3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love During The Moon Sextile Uranus Starting March 12, 2022

The kicker is we do this on our own.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love During The Moon Sextile Uranus Starting March 12, 2022 Just dance/Shutterstock.com

A good example of the influence that Moon sextile Uranus has on us is in its ability to lift us out of whatever negative situation we're in and deliver us to a safe space.

The kicker is we do this on our own, with the power of our mind. Moon sextile Uranus traits are what help people escape during hard times, even if it means changing one's mind.

During Moon sextile Uranus on the 12th of March, many of us will finally see a clearing up ahead, if we are indeed in a troubled situation.


Some consider being in love to be a dangerous place, and in its way, it is; for love, we lose ourselves, our identity, our heart... and while this all feels so good and right in the beginning when we fall OUT of love, we feel like we're about to face unknown territory, and though it's scary, the unknown is better than the known.

When we fall out of love, as many of us will be doing during Moon sextile Uranus, we don't want to stick around for the fallout. We just want to move on — and fast.

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What's notable about this transit is that for those of us who have fallen out of love — we're OK with it. Moon sextile Uranus works well for those who are fine with the change and know themselves to be risk-takers and adventurers.

Let's face it, not everybody stays in love forever, and during this transit, those who figure out that they, themselves, are no longer in love...it's a good thing. Adapting to change is a sign of high intelligence.

So, here's what happens to these 3 zodiac signs who fall out of love during the Moon sextile Uranus starting March 12, 2022.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Moon sextile Uranus amplifies your already established eccentric nature, and at this point in your life, you own your charms as well as your weirdnesses.


What others may deem your 'weirdness' is actually something you are proud of; you will always love being apart from the crowd, and you will always wear the title of 'different' very well.

And it is your difference that leads you to understand that you're not in love any longer, and when you listen to your heart — it tells you the truth.

Your heart will tell you very clearly that you are no longer in love and that it might be time to move on, which you will accept graciously.

Your mission is to be free and happy, and should you fall in love again, that's OK, too...but for now, the single life is what calls you.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

When you fall out of love, which is the state of mind that you are presently in, you start to act cold. It's as if you can't just face up to the fact that the best thing to do, at this point, would be to tell the person who depends on you that you are no longer in love with them.

While denying them these words may sound 'compassionate' to you, you aren't able to move forward freely within this kind of thinking, and so you cramp up and simply act in a very cold way to the person you've fallen out of love with.

Do you still love them? Can you still muster up the kindness to simply be with this person without turning into a block of ice on them? Moon sextile Uranus brings out your icy side. You've fallen out of love, Libra, don't try to make this about them. Own your feelings and be fair about them.


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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 10)

Moon sextile Uranus will have you twisting and turning over a thought that you can't get out of your mind: Are you still in love with the person you've just made intense "let's stay together, forever" plans with.


You are flippant and quick to change your mind, though you didn't expect to actually fall out of love with them.

Can you take the love that's still there and keep it burning bright, without labeling it 'in love'? Is loving someone not as good as being in love with them? What has 'in love' got that 'just loving' a person doesn't have?

That will be your main inner dialogue during this transit. You are clearly no longer in love with this person, but the truth is, you still do LOVE them, and you still can continue on. Be upfront, tell the truth — make it last.

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