The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Sunday, June 5, 2022

The best things happen when you do not give up.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Sunday, June 5, 2022 Mary Winchester

Perseverance becomes a theme today as you must decide what is worth not giving up on. The stationing of Saturn in Aquarius turning retrograde yesterday may have proven to be more of a reality check than you had expected was on the way.

This is not a terrible thing. However, suppose you were expecting things to just keep moving along as they had or that they would just magically come together.

In that case, today could provide you with a different sort of clarity.


Right now, there is so much happening in the stars that can help you, but the clear theme is that you will have to help yourself too.

At times, you may wait for a miracle to happen, for things to magically change on their own while forgetting or not seeing that you are the miracle you have been waiting for.

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You have the power to change things, and you can transform what was once dull and lusterless into something that shines with the radiance of every dream you ever had come to fruition.

But it comes down to you. Today, the Leo Moon aligning with Saturn in Aquarius reminds you.


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You must feel the edges of restriction to know how to move around them and what is worth navigating and making an effort for. Do not let today's reality distract you from what is possible.

The bigger your dreams are, the more it will take to make them the life you live, but just because that is true does not mean it is impossible.


Notice your feelings today. Pay attention to what it feels like you are being called to pursue. Then choose to take the reality you are given and transform it into the life you genuinely want to live.

This is great news for Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius — the three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Deep within, you know the truth of your heart. You know what it beats for and what it longs to pursue. Today your job is to tune into that as deeply as possible so that nothing distracts you from the path ahead.

You have the uncanny ability to have confidence in what you feel, which is behind you being able to move in ways that others just cannot. Do not measure your progress against others or your path because you are meant to do things differently. You are meant to live in a way that others can only dream of.


Today offers a bittersweet opportunity. Your reality is not lining up as easily as you had hoped, but there is a chance to discover exactly what your dreams mean to you.

If something you had deeply resonated with previously suddenly no longer seems important, then allow yourself to change your mind. Do not keep after something just because it is what you thought you wanted at one time.

You can always change, which is why you can strategize and make your dreams a reality. Make sure you listen to your feelings today and be honest about those present in your life. Not all presence is equal, and you need to make sure they are helping and not hindering you from creating the life you dream of.

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2. Aries

(March 19 - April 19)

Only you know what is in alignment with you and what is not. This is not debatable or something that others can or should tell you in or out of.

Today there is a truth that may feel like it changes everything for you. Mercury is in your sign, now directly aligning with the Leo Moon. It is time to get clear about what you want your intimate life to look like, especially your romantic relationship, home, and even family life.

Spend time reflecting on what is your truth in these specific areas right now, as this is the purpose of this astrology. You are in a major phase of growth and development right now.

Something within your intimate life needs to change. It's a good day to allow that to occur and match all you have achieved. Let yourself go deeper into your inner truth today to get to the core of your feelings.


This also will help you identify what you are passionate about. Because what you are passionate about is also part of your calling, whether it is a job or a life path decision.

Let yourself see this as an opportunity to commit so fully to what you feel called to create. Nothing can stop you, not even those who cannot see what you see.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The Gemini New Moon had brought up issues related to a romantic relationship earlier in the week. Whether it is a new beginning or even a new chapter within a current love affair, something has been brewing this week.


There is likely something spiritual about this beginning or even the relationship itself with the Leo Moon creating sparks with Mercury in Taurus.

You might recently have decided to undertake the journey of discovering your purpose. Your purpose is something you feel called to do.

And, it brings you a sense of peace and motivation knowing that you are using your talents — not just for yourself but also for the greater good of all.


Be mindful that you may also realize that a portion of your purpose is tied to a romantic relationship on this journey. As much as a younger version of yourself might have rebelled against this, try to see it as an ability to grow even more deeply with yourself and into the truth you are always seeking.

Gemini Season is still in effect for a few more weeks, so you have time to put the pieces of this new beginning together, just do not procrastinate what you know is meant for you.

The universe always will support your path. You now must choose to do the same, even if it is one you never expected to take.

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