 2023 horoscope offers uncomplicated love for three zodiac signs:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Your life story has taught you much, and because you are a very loving and considerate person, you've let people take advantage of you. This is lesson number one, and you most sincerely do not wish to replay this kind of drama and victimization in another relationship. And you won't because you know who you are, and in knowing who you are, you've figured out that it's all because you didn't put your foot down.

During the New Moon in Aries, you'll explain to your new romantic interest that you really aren't into being taken advantage of or treated in any other way than with kindness and compassion. Speaking up is what gets you what you want and what you need, and this is part of your new plan: you now easily say what's on your mind to avoid complications at a later date.


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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Known as the people-pleaser of the Zodiac, you've done a little too much pleasing when it comes to giving way too much of yourself away for the sake of the romantic partners you've had in your life. You have lost yourself in their desires, and somewhere along the line, you forget what you want personally.

Things have become way too complicated, and in the relationship, you're in at present, you find that you can't remember who you are. You've started to become a reflection of your partner's wishes rather than an authentic person. All this comes to a halt on March 21, 2023, as the New Moon in Aries moves you into action: you will declare a no-drama zone, where the insane complexity of the relationship must take on a new phase: simplicity. Honesty, simplicity and easiness.


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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

The last thing you want is for your relationship to get any more complicated than it has already become, and wow, has it ever taken on new heights of complexity.  What happened to the old days when everything was 'come as you are' and 'what you see is what you get?' You feel that the romance has turned into a series of tests that you have to pass, and this is seriously starting to bore you.


You want the spontaneity and the fun back, and it seems your partner has taken a new track, and you aren't fond of all the drama it comes with. During the New Moon in Aries, on March 21, you will confront your partner, and you will tell them flat out that this must stop. You are here for the love and the companionship, not to be complicit in their nonstop need for drama and mind games.

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