3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Great Horoscope On March 21, 2022

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Zodiac signs great horoscope march 21 2022

​You aren’t given much of a grace period to settle into this new season. A continually enthusiastic attitude encourages you to hit the ground running and make the most of the day.

The Moon in Scorpio is continually active. She connects with numerous planets today, showing you that your emotions should be at the center of all you do today. There is a bigger picture, though, that is taking place, and that is really owning what your feelings are so that you can make decisions and choices based on your truth.

It is as if the universe has conspired to create an environment where you can no longer lie to yourself. You are forced to get real with yourself.

Of course, this seems perfectly timed with the start of Aries Season. This sign is the first to call someone out if it is not on the up and up, but it is different when you realize that you are the one that has not been acknowledging the full truth of the situation.

There is an urgency around acting today and getting started on what it is you have been thinking or considering.

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Pairing this with your truest emotions, it is as if astrology lights a fire underneath you. It is a reminder that you do not have forever. You do not have an extended period to dawdle, and if you do what to receive what you want, you better get started now.

Usually, the universe operates slowly, giving us time and even practice. Still, it seems that as of today, that has run out, and now your hand is being forced.

Serving up the reminder that time is always your most valuable commodity.

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Why these three zodiac signs have the best horoscope on Monday, March 21, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Whatever sign Uranus is currently moving through as part of his seven-year cycle always has their lives changed in unimaginable ways.

Lucky for you right now, that is you, at least until 2025. This is the rebuilding phase, in which you are being guided to create now more than ever. With the Moon in Scorpio all day, this lights up your romantic life.

Uranus tends to touch every area of your life during its reign there. Still, this year the focus will be your personal relationships.

Today look for the truth of your feelings and what you previously thought would never work or that you would never be able to come together.

This is all about showing you how your beliefs shape what you end up thinking you can manifest or create. If you have been through love relationships that have not worked out in the past, it is natural to think that means it is because it will never work out, but that is not the case. All you need is to give yourself a chance to see just how different it can be.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

The Moon is still in your sign today as it connects with numerous other planets. This gives you a day that feels incredibly active.

You may also feel a little all over, but only because the energy feels so high. This is really pulling you out of your emotional shell that you have been in where you have been unsure what all your recent growth means or what you should even focus on next.

Next year, this will be crucial while the series of eclipses moves through your sign and Taurus.

This energy always focuses on your romantic relationships. This is asking you to make sure that your passions also have a grounded, stable foundation, no matter what area of your life it is referring to.

Today though, is a chance to look closely at yourself and your own feelings to see how they align with your life and the dreams that you have for it. Do not be afraid to realize that some things may need to go to keep growing.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Do not be afraid to trust how good the energy feels today. You deserve and are entering a time where things may be feeling so good you may wonder if it is real or not. It is, though.

This is what you have been working towards. This is why you have felt like there was so much to work through since last September.

Just in time too, what began around that time would have reached its peak with the Full Moon you just experienced. It is safe to put some things behind you for good, especially because it creates space for more amazingness to start flowing into your life.

With Mars and Venus moving through your zodiac sign this month, it encourages you to break free from your past and from anything that makes you feel like you must live your life in a certain way.

Expect that you will feel a new sense of freedom and connection with your partner during today’s energy. It shows you how amazing life is when you decide to make up your own rules.

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