Nothing Can Stop These 5 Zodiac Signs From Reaching Their Goals

These signs are #goals.

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Goals and dreams are definitely a good thing to have. If we didn’t have goals we wouldn’t be able to evolve as human beings.

Although the thought of pursuing your dreams — whatever they may be — can be intimidating (and a total let down when they haven't yet been reached), there are some people who take their personal dreams and professional goals and give their all to make them a reality.


We all have that friend who is just plain good at reaching her goals. She ALWAYS has progressive ideas floating in her head, analyzes her life to know exactly what goals she needs to set, and has the MOST beautiful planner you and I have ever seen.

She probably has her dream job already too, along with plans to go back to school and get even farther in life.



Her goals are important to her because they make her life have meaning. Big or small, these goals she has set make her legitimately excited to wake up every morning.

She understands that all of us need a purpose for moving forward each day, and she doesn't let the small things get her down.

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Of course some people would rather wake up and are excited to just live another day. Nothing wrong with that either. Or there's that person who climbs mountains and does crazy trips in an attempt to bring more meaning into their lives.

There are so many different ways to live life, but one thing she has over everyone else is that she LOVES  and LIVES by her goals. They make her feel productive and that she is giving back to the world around her and herself.


If you look to someone's horoscope and astrology, you'll find why that person ends up being so successful in life. The kind of person that can reach their dreams and THEN some.

Each of our zodiac signs says a little something different about our unique personalities, and it's easy to see why these 5 most determined zodiac signs have got success written in their stars.


Read on to see which select astrological signs waste NO time at reaching (and exceeding) their goals, every single time.

1Aries (March 21 - April 19)

most determined zodiac signs Aries

Aries is a sign to always have goals no matter what. Whether it's to beat her BFF to the stop sign or be the first to get a raise, she is always down for some friendly competition. Or, not so friendly.

Her goals are personal but also involve other people. She can’t help but observe how other people compare to her because she wants to be number one EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

She is a sign that is constantly making goals because she wants to make sure she is keeping up. AND she can’t stand to sit around and watch others fly by her. She lives off the rush of competition and before you know it she’ll be off reaching ANOTHER goal.

Can’t hold this one back. Not a chance!

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2Leo (July 23 - August 22)

most determined zodiac signs Leo

Leo is the kind of sign that is always exceeding her own expectations and making new goals on the daily. She may set her goals low at first, but before you know it she’ll be flying through those goals like they weren’t even goals.

Honestly she could set them higher at first and be just fine.

So she definitely has no problem reaching her goals in life. Things come easy to her and she ALWAYS succeeds. BUT that ease gets to her head and she can be a little arrogant and lazy. Yep, I said it! She’s a couch potato.

It’s a tough truth, but Leo gets way too comfortable with her success and gets LAZY. I mean if I was killing it at life like her, I would be chilling with a marg too.

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3Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

most determined zodiac signs Virgo

Virgo is the QUEEN of goal making. Yas, queen!

She is the one friend to have one of those immaculate and intricate planners with the stickers and perfect calligraphy. She will take hours upon hours to plan out exactly what her week will look like down to the smallest details and goals.

From wanting scrape the grime from her sink to wanting to apply to grad schools, she WILL write it down.

She’s also very hardworking. And if you know anything about having goals, you know that only the hard workers get them done. She could easily let all her goals fall to the wayside and binge a new Netflix show, but she’s more interested in getting sh*t done.

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4Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

most determined zodiac signs Scorpio

Scorpio is generally passionate about life. She never does anything halfway and has a very strong and passionate presence in a circle of friends.

Along with passion in life, she has passion in her work life. She can’t help but be brave a shoot for the highest goals.

She’s also completely stubborn so she WILL NOT stop until she has reached her goals. And her resourcefulness definitely helps her find ways to get what she wants.

Any roadblocks she comes upon are no match for her ability to find ways to overcome them. She just won’t stop! Will she?!

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5Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

most determined zodiac signs Aquarius

Aquarius is really smart and is always one step ahead of the other signs. She is, for sure, a forward thinker so it’s no wonder she is amazing at reaching her goals!

She is progressive and original, so her goals are always innovative and new. She doesn’t like to waste time with goals that everyone is trying to obtain. Because, you know what, she already reached those goals... a long time ago!

To achieve her creative goals she use her problem solver skills and intellect. This sign is out-of-this-world smart and you will never have to think twice if she will reach her impressive goals.

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