Ruby Miranda Shares Specific & Heartfelt 2023 Advice For All Zodiac Signs For New Year's Day

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Ruby Miranda Shares Specific & Heartfelt 2023 Advice For All Zodiac Signs Starting On New Year's Day

Here we are, zodiac signs, a brand new year where the slate gets wiped clean and new year resolutions are set. Have you started to set your new year's resolutions? Maybe not. Resolutions have become less popular, and fewer people set them.

In 2022, Senior associate editor Faith Hill of The Atlantic stated that new year's resolutions are 'not the vibe.' An older study by the University of Scranton in 1988 revealed that only 19 percent of people who make resolutions keep them.

Still, we are turning the page to the first chapter of a book titled 2023, and many of us wonder what is in store for our lives. Will it be a creative project or professional goal lasting beyond the infamous January 14, a.k.a Quitter's Day, where resolutions typically stop? Will we find love or file for divorce to end a toxic relationship?

Resolution or not, there is heartfelt advice for each zodiac sign in astrology for 2023, and it begins with our mindset toward self-improvement.

Self-improvement was much of our aim throughout the pandemic, and 2022 was our get-out-of-social-distancing-free card. So, anything that seems to put a guardrail around sweet freedom is less savory, and perhaps this is why we flinch when someone says they are happily looking forward to the New Year with many resolutions on their list.

We desire joy more than resolutions and to be a better person as long as it is not a fool's game.

But there's a part of us that does not want to set the start of something good up for failure. We don't want to disappoint ourselves.

Maybe you're among those zodiac signs who laugh at others for making a resolution, but could this cynicism be a sign that a light is missing collectively in our hearts?

In numerology, the new year's energy is spiritual—a Life Path 7—the Seeker.

We are all searching for hope, prosperity, good luck, health, and love.

2023 will be like a match to relight the flame lost when 2020 happened; this year is different. Jupiter is in Aries, which brings luck to the sign that rules a fresh start and includes intentions even if they are not resolutions.

The word 'resolution' is synonymous with intention setting. And the 2023 New Year invokes hope.

How do we get past the self-doubt we are so used to holding on to so that we may experience the beauty of believing in a promising, loving, healthy future once again? Here, we will explore ways each sign of the Zodiac can bring forth its very best in the tradition of a resolution.

These last few years have been brutal; we all feel the changes. Things haven't snapped back, and we're starting to get used to being jaded and afraid. But each of us knows and feels that given a chance, we'd jump up and down like a happy dog if we could look to the future and see something to believe in.

In the next passages, we will look at personal and productive ways for each sign of the Zodiac to work on hope, bring hope to the world, be a living example of positive energy, snap out of the illusion that 'all is lost,' and bring success and enrichment to our lives and to the lives of those we care about, live with, and co-exist with.

Everything that is good is possible. Do not give up hope. This is going to be a great year. Know it and own it. Now.

As your friend in all this, I want to share specific and heartfelt 2023 advice for all zodiac signs starting on New Year's Day:


(March 21 - April 19)

You bold and beautiful thing, you! Aries is perhaps the strongest and most driven zodiac sign. This gives you ample power to throw around, and your main concern this year is finding a channel for the fireball of energy you store in your very being. You tend to get angry too quickly, and your pride enforces that anger; you tend to become stiff and unwavering, whereas nature implores you to bend.

Your greatest asset, Aries, is in your ability to charm and influence. While optimism is no stranger to you, you need to become more realistic about your choices; it's good to have a healthy amount of skepticism, but don't let yourself become so jaded that you can't experience your divine power.

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(April 20 - May 20)

They say you are stubborn, and while this is very true, 'they' do not know just how stubborn you can be, especially when creating something beautiful. You are stubborn and can use this trait to become all you wish to be. You can't let failures deter you, as you believe that everything that happens happens for a purpose.

The butterfly effect of your life has shown you that all things are surmountable and that nothing is stronger than you are—emotionally. You may be a bull, but you are the softest, sweetest bull in the pasture. Stay focused on success this year, Taurus, and know that you are the most friendly zodiac sign in astrology and that having you as a friend is the best thing to happen to a person.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Beautiful, sensitive Gemini...you are so misunderstood. Because you're so intelligent, people don't know how to handle you, and when you show signs of vulnerability, they know even less. You often feel alone, but we can change the world because of you and your brilliant mind.

What hurts you most is other people, but you take their words way too seriously. Let this new year help you focus on what is important and less on other people's drama and their incessant gabbing. Your creative power alone is enough to cause a revolution, do not forget this. Leave the noise of people behind you, and place your focus on what you can do creatively.


(June 21 - July 22)

You've spent so much time trying to secure your place in the world that you've noticed you've become a little too hard. Being someone who is ultimately sensitive and almost empathetic, you may not understand what has happened to you over the years. What's important for you to know is that when you are vulnerable, you learn.

Being self-protective is admirable, but you've become unforgiving and strict over the years and put some people off. You miss being vulnerable and free, even if it means that you may get hurt 'out there.' What's important for you to know, Cancer is that life is short. Don't worry about 'who's out there waiting to harm you' because that fear lies in your mind only. Take a chance on life, Cancer, as this is your only one.


(July 23 - August 22)

No sign is more magnanimous, generous or as kind as Leo, and when you shine, holy moly, the world feels it. You are ultimately charming. Your charisma not only soothes but it also inspires. And if you can set aside your need to be right, or the absolute center of attention at all times, you could let that mega power out, where it can do some good.

If you can shift the focus off of yourself and onto a cause you believe in, you'll be a savior in your field. You need to understand that you are a force of nature; Leo doesn't back down, nor do they accept defeat. So fight for what is right, Leo. Take up the mantle for something you believe in and use your outstanding energy for good. No sign is as equipped for this as you, Leo.

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(August 23 - September 22)

You are known as the perfectionist of the Zodiac, and somehow the word 'perfectionist' has come to mean something bad. The truth is, striving for perfection has its benefits, the first of which is putting you on the path of action. You need action as you tend to become lazy or disillusioned quickly.

Rather than giving up before the game ends, make this year the one where you put all your energy into something interesting. If you do not feel comfortable with this, that or the other thing, then stand up for yourself and change your life. This is the year when Virgo stops playing the victim; taking responsibility for every single action in your life will restore your immense power, and you will call the shots from now on.

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(September 23 - October 22)

It's time to take off the mask and get to business, Libra. We all know you as the kind one, the nicest person we've ever known, and the one person we can turn to if we need you. You enjoy this image, but you aren't fully the person everyone thinks you are, and this is because you don't believe in yourself as you once did. Time has taken a toll on you, and while you'd love to be the person you pretend to be for the sake of others, you forgot how to please yourself.

This year will have you understand that the facade you put on has been breached; people want to know the REAL you, not the mask you show them. You are wanted and loved, beautiful and kind, Libra, and hopefully, you'll come to know this during the new year.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Whenever you tell people that you are a Scorpio, they jump to one conclusion: you're awesome in bed, and passion is the only thing you have on your mind. That stereotype feels cool for a while until you realize that this is the only thing people think you are good for. What this next year holds in store for you is a way for you to show everyone, through creative means, that you are possibly the most devoted and loyal zodiac sign.

You are not the nasty Scorpio who stings people and gazes on as the poison sets in; oh my, no, no, no. You have to fight the stereotypes of your zodiac sign, and in doing so, you become more and more powerful. And if you happen to stumble on a little mean sexiness while you're there, then so be it.

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(November 22 - December 21)

This may be the year you devote all your time to creative projects. You don't mind being single, as you see people as inspiring, but socializing is not necessarily what you want to do with your time. As the years go on, you become more and more secure in who you are, and you know that you might not be everybody's cup of tea, either.

But there is one thing that you know, and that is that you are never alone. You have the company of all your great thoughts and that imagination of yours. Phew, it's through the roof. You are the truth-teller of the signs, the visionary. However, where you get your truths come from a source deep within. This is the year of your spiritual ascendance.

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(December 22 - January 19)

The world would probably cease to exist if it weren't for the hard work of the Capricorn spirit. Your efforts help people make sense of their lives, as you are the guide and rulebook. You have suffered from a lack of self-esteem, and you've found that what works best for you is becoming absorbed in a project or work-related task.

Because of you, Capricorn, we know what structure and organization can do; you make it glamorous for us all, and it's all because you try so hard. What's needed next is for you to enjoy the ride; you tend to sign on for something without being passionately inspired by it, and that has to change. With your immense energy, the next phase is finding joy in your work. It's all about the journey and less about the destination.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Never before have you felt such a shift in the flow of the universe as you do now. Something has to give, and you know that all you need to do is give it that last little push. You've been on the edge of an idea for a long time, and if time is of the essence, then you need to move on to this idea now. You are a procrastinator, but you also realize that if you don't use your awesome powers to change your life, you'll end up stagnant.

What's important for you now, Aquarius is to know that it's worth the risk; take the chance. Make a bold career move. The time for hemming and hawing is over, kaput. You know this, too. You have the greatest imagination of all the zodiac signs for a good reason. Now, go make something of it.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Soft-hearted, empathetic Pisces, what would we do with you? You are the person who comes to the rescue of anybody who is in trouble. You never fail to show love and compassion...you are simply the best, and everyone in your life adores you to pieces. Being the sweetest sign of the Zodiac puts you at peril, however, as people like to take advantage of those who are endlessly giving, as you are.

It's time for you to compartmentalize your emotions, meaning you need to honor each of your feelings as legit. So, if you feel taken advantage of, it's up to you to accept or reject it. It's lovely to be as nice and gentle as you are, Pisces, but it's even nicer to be able to respect yourself at all times. Show yourself that you come before anybody else. Make yourself into your Valentine.

My friends, I appreciate your readership so very much. Thank you for being there with me throughout this last year and the year to come. I write from my heart, and even when I deliver the bad news, it's done only to find the light within. You are all so special to me, and it is my divine privilege to interpret the astrological transits for you, day after day, in peace, love and trust. And so, with great love and respect, I wish you all the happiest, healthiest, most creative, wisest years of our lives.

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Ruby Miranda interprets I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.