Each Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For August 2022

Commitment is the pathway to freedom.

Each Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For August 2022

Each zodiac sign's monthly horoscope for August 2022 is here and it's amazingly good.

August brings in a very different energy than July as commitment and planning the future together will be key themes you will be moving through.

This begins the same week Mercury shifts into Virgo, giving you a chance to discuss plans and the details that often can be overlooked in the haze that love often creates.


Mercury in Virgo isn’t intimidated by plans or by discussing things together and can actually be quite beneficial to have some important conversations which can immediately change the nature of the relationship.

This initiates the sentiment that the more committed love is, the freer you feel because there isn’t space for anxiety or avoidance to grow.

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Commitment, especially in healthy growth-orientated relationships, will bring about a greater sense of freedom.



This becomes echoed with the Aquarian Super Full Moon mid-month, inviting you to embrace your own authenticity and desires apart from anything you were conditioned or expected to believe about love.


When you can recognize your own dreams and needs as part of anything that you were taught to believe about love, you then are truly free.

It’s not a commitment that brings restriction but not fully committing to what resonates the most deeply with yourself.

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As the end of the month arrives with the Virgo New Moon and Mars entering Gemini, it’s clear that it’s time for something new and something that truly feels like part of the life you want to create.

There is no more leaving things to chance, but instead recognizing that what aligns the most authentically with yourself is also worth committing to, especially when it comes to love.


Important dates for this month's love horoscope:

Thursday, August 4th

Mercury shifts into Virgo today, giving the entire month of August a different feel than July. This makes you more focused on what details you need to figure out and address so that you can actually move ahead in your relationship.

Whether this is plans together or even taking a trip somewhere, it’s important to be able to discuss logical matters to help promote a more romantic future.

Thursday, August 11th

Venus, the planet of love, moves into Leo today, making you more acutely aware of your feelings and what your heart really wants. Leo is an undeniable energy that is bold and doesn’t hold back. Declarations of love can be more intense, as can romantic gestures.


This energy takes hold of romantic relationships during this time and makes them all the more powerful.

Occurring on the same day, the Super Full Moon in Aquarius occurs, bringing themes from February to fruition. Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t mind doing things differently if it feels that it’s being authentic, and neither will you under this influence.

These energies together will truly have you following your heart regardless of the opinions or thoughts of others.

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Saturday, August 20th

Mars, the planet that rules the masculine, passion and even sex, moves into Gemini today. Mars in Gemini likes to try new things and can entertain multiple ideas simultaneously. However, it is also committed to its pursuit.


You may see another side of your partner during this time or even bring some fresh new energy into your relationship. This sense of newness will build upon the Venus in Leo and Aquarian Full Moon energy, giving you a chance to love in your own unique way.

Thursday, August 25th

Mercury, the planet that rules how you think and speak, will shift into Libra today, softening the energy between you and your partner. This allows you to feel that a compromise is easier to reach and that arguments are less likely to happen. You should feel more of a partnership with your significant other during this time because it allows you to work together to create the kind of love you both need.

Saturday, August 27th


The New Moon in Virgo gives you a chance to delve into planning a life together. Relationships this month naturally become more committed with more of a focus going to where the connection is growing, which means discussing things about the future and planning.

This new moon allows you to focus on having those conversations with your partner or even being more transparent about what you need as you begin to date again. It’s a great chance to truly take those important steps towards creating the love that will last forever.

Each zodiac sign's monthly love horoscope for August 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

The best day for love: Thursday, August 25th


Mercury moving into Libra this month brings the need to talk about romantic matters into focus. Whether it’s an existing relationship or even a love interest, it seems that what is blocking you now is not talking about things you have been thinking about. Anything left unsaid will only widen the connection gap; it’s time to start sharing your feelings.

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(April 20 - May 20)

The best day for love: Friday, August 5th

The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio highlights where you need greater courage when it comes to love, helping you tap into your inner power. Use this energy to bring about a new level of approaching relationships or even the challenges within them. Things can always change and improve, but you must be part of the solution.


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(May 21 - June 20)

The best day for love: Friday, August 5th

Part of what you’ve been working towards is having healthier relationships with those around you, specifically your romantic connection. A big moment of growth will come during the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio as you move into a greater awareness involving the healthiness of your decisions and choices. You will be able to approach matters from a different viewpoint, enabling you to feel like you and your partner are truly growing.

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(June 21 - July 22)

The best day for love: Thursday, August 11th

The Super Full Moon in Aquarius will shine a bright light of awareness on the intimacy within your relationships. This begins with you, though, in how intimately you allow yourself to know your heart and desires and how open you are with others. Take this as a chance to make amends for where you’ve had walls up in the past and recommit to being more vulnerable and transparent in the future.

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(July 23 - August 22)

The best day for love: Thursday, August 11th

Aquarius is your opposition which always brings matters of relationship to the forefront of your focus. The Super Full Moon in Aquarius is no exception. This moon highlights romantic matters that first began around the beginning of February.


Reflect on how things have evolved or changed since then and if it feels like you are practicing the growth that lessons learned would represent. Make a commitment to yourself to continue making choices from healing versus wounding.

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(August 23 - September 22)

The best day for love: Thursday, August 11th

Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Leo mid-month, bringing into focus much of the work romantically that you’ve been moving through since the end of last year. A big part of making new and different decisions is looking at if the motivation is to do it healthier.

When you try to make healthier decisions in love because you’ve grown and healed, you are looking at things from a completely different perspective, allowing you to enter into a new level of relating with your partner.


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(September 23 - October 22)

The best day for love: Monday, August 29th

Chiron in Aries unites with the North Node in Taurus today, bringing some really amazing growth opportunities that will bring you closer to your fate.

Chiron is currently retrograde, helping you to look at bringing greater healing to your romantic life while the North Node is edging towards your destiny. When these two meet, it’s an opportunity for you to shift your perspective about the past so you can finally see the future that is right in front of you.

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(October 23 - November 21)

The best day for love: Wednesday, August 24th

Uranus represents unexpected and sudden changes; during the end of this month, it turns retrograde in Taurus. This specifically focuses on the changes that have occurred in your romantic life.

During this phase, you can feel things slowing down, giving you a chance to let things settle so that you can find some greater peace. Remember that life is still moving even when it feels like nothing is. You don’t always need to feel stressed to know things are changing.

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(November 22 - December 21)

The best day for love: Saturday, August 20th

Mars, the planet that rules the masculine, passion, determination and sex, moves into airy Gemini today. This brings all of these topics into focus in your romantic connection which means that you are in for a period of growth and one of joy.

During this time, you will be able to focus more on doing things differently and new rather than sticking to the same old cycles. This allows a new level of love to be formed that makes you feel more committed because you’re finally following your own heart.

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(December 22 - January 19)

The best day for love: Thursday, August 11th

As the Aquarius Full Moon shines bright, it’s a chance to refocus on what matters most to you. As much as you have been trying to move forward to let those walls down, there may have been challenges coming up. To alleviate this, you can use this full moon energy to let it reveal what and who matters most to you. Use this as your compass forward, trusting the truth as it is brought to you.

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(January 20 - February 18)

The best day for love: Thursday, August 11th

Once Venus moves into Leo, everything seems that become all about love. Leo is your opposing sign which means that it brings up all matters related to love and romance.


After everything that you’ve been moving through lesson-wise for almost the past year, use this as a chance to reconnect, embrace a new beginning and allow yourself to fully embrace the joy that comes from having created a healthy relationship. Or even feeling like you’re finally confident enough to begin.

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(February 19 - March 20)

The best day for love: Saturday, August 27th

The Virgo New Moon carries with it the promise of new love. Virgo is your opposing sign and will always place significance on love during its presence. New Moons are a time for new beginnings, and this month is a chance to let yourself see that one has already begun.


As long as you focus on those important conversations that create the space for greater commitment, you may see that love can be even better when it’s real.

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