4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships Starting March 2023

The choices you refuse to make eventually will be made for you.

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Relationships become more serious this month as Saturn, the lord of time and karma, exists rebellious Aquarius for the docile romantic waters of Pisces.

Saturn brings lessons, commitments and especially those breaks holding you back from living your life from a more conscious, healed perspective.

Saturn shifting into Pisces means there will be more lessons surrounding unconditional love and spirituality, which means those relationships wounding-based will not survive the tests of this period.


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But there is also a large shift from Aries energy into Taurus which should help you feel more grounded in making the decisions and choices that you know you need to make.



However, even if you adamantly refuse, it does not mean they can be staved off any longer.


Midmonth Jupiter and Chiron connect in Aries, bringing together the abundance of the life you seek with the healing you have embraced.

Everything is connected. As much as you may want to be able to grow and not have a life change, it is impossible. As you age, you experience changes in your life with each season that passes.

And while understandable that you would want to put off some decisions that loom large; the universe will always right itself, which means those choices may end up being made for you this month.

While Juno and Venus, the planetary bodies that rule marriage and relationships, move into Taurus: Mercury and the Sun shift into Aries, where the New Moon in Aries occurs shortly thereafter.


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So, while some stability is coming in, there will still be plenty of opportunities to lose your temper if you do not allow yourself to speak the truth.

The anticipation of the change will always be worse than the actual event, and usually, once you make a choice, there is the only relief that you finally did.

The four zodiac signs who fall out of love and end their relationships in March 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

If you did not have that big break-up last month, you are only biding your time until the truth can no longer be denied this month. In February, you experienced the planetary stellium in Aries, which would have put the focus on your thoughts, wants and needs. This would have made it increasingly difficult to keep lying to yourself involving a particular relationship.


Still, it does not mean it was impossible, especially as the truth can often be terrifying to admit and even speak. But this month, the astrology turns a bit more intense when it comes to forcing your hand not just in terms of truth but also towards growth. Mercury and Saturn shift into Pisces this month, bringing up feelings you've repressed or emotionally ignored.

Pisces energy rules your unconscious and your secrets, either that information you do not want to acknowledge or want others to see. Mercury is just passing through and, by midmonth, will be back in your zodiac sign once again, adding to the intensity of your words.

However, Saturn is just getting comfortable here and will make sure that no part of your life remains hidden once it is finished with this part of your life. It is always best to embrace Saturn’s lessons early; if not, they can be painful.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

In the month ahead, your focus is not on your heart. It is about living your life as big and bold as you can. This includes travel, education, exploration, career matters and especially friends. If attached, you and your partner must come to a strong understanding of the cycles and phases within long-term relationships.

The longer you are together, the more likely you or your partner will go through several phases when it feels like the focus cannot be the relationship.

This will be understood in healthy, stable connections, and there will be communication on how to make it work. However, at times you dislike engaging in those types of conversations, almost preferring to do the thing and then deal with the consequences after.


Sometimes you tell yourself that your partner is fine without checking in. You may not be guaranteed a break-up this month, but you do have to change how you do things if you do not want that to happen.

Try to lean into what you learned during Mars retrograde about acting and expressing yourself. Lean into those conversations that may feel challenging or uncomfortable, then practice compromise. Otherwise, your relationship may blow up while you are preoccupied with living your big life.

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4. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

It is as if the universe will push you to step up or out this month. You have all the right pieces at play to make some important decisions, but these choices cannot be about thinking you can keep on as you have. That time of your life is over.


Even if you do not want your relationship to be, or if it seems like everything might be fine in that area, you cannot keep approaching your love life as you have been because you are being encouraged to grow.

As Saturn is wrapping up its stay within your value sector, it should have helped you understand the benefit that your partner and relationship bring to your life. You should now fully understand what makes up a valuable life because using your same measures of success is now outdated.

A great deal of Aries energy lights up your home and family sector, but not necessarily in the best ways. It feels like this month; you will be challenged to embrace your growth, which could lead to some challenging arguments at home.

Your home may not feel peaceful right now, and ignoring the problem will not improve it. It is up to you to either step up to the plate and embrace change or decide to step out for good.


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4. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You have spent so much time caring for others that you should unapologetically own this time for yourself. It does not mean your relationship must end, but it is just as likely as it will. This is because relationships get set on expected behavior patterns, so when someone changes, as you have recently done, it can change the entire connection.

But do not let anyone tell you that it is bad, negative, or even makes you feel guilty for finally owning this part of your life. The best relationships are understanding, flexible even. They want their partner to be happy and feel fulfilled, even if that means things change. This month, the worst thing you can do is hang onto your relationship because you fear what comes next.


You have so many opportunities coming into your life that you will be experiencing a great deal in the coming months. If your relationship grows with you, then wonderful, but if not, do not let it become the anchor that holds you back from experiencing all that you deserve.

This is a great phase of balance that you are moving into, where you realize how you care for and prioritize yourself sets the tone for every other relationship. Which, for the right relationship, will only make it stronger. So, if it is not, you must accept that some people are not meant to be with you in your healing.

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