3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Great Horoscope On March 23, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Great Horoscope On March 23, 2022

There is a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into your healing. Mercury and Neptune unite, helping you move beyond what you have been through in your past.  

The significance of Mercury and Neptune is not about becoming better but addressing your ancestral wounds.  

This can be from your own family growing up if there were arguments or if you do not feel like your needs were met. Still, it can also be those themes handed down from generation to generation. 

Themes that can surface are operating from a place of lack or survival, choosing obligations over your own soul, or even unhealthy relationships.  

It's never an easy path to take on the healing not just of yourself but for generations, both past, and present.  

But this is part of what the current Aquarian energy is all about. When you heal, your relationships improve with family and end whatever problematic cycles have taken place.

Mars and Uranus only have one purpose; to help you break free from what has held you back. 

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It does not matter what or how impossible it may seem; these two planets only want you to feel free to be you and live life on your terms.  

This will be the overall theme for Aries Season, which is very fitting. Even though you are just getting started, it is important to take advantage of the universe's opportunities.  

There is never an ideal time to heal or take on what you have been through in your past, but it will keep affecting your future until you do.  

3 zodiac signs who have a great day March 23, 2022. 

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

With Mercury moving through your sign right now, you feel your emotions more than you have in recent months. This may end a period of avoidance or denial where you were not acknowledging how you were really feeling so that you could start to open up and share.

This can feel like you have suddenly removed the flood gates, but you must remember how well you can swim. The ancestral healing will be powerful for you as both planets, Mercury, and Neptune, are currently exploring the depths of Pisces. This may especially target the pattern of relationships over generations.

For instance, if your mother was with an emotionally unavailable man or alcoholic, you might be carrying that pattern on in your own life.

Look for where this arises, and then be prepared to be honest with yourself about what you need to give yourself so that you stop seeking it outside of you.

It is a big day for healing, but if you already have taken that deep dive into it, it may be more about your dreams and communicating them, whether to a friend or a romantic partner. The idea is to make sure you are consistently sharing your truth to always be experiencing the truth of any connection.  

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2. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

Ever since Mars and Venus took a walk on the wild sign when they entered Aquarius, you have seen the effects in your own life. These two planets have been dancing for a few months, but their results look quite different in Aquarius than they did when they were both in Capricorn.

You are seeing peace return to your life as well as more joy. There is also an important opportunity that these planets will help you find greater balance within yourself and your relationship. Of course, this results in more joy, but it is also about a bigger way of approaching life.

This will shine a focus on friends versus alone time, career versus home life, and even the idea of a relationship versus its reality.

Within yourself is making sure that you are allowing both types of your energy to be at play, both the feminine and the masculine. Get everything done you need to, but also step back and be able to receive it too.

Conquer the boardroom but let yourself take a bath and snuggle up in a robe in the evening.

The more balanced you are, the greater the balance in your outer life. It is just a matter of realizing you do not and should never feel like you must do it all.  

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3. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

The Moon is in your sign all day, giving you a direct line to your heart and feelings. It is felt like lately, you have been in the place of trying to schedule feelings around when it is convenient or when you have the time.

But in this, you are compartmentalizing and avoiding versus just letting yourself be in your emotions.

While the Moon is working its magic here, there is no escaping it, so listening to what it says is better. During the day, the Moon connects with both Mars and Venus.

This will let you be able to not just feel but to begin to plan and act. It also allows you to connect to both the feminine and masculine parts of yourself, checking in to make sure that you are allowing both to feel fulfilled.

With how busy you have been in your career recently, it is unlikely that you have let your feminine truly feel and just simply be. This is the key to bringing greater balance back into your life.

Your feelings are always pointing the way towards your truth. If you struggle to know which way to turn, it might just be because you are not allowing yourself to feel.  

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