3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On March 6, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On March 6, 2022

Every now and then we ruin our Sundays off by thinking about what we're going to be doing the next day — at work.

That's called living in the future, and it's extra goofy to do so, especially on a day we have off.

Today we're looking at Moon in Taurus, which will have us cherishing our downtime, but it will be sneaky ol' Mars in Aquarius that will have us overthinking what tomorrow might bring.

We have another Mars transit today, too, which will add to our impatience: Moon square Mars.

This transit is practically the polar opposite of Moon in Taurus, and together the two will rattle us, and if we let them, we'll fill up our day off with unnecessary worry and a complete lack of gratitude for the moment we're presently living in. It's all about tomorrow, today — and that's just not right!

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Because we also have two Venus transits — Venus in Aquarius and Venus conjunct Mars, we may be spending this day thinking heavily about our love life, whoever is presently participating in it, and/or what we want to do about it all.

While Moon in Taurus will have some of us saying, "Honestly, I just want to lie in bed," there will be those of us who are affected by Mars in Aquarius and will want more than the lazy life...and so, we will take this day to drive ourselves crazy with unnecessary thought.

A tough day will be had by these 3 unfortunate zodiac signs who will think March 6, 2022 was a rough day.

1. Aries

(March 19 - April 20)

You'll be lucky to get this day off, but there's also a chance that you'll be called in, which is exactly what you didn't want. You were all there with the idea of staying warm beneath the covers, with or without your lovey-dovey by your side, getting in some zzz's and living the day out in dreamland.

Alas, that's not what you're going to get, because Mars in Aquarius isn't going to let you go that easily. It may start off as a bad dream that wakes you up, followed by a phone call that you wish you didn't answer, and ends up with you standing at work, yawning, resenting the people you work with, and generally feeling annoyed at everyone.

You are the quintessential "do not wake the Kraken" person, and now that you've so rudely awoken, you might as well tsunami this day to the ground.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You might be a young 20-something or an ancient geezer (and yes, there's a long way in between) but today is the day where you get to exclaim, "I'm too old for this." This day comes with a thousand and one things for you to do, all of which you have no interest in doing. Does it fall on your head to do the deeds of the day?

Why yes, indeed it does. In fact, if you don't tend to the chores and tasks that this day demands of you, thanks to Moon square Mars, you'll find that the week ahead will not only drag, it will be halted here and there because certain things can't go on unless they are fixed. 

That's what this lovely Sunday is all about for you: fixing the stuff that's broken so that you don't have to deal with it during the week. Will you do the work, or will you procrastinate, while justifying yourself throughout? We shall see, Gemini!

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

This could be a day that is worth being cherished for its lazy ways and built-in excuses, and that's just the kind of day you needed. You don't want to be looked at today, and you don't want to be asked to participate, attend or even lift a finger; it's your day off and you want to blob around like a sack of potatoes.

If only Mars in Aquarius could just respect those wishes of yours, and yet, it can't, and it won't. This is the kind of day where, if you sleep on a waterbed, you'll pull an Edward Scissorhands and accidentally damage the protective surface so that the water springs through, while you're sleeping, causing you to make a hasty exit. While this is metaphorical, it is also symbolic of how the day will go for you, today. You expect to rest and relaxation, and you get a major flood instead.

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