How Capricorn Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Life Starting December 22, 2022

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How Capricorn Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Life Starting December 22, 2022

It's Capricorn season once again, and when we finally realize it, it usually comes along with phrases like, "Is it really? Is the year over already?" Come on; you know you've been saying this.

As soon as December started, we all went into a round of disbelieving comments as we welcomed the inevitable. December is here, and as Sagittarius slips off into the rafters, Capricorn walks onto the stage for its big number.

We don't ordinarily think of Capricorn when we think of what 'out there' is affecting our love lives. Capricorn's influence is usually reserved for talking about business or success. Capricorn is not necessarily associated with love or romance, but if you know of a Capricorn, OR if you ARE one, then you know that these folks are just as loving and desirous of love as the next person. And how Capricorn Sun affects love lives might be surprising, mainly because there is a huge influence here, and we will feel it. All of us.

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We are not just one sign, as you know. Our Sun sign is our dominant influence, but we have 12 houses, and it generally turns out that we all have many zodiac signs in our chart, all influencing us in specific ways.

We may even have a house or two run by Capricorn, and during Capricorn Sun, those specific traits may come alive or at least make their presence known to us in obvious ways.

Capricorn has a highly positive influence on our love lives; it helps us to understand what we have and lets us know what we should do about it. Capricorn helps us to make sense of our passions and emotions. This Sun sign has a stabilizing effect on relationships and should prove to be helpful during December and January.

How Capricorn season affects each zodiac sign's love life starting December 22, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

The Capricorn influence will have you taking your love life much more seriously than you have in the past. This year was hellish in terms of love. But you are someone who insists on learning the lessons that are intrinsically hidden within the harsh times. Cap's influence hits you like a ton of bricks; you want love, but you need to be practical and realistic about it. No more following your heart, as this has shown not to be the best gauge for finding the right partner. Your goal is to get to know them first; no more throwing away your heart!

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(April 20 - May 20)

The only thing you'll want of your love during Capricorn season is for them not to worry about you. Does this imply that you've made them worry in the past? Perhaps, but your partner happens to be a little nervous, and the Cappy inside you wants them to rest and relax, assured in the fact that you'll both be employed next year, that you'll both be on your A-Game, and that your love will never die. This season brings out the nurturing caretaker in you; however, you have a goal: peace in the house and money in the pocket.

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(May 21 - June 20)

If you thought you were funny before, wait until Capricorn season hits on the 22... you'd be a screeching laugh riot, especially to the person you are in a romantic relationship with. You come with that dry humor; your jokes are so profound and hilarious that, in a way, they are your seductive skill.

And when it comes to your love life, you'll notice that your partner reacts much better to you when you are being funny; it's as if you give them a break during this time. Capricorn energy lets you tap into this calming but hilarious side of yourself, and it works, Gemini. It works!

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(June 21 - July 22)

If you feel like whipping your life into shape these days, it's because Capricorn strongly influences you. You need to put things into order, which is typical...and it's a good thing. With Capricorn's influence, you'll be making sense of many things, including your love life. During this period, you will determine whether this romance of yours is worth your time and effort. Whatever decision you make, Cancer, the results will be practical and sensible. And that's a good thing!

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(July 23 - August 22)

You've held it in your mind that the only way to live this life is by throwing caution to the wind and existing on pure passion alone. Sounds nice if you're a fictional character in a comic book, but real life demands real-life reactions, and that's where Capricorn's influence on you comes to the rescue. There's no wonder why this sign comes at the end of the year; it's as if it's here to whip us into shape for the coming year. In love, this means that you will set aside the time to pay attention to it rather than to the idea of it.

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(August 23 - September 22)

You may like to think of yourself as a romantic, and maybe you were at one point, and even though you try very hard to bring back the romance in your partnership, you often feel like you are the only owner trying. When Capricorn season arrives, you will feel strongly about taking a different approach.

You love your mate, and you do not want to love them, but it seems that the 'romantic' approach isn't doing its job, so you opt for the practical route, meaning you are going to take your partner to the side so you, too, can discuss this rationally. Nobody wants to lose this love, but measures must be implemented to avoid disaster.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Capricorn brings out the lover in you, which is probably exactly what you want around this time of year. You feel amorous and in need of companionship...and between your natural charm and your effortlessly seductive skills, you will figure out precisely what you need to do to secure yourself the right mate. And, as it goes with you, Libra, that person has to meet your specific criteria. While that might turn one person off, it may just be the thing you need to attract the best mate.

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(October 23 - November 21)

As with Libra, you, too, will feel the hidden side of Capricorn's power, which revolves around lust and adventure. This season has you on the prowl; you aren't obvious, nor are you public...you are out to find yourself a partner, but you're not putting this request up on billboards. Capricorn's influence has you working on the quiet; you're not here to show off what a great lover you are — you are here to find someone just as dedicated to the art of love as you are. You will be successful, Scorpio.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You will enjoy the benefits of Capricorn energy, even though it knocks your sign to the side for another year. The event will give you a clear idea of what you want from your love life. You want to remain independent and free, yet you know there's some commitment you'll have to live up to. This is the season where you decide to either BE THERE for the relationship, hook, line and sinker OR your phone in your presence. The latter will end up with you alone, so think twice before you demand too much freedom.

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(December 22 - January 19)

You tend to see the negative in all situations, but in a way, this works for you. You call it skepticism, but in reality, it's broad vision, and it's helped you figure out what's going on in just about all the situations you get yourself into. In love and partnership, you'll be absorbing all of the lovely Capricorn Sun's energy so that you can continue to work on what needs help while showing your loved one that, no matter where they look, they'll never find anyone better than you. You may be a handful, but you are worth it. Your partner will also come to this conclusion during the 2022-2023 Capricorn season.

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(January 20 - February 18)

One of the surprising elements of Capricorn season is how it makes everyone wait. Part of what makes up Capricorn lies in the idea of doing things slowly and meticulously. We tend to pick up this trait during this solar season. Now, what might feel off is your feeling about waiting; you don't like it. And you've been waiting for someone to respond to you in terms of love and romance, and so far...they're still there, still interested, but not quite available to you in the way you'd like them to be. Your Capricorn challenge is all about patience. Do you have any? Let's see it now.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Things will be very, very good for you and your partner this Capricorn season because there's a weird kind of politeness in the air, and while you're not used to it, it's kind of fun. Keeping in mind that Capricorn's energy is controlled and elegant, you can know that this is part of the plan, this polite thing you are both experiencing. It's something you both didn't know you had in you, yet it's thrilling. Who on earth would ever fall for the idea that kindness could be the most seductive addition to one's love life? Not a terrible way to go, eh?

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