How To Manifest Anything: 4 Things You Must Always Do

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Do you know how to manifest the things you want and need in this life, or do you feel powerless to stop things from happening "to" you?

If you want to gain control over the elements in your life and begin to make things happen "for" you instead of "to" you, then you need to know how to manifest the things that will bring you joy, happiness, and abundance in all areas.

It takes some practice, but by staying positive and retraining the way you think, you'll begin to look for things that will give you the sense of "more than enough," instead of scarcity and lack.

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Here are 4 important steps you must always take when manifesting something new in your life.

1. Be sure you really want it.

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised. So many think they want it because society or their family says they should, but deep down they don't really want it.

So, be sure that you aren't lying to yourself about what you want. It's just a waste of time and energy trying to manifest something you don't really want when you could be manifesting something you do want!

2. Be ready and prepared for it.

Whatever your goal, it's important that you are prepared and can handle it, or you won't be able to manifest it.

So for example, if you're trying to manifest a lot of money, but you can't handle your finances properly now, then you are blocking yourself from manifesting more.

So, be sure to take care of what you have now so you can prove that you are ready to receive more.

Another example is love. If you want to manifest love, do you have time and energy to give to a partner?

You must always take the time first to prove you are ready. Never say, "Oh, I'll make changes once I manifest." The key is you must make the changes first in order to manifest!

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Another example is if you are trying to manifest a specific job. Are you free those hours to work? Can you get there? Are you prepared to move if needed?

Look at how your life would be different once you manifest what you want. Make changes now to get ready and usher it to you.

3. Act as if you've already manifested it.

Think about what you would do differently in your life if you already manifested your desired outcome. Start changing what you do to match that. That helps to change your vibration to match what you want.

Doing the same things will not get you something different. The actions you are taking now are getting you what you have now. So, start taking the actions that match your desired outcome instead!

For instance, if you are trying to manifest a job, would you dress differently for that job than you do now? Start dressing that way now to change your vibration to match the job.

Or, would you wear makeup or dress differently once you found your love? Start doing those things now to help attract that. Start doing what you would do once you have reached your goal.

4. Don't try and force something that doesn't fit.

What you want must not go against your purpose or who you are at soul level.

Trying to manifest something that is against your purpose is futile. So, when working on manifesting — or anything in life, for that matter — always be sure it aligns with your purpose gift and who you are at a soul level.

That also goes back to really wanting what you are manifesting, as well. If your soul doesn't want it, then you can't manifest it.

Be sure you aren't getting in your own way by trying to manifest something that goes against who you are at soul level.

Overall, be sure you really want whatever you're trying to manifest, be prepared for it, and start acting like you already manifested it!

Manifesting is different for each person.

Everyone has their own unique manifesting code, which is basically a cheat sheet on how you personally manifest.

What works for one person will actually block manifesting for another person, so it's important to know and use your specific code when manifesting.

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