3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 2, 2022

It’s time to begin something new.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 2, 2022 CC7/Shutterstock.com

After the respite of the week between Christmas and New Year's, today will serve as a reminder that we can’t put off the future any longer.

For three zodiac signs who will have a great day on January 2, 2022, will feel it the most.

Today welcomes both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn as we celebrate our first New Moon of 2022.

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New Moons are a time for beginnings. To plant the seeds that we hope we will reap a harvest in six months' time. It’s an auspicious space of committing to ourselves to follow through on our deepest dreams and desires.

Capricorn is represented by the Sea Goat, a mythical creature that will both swim the depths of the sea and traverse the highest peaks all in an effort to accomplish what it feels called to.

This is exactly how we will be feeling under this astrological influence.

But there are contenders, while today we are officially out of the energy of the Saturn Uranus square, we saw exact on Christmas, Uranus will be activated by this New Moon causing us to still feel the fight between freedom and restriction.


While we’re seeing this play out on a global and personal level right now, this moon leans towards sovereignty.

Amplifying this energy Mercury moves into Aquarius today as well prompting us to become more independent and creative in our thoughts and conversations.

Together the cosmos are asking us to not avoid but to truly conquer any obstacles in our way in pure Sea Goat fashion.

We are stronger than we were last year at this time.

We are wiser and we also are no longer able to tolerate less than we deserve.

And this is truly the start of a brand-new phase in our lives we just have to claim it for ourselves.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 2, 2022


(December 22 - January 19)


As we move away from our almost stellium in Cappy today you are feeling the drive to move ahead in new and fascinating ways. A stellium in astrology means that usually, five or more planets are within one sign which amplifies the energy and creates a tidal wave of change.

While Mercury is moving on into Aqua your sign is still hosting the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto creating the space for long lingering situations to be now dealt with in different ways.

It’s likely been an eventful few months for you with Venus doing her retrograde dance in your sign and now as you move into your personal New Moon of 2022 it’s clear that while change is in the cards, the ball is most firmly in your court.

Today you should be feeling overwhelmingly optimistic and hopeful about the future and the role that you play in creating yours. While there are still some challenges to move through, this will serve as a reminder of just how powerful you are.


No other sign can get things done like yours which means that you have the ability to truly create whatever you wish. The time has come to set aside those self-limiting beliefs that have previously held you back and to step into the magic of being the creator of your own destiny. Life is waiting and it’s time to claim what is yours.

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(January 20 - February 18)

As we move closer to the start of your season at the end of the month, we will begin to see more planetary action within your sign. Today is the start of that as Mercury the planet that governs thoughts and communication rolls into your sign just in time for the New Moon in Cap energy bomb that’s coming our way.


With Venus still Rx and Chiron just recently turned direct there are likely some new truths that will emerge about your healing journey and also the health of the relationships and even environments in your life.

This may come at you full speed today but with Mercury hanging out in your sign now you’ll be speaking on whatever comes up from your most authentic space. This New Moon is also supercharged for you which means that whatever you give your energy to around this time whether you do conscious manifestations or not will grow exponentially.

Make sure though that you’re still not hanging onto anything from 2021 that could be dragging you down. Whether this is actually a situation, people, or even thoughts you have about what is possible, make sure to truly release and discount anything that truly doesn’t resonate around this time.

This year is completely different than last and while Saturn is still moving through your sign, you still should feel more freedom in expressing your truth. Now the next step is to make sure that the life you’re building reflects just that.


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(April 20 - May 20)

With so much earth energy around at this time, it’s no surprise that this serves as a big day for you. With Uranus moving through his seven-year cycle in your zodiac sign it’s a time of immense transformation and change.


Anything that is unstable has and will continue to crumble, but that is only so that something with deep roots can take its place. While we are officially past the series of Saturn Uranus squares, we saw last year the two will remain in close contact this year which is why this New Moon reactivates that.

There could be some surprises in store for you today, but they should all be positive as you move into the rebuilding and restructuring phase of your life now. While you tend to want things to be peaceful and good, part of this journey has been learning that life isn’t always meant to be that and sometimes we need to shake things up in order to get what we truly want.

Today offers you the chance to have a clear head and a hopeful heart as you start the new year more determined than other zodiac signs to actually make it count. Fresh starts are available every morning but there is something unique about the turning of the calendar to make us realize that time continues whether we take the opportunity or not. Don’t be afraid to dream big and let your feet leave the ground a bit, that’s where the magic happens.

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