How Imagination And Clairvoyance Are Connected In Psychic Development

What is the relationship between the imagination and clairvoyance?

How Imagination And Clairvoyance Are Connected In Psychic Development Sinitta Leunen/unsplash

When we are learning about our gifts, it is good to take a different approach occasionally to make a point.

Our psychic gifts work together and can be mirrors of each other.

Imagination and clairvoyance are two sides of the same coin but function differently.

In a way, the two types of visual mechanisms are like sisters.

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Two sisters: the relationship between imagination and clairvoyance.

The relationship between imagination and clairvoyance is often misunderstood because the two forms of "vision" are related, but are very different in their uses.

They both use feminine energy because they are either creative and produce a story or an idea. They also use the "third eye" as their platform to our minds.

One sister is a wild-eyed idealist who is open to possibilities, while the other may use the cold eye of reality to bring certainty to life.

These siblings are rivals and often struggle with each other, but they are at their best when they work together. It is their strength and conviction that makes each sister better.



Sister imagination may appear to be flighty, but she provides an important function. She is conscious and produces visions of what could be and makes things happen.

Once a concept is created, a plan can be derived and the ultimate concept can be completed.

Imagination is an important aspect that can be developed and nurtured to solve problems and make life better.

Imagination is a human ability that makes us unique from other living creatures. No other conscious creature has an imagination that they can use to improve their situation.

Other creatures use instinct and the need to survive to innovate.

Humans have their imagination for innovation, and it is used in countless ways.


Imagination loves her sister clairvoyance, but she is often frustrated with her. There are times when the imagination can only go so far.

Sometimes, there needs to be a new idea to further the ideas that have come, but sister clairvoyance appears to be stubborn.

Sister Imagination can feel blocked until her sister makes an appearance!

There are times when imagination believes she is onto something, and sister clairvoyance comes along and shows where her ideas simply cannot work.

It is frustrating because imagination is forced to start all over. The frustration can turn to happiness when a change of direction brings good results.

The sisters reconcile easily at times. It should be noted that imagination is a higher octave than intelligence because of the special inventiveness of its nature.


It is the imagination that poses the possibility and intelligence that figures out how to make that possibility a reality.

Both need to work together to make extraordinary ideas come together.

Intelligence is the little brother of the two sisters, imagination and clairvoyance. He is not to be discounted because intelligence is needed to make things happen.

The sisters are there for the concepts, while the brother builds the physical tools of reality.

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Sister clairvoyance can appear "out of touch" because she is often misunderstood. This sister works with the unconscious mind and grabs ideas from "beyond the physical."


She can be harsh with her visions and gives imagination a "reality check."

Clairvoyance can be a sudden shock and interrupt the nice story that imagination is developing!

It is not that she is deliberately trying to ruin things, she is just setting the story on the correct course. It is clairvoyance that helps imagination "see" mistakes and gives perspective.

The vision of the big picture steers the ideas of imagination to a place of reality.

Imagination and intelligence may not like the methods of sister clairvoyance because they have created a comfortable scenario. But she is necessary to make essential changes to reach a perceived outcome.

Clairvoyance can begin first with an idea and gets frustrated with imagination when the good idea has no help in making it come to pass. There needs to a conscious dream to move forward.


Imagination appears stubborn but often is just not ready to fantasize about a potential reality.

The sense of being "blocked" is soothed when the imagination returns with new possibilities.

Clairvoyance and intelligence can work together to either validate imagination or help "see" a better reality. They both work better when imagination partners with them.

Sister imagination must be willing to go along when the others point out issues. Sister clairvoyance must allow imagination to take her concept to a point where clairvoyance can do the most good.

They must be a team in the creative process.

Intelligence likes both of his sisters, but he may not understand them!


The sisters can be fickle and are activated on their own time. They may not appear to get along all the time and struggle with each other.

Imagination cannot be intimidated by clairvoyance because without her, the beauty of possibilities and innovation could not be manifested.

Clairvoyance does not mean to be cruel when she points out issues. She often is necessary to prevent unnecessary mistakes and hardship.

Clairvoyance cannot be frustrated with imagination because, without her, the "magic" of creation cannot exist. She needs Imagination to make her go out to the Universe and refine the fantasies of her sister.

Together, they make possibilities into an amazing reality.


Sisters imagination and clairvoyance are very effective when working together. They both share the third-eye muscle.

Imagination is a catalyst for developing clairvoyance. She moves a conscious narrative along and stimulates her sister clairvoyance to contribute to it.

Clairvoyance uses the unconscious and acts with sudden resolve, which can be disruptive to imagination.

In the end, it is a positive influence on both. The sisters are necessary partners and adversaries.

When a problem presents itself, there must be a mechanism for resolution. They are both "out of the box" thinkers and need each other to create new things.

They complement each other and are willing to change direction when needed. Both sisters are part of the feminine energy called "Kundalini" energy.


This is the energy of creativity and psychic ability and it is said that Kundalini energy rises when we are the most creative.

Imagination and clairvoyance present ideas to the "intelligence" of man. It is the calculations of intelligence that begin to make the dream a reality.

Intelligence uses the materials given to it by the imagination and clairvoyance to make life better for mankind in general.


When imagination and clairvoyance work together, they push society forward.

What does all of this mean?

The value of using your imagination and clairvoyance together in your life is important.

Although the energy of them is feminine, the abilities exist in both men and women. If you consciously use your imagination, it will stimulate your clairvoyance.

You will know when clairvoyance has arrived because it is a sudden vision from “beyond the physical” and will strike without warning.

If you've ever been told, "It is just your imagination," then you know the two sisters are up to something, because they have caused you to create a scenario that others do not readily accept.


The sisters may need to refine their conclusion before their ideas. You may need to meditate to gain a better understanding of the messages they are showing you.

It is wise to use both abilities when making decisions or creating possibilities. They are powerful influences that are uniquely your own.

The sisters can bring you happiness, wealth, and prosperity in your life.

These sisters have other "relatives" that bolster their talents and they should not be ignored. The "clairvoyant family" is related to other psychic abilities that are equally valuable.

Developing your psychic skills is a lifelong endeavor, and sometimes it is good to take an unconventional perspective of them.


Dwelling on imagination and clairvoyance as sisters may give you insight into your abilities. This concept may help you sort out the way these talents work with you.

Recognizing when your imagination and clairvoyance are being activated involves practice. You can have each of them act on their own, but they are best when working together.

Respecting them will give you more control over your abilities. They will make you stronger and be a more perceptive person in this world.

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John Cappello is a natural psychic-medium who has been in practice for over 25 years.