The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During The Month Of November 2022

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During The Month Of November 2022

The month of November 2022 improves relationships for four zodiac signs in astrology. 

Ahead is chock full of reunions, proposals, and even new babies for those that are wanting to take their relationship in that direction.

After a changing of the guards in October where the main purpose was to become acclimated to so many planets shifting from retrograde to direct, this is the month that it all comes together.

Many zodiac signs have been hoping for greater clarity so that you would know what direction you should move in.

Although intuitively you already knew, there was a space that existed that needed to see how things would be externally for that to happen.

Now that you are able to see that truth, you will feel more confident in moving ahead.

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An important theme though is to recognize that things actually are different, that the past is behind you and to actually be able to embrace this new place that you are in, you have to believe that you have reached it.

Allow yourself to be more emotionally vulnerable, share your deepest feelings and then trust the outcome because this month truly is about reaping the rewards of the work that you have already put in.

Clarity cannot be rushed and though frustrating at times to achieve, once it arrives, it suddenly does not seem too hard to commit to what your heart already has.

Four zodiac signs whose relationships improve during the month of November 2022:

1. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

This is a big month ahead for you. Not only does Mars in Gemini square off with Neptune in Pisces bringing together your home and heart, but Mercury, Venus, Sun, and New Moon all occur within your zodiac sign. You have been hoping for greater clarity and understanding, this is the month that it will arrive.

Mars and Neptune first squared off last month but this month now that you have the clarity that you have been needing, you will finally feel confident enough in being able to make new decisions.

You knew deep inside what it was that you needed to do to create a more intimate and profound connection, but you were doubting yourself. You were doubting what you were feeling, thinking somehow there must be a different answer, or even that it could be that simple.

Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius will help you to be able to speak your truth so that you can then make honest decisions when it comes to love. Because it will also be fueling your self-love, you will also be feeling better about yourself which will positively be able to affect your romantic relationship.

There likely has been a relationship that has ended or soon be, as Mars has helped you to be able to make a major decision. If it is not between two people, it may have been between two homes or even two ways of life.

Neither good nor bad but just representing a different life path. By being able to see clearly which choice is the direction of your heart, you will be able to see improvement in your romantic life by finally being able to make a crucial decision.

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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Juno turned direct in Pisces at the end of October which now frees you up to be able to commit more fully to your relationship. This month asteroid Vesta joins Juno in this romantic and spiritual zodiac sign.

Vesta governs your sense of self, your inner fire, and also your home and family. With Mars in Gemini creating changes in your home environment and likely even who you call family, this is a time of magnified change in this area.

On the horizon, making the step with your partner to move in, have a greater commitment, or even expand your family is all possibilities. It was not that anything was actually wrong in your relationship prior but that you felt there was a stalemate in how and if you would be able to move together into your future.

Now that Juno is direct it will be easier to be able to create the commitment that you are needing as well as make sure that you are honoring yourself and your needs as well.

Vesta amplifies this energy and also brings changes along to your home with the influence of Mars in Gemini.

You have no problem romanticizing love but when it comes to what reality looks like you can hold onto some illusions.

Make sure this month you allow yourself to understand how love can really show up for you in all the ways that you need without somehow feeling like it is not enough. When you learn this then you truly are able to see how reality can be better than fantasy.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Last month Venus joined up with the Sun in Libra to create its star point which was a bright spot allowing you to have that do-over and fresh start that you have been craving.

By doing that work and stepping out from the shadows of your past, you are allowing a completely new relationship to begin forming. This will amplify this month as this energy settles alongside the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Taurus activates intimacy and connection within your life allowing you to go deeper into a previous romantic connection.

A big part of love is being able to enter into it fully, keeping yourself whole, and not giving away the most valuable pieces of it. When you can honor yourself and find worthiness just as you are, then you also are able to receive more of your relationship.

This month you are meant to explore connection by honestly speaking up about your needs and dreams for the future. Exercise boundaries and do not be afraid to have hard conversations that growth requires.

You have the opportunity to not only create a more sustainable passion relationship but also to complete even deeper self-healing as you begin to understand more about your past choices. This should not stop you from moving forward though but only reminds you of why it is worth it.

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4. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

After an extended period of challenges, the month ahead should continue to improve on the heels of October.

Pluto is now direct in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, two zodiac signs that rule your romantic relationship and your connection of intimacy with your partner.

As much as you have to go through the more challenging times in life to be able to learn those valuable lessons, it is also important to understand when those times have passed.

Because you are so deeply emotional it can often feel like you hang onto things for longer periods of time, even if things have improved. If you do that, especially in love, then you will never be able to seize the positive moments once they arrive.

As you begin to move through October, recognize that better times are here, especially mid-month as Pluto in Capricorn gives back some positive karma through connections with Venus and Sun in Scorpio.

This energy will help you understand how being emotionally vulnerable with your partner can benefit your overall connection with your partner even if it can be scary to do so. A big part of moving ahead is often realizing you already have.

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