3 Zodiac Signs Who See A Change In Their Love Life During The Moon In Virgo October 30 - November 2, 2021

zodiac sign couple embracing under moon in virgo October 30 - November 2, 2021

Love is a mystery. Its ceaseless lure has us in its thrall. We chase after it, claim it, make it our very own.

Three zodiac signs are going to love the Moon in Virgo in the next few days.

For these three zodiac signs who want a love that makes sense, this earthy energy is more than welcome from October 30 to November 2, 2021.

We hear about its wonders when we are children, and we feel its glorious effects from the moment we are born. Love is all we ever want  no matter your zodiac sign — and it's the answer to all of our questions.

But what actually IS love? Is it a feeling, a bond that happens between friends, families, lovers? Is it the glue that holds us together, and if so — why does it tend to fail us just as we need it most?

If love is so great, then why does it hurt so much? The truth is, we just want it to make sense.

We know we'll probably never have the answers to all the great questions, but this thing called love — how do we make sense of it? 

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Moon In Virgo, a transit that occurs between October 30 and November 2, is going to bring the spotlight on to this age-old query: What is love and how can I make sense of it? Are you someone who wants to understand this?

Are you the kind of person that questions love and wishes to know more? There are three zodiac signs who want changes when it comes to their love lives. 

Zodiac Signs Whose Want Love That Makes Sense During The Moon In Virgo October 30 - November 2, 2021:

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Even though you are not as particular as say, Virgo, you are still very much a questioner of things — in the way that Virgo is, and during that transit, Moon In Virgo, you will be doing some heavy reflecting on the topic of love.

You've seen your share of good times, as well as rough times.

You've been there and back and you've lived to tell, as they say.

You've loved and you've been loved, and here you are today, still wondering what it's all about. Is it a good thing, or is it overrated?

You have become the kind of person that relies on your own self-love for the answers.

During this transit, you will turn to your higher self for insight. This is a good time for you to practice divination. Seek answers in the Tarot, or through other means.

There may not be an answer, but you will certainly never run out of questions.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

While you've always been a person of great capability and confidence, you've always contemplated the idea of this ideal state of love.

You fought to live the lifestyle you're presently living, and you did it all for love. And now, after all that fighting, all you can show for it is that you're a fighter — but the love?

Is it exactly what you fought so hard for? You feel like you've been taken — by life.

Yeah, sure, it's nice to be in a relationship, but wow, didn't 'love' come with a great PR agent? All that hype and you still don't get why love is known as the greatest thing that's ever existed.

It's good, it works in your life, but so does eating well, or watching TV. What makes love so special? During Moon In Virgo, you'll be contemplating this over and over in your mind.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Sometimes, you just feel like a slave. You work for the love of this person, you toil for the love of that person, and you suffer for the love of someone else. What's the deal here?

In your life, love comes with pain — and you wouldn't be alone in this, Aquarius.

Yes, you recognize all the lusciousness of romantic love, but has it ever lasted? You know that you put in endless hours, days, years for the love of your children — and then they leave you.

How is that fair? All you want during this transit is to understand.

Moon In Virgo brings out in you a dire need to make sense of all of it. You strove for love, and you got it. And it left. And it returned. Which is the part that makes sense.

That's what this heady transit brings you; rumination and questions.

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