The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During Moon Sextile Venus On September 19, 2022

I can't believe that I found you.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During Moon Sextile Venus On September 19, 2022 pixdeluxe via Getty Images Signature

Whenever we have a helpful transit such as moon sextile Venus, we have the hope of improving upon what we already have.

This is a positive energy transit and it not only gives us hope, but it makes us feel as though we can accomplish something that we might have never before attempted.

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It definitely appears as though we all want love; we want our love to define us...we want a love that is for the storybooks, and we want to tell people of our great love lives.


Until we find that perfect person — and God knows, we've been on the lookout — we will spend our time focusing on making this a reality.



Today changes all that up for certain signs of the Zodiac.

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Today is the day where impossible dreams come true and fantasies suddenly become realities.

This is the day where soulmates come into focus, and new romantic relationships begin, based on these brand new people and their place in our world. September 19 comes with moon sextile Venus and that means that the most unlikely of conditions may very well occur; today is soulmate discovery day, for some.

Most people think of their soul mate as a romantic partner, though it's certainly not restricted to that. Soul mates can be family members or friends; they can even be enemies. Fortunately today our soul mate discovery will not be the kind that teaches us lessons through adversity.

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Today, we luck out; Moon sextile Venus brings us the clear vision that there is someone in our lives worth knowing — someone we had no idea was our actual soul mate, and yet, there they are, rocking you like a hurricane.

The three zodiac signs who may find their soulmate during the Moon sextile Venus on September 19, 2022 are:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

In a way, you've needed to show your own self that you are worthy of a soul mate connection, and that effort delivers to you what you need today. You know that you've messed up in the past, and because you are a very progressive person, you have made incredible efforts to be even-keeled and level-headed. The reason for the balancing act is that you know yourself to be too high-strung and overly passionate at times.

What you've wanted is to be able to be calm and easygoing so that you can spend time with the right person, who is also calm and easy-going. Today, during moon sextile Venus, you'll be presented with a person who seems almost too good to be true.


This is your soul mate, Leo, and now it's up to you to treat them with the same kind of respect that you'll be demanding. This is not an ordinary person; this person has karma with you, and now they are here to complete it. Kindness and compassion lead the way.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

September 19 puts you in direct contact with a person that you will soon know as your other half. Being that you really weren't looking, this person's introduction into your life will be very noticeable...however, you won't really 'see' them until later on.

What catches your eyes about this person is how alike they are to you — and that's not always the greatest lure for you, as you're not looking to be friends or partners with anyone who is a clone of you. Yet, this person, who is new to you, will relate to your woes as if they are their own, and that's going to get your curiosity going.


This person is about to be your new friend, but little do you know how extensive that friendship is going to be. This is someone you've needed in your life, and while you're still at the 'curious and not yet trusting' phase, you'll get there. This is the beginning of something awesome in your life, Virgo.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)


It's never too late to fall in love with someone who blows your mind from the split second you see them for the first time. Enter: Capricorn's soul mate. You may have given up all hope of ever meeting someone as special as the person that's about to enter your life, but hold on to your hat, Capricorn, because you are about to be stumped by this person's entrance.

You are in the right place at the right time today, September 19, and you'll be so shocked to know that the universe still has amazing surprises for you in-store. It's as if you are about to go from bored and complacent to excited and thrilled by this one person.

You may even try to reject them as stuff like this 'never happens to you.' Do yourself a favor: go with it. Let this soul mate experience do what it's here to do for you, which is to show you that life is amazing, surprising, and unpredictably kind at times.

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